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  1. Huh, Shade Powered Nukes 2018? with the best Mutual Non-chaining Defense Lulz Aggression pact MnDLAP ^-^ Also Congrats, glad to see this happen
  2. And thus the Roz continues his War on Terror
  3. Ay, i'm usually the micro in that scenario and it's not quite flexing...least not in my case.
  4. Y'all are saying nothing constructive...i mean the First and second commentators. Good stuff TKR, though i'd hoped it might be a tad more spicy i still like where it's going [at least personally] keep it up ^-^ Hopefully 2018 will be a very interesting and engaging year
  5. Ayy Lmao, not sure Kayser discovering evidence of something shows he's going to go about it one way or another but to each his own if you think he would have defended them. Anyway that war seems Dynamic TM, bummer it might not happen [The IoM thing was justified, so eh]
  6. They sought to accomplish the loss of lives, The children of the sheep be damned. They have succeeded
  7. Pips always confuse me, thought for a second someone did something Dynamic TM
  8. This is thier response...damn was worth the wait
  9. So what you're really telling us IOM? Is you "recognize" hostilities
  10. You cannot separate Lelouch from the black knights for together they are "one" or zero can't remember the show that well
  11. We watch all the same shit [Soviet Womble, Door Monster] *after they renamed from white lightning
  12. for a moment i thought that was sincere...ggwp {good game, well played} but yes you should never have posted the shitposts. Stop shitposting
  13. buorhan did i get it right?
  14. I'm 1.5 bil, if you're interested contact Pimp Lolo