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  1. You saw right through us lol
  2. I cannot stop reading this lmfao
  3. Loving the IR flag
  4. Nah, I, as leader of IR, do indeed wish to have my hostilities recognized lmfao
  5. Augustus set the precedent of giving the Roman Emperor's heir the title of Caesar. Augustus called himself Imperator
  6. From the ashes of despair, a new and most glorious empire has risen. All hail..... Imperium Romanum ! Gloria ad Imperium! - Glory to the Empire! Imperial Household: Imperator (Emperor) - Valkorion Baratheon Caesar (Heir Apparent) - EternalDeath The Praefect: Legatus Augusti Proparetore (MA) - Noah Smith Legatus Legatorum (FA) -Hope Aedilus Curules (IA) - Frizz Magnam Quaestor (Econ) - Edwardidk Discord Link Protected by Cobra Kai Dojo
  7. Nevermind!!!! Problem Solved!! Just saw that other people had the same issue.
  8. Hello! I am from Cobra Kai Dojo. One player wished to apply to our alliance. However, whenever he clicks the "Join" button, he gets some sort of error saying that he needs to activate his account..... How is that possible? How can he have a nation without activating his account? Here is his nation link: I think this might be a bug, idk. Help would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  9. DEUS VULT!!!