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  1. Dispersing the votes HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM....or someone messed up
  2. Panths such a motivator, I gotta get you here So sick of saying not her, not her You're such an instigator, you don't wanna play the game Take it or leave it, that's her, that's her And I can't wait another minute I can't take the intel she's giving Try to stop me raiding, keep me up all night One chance at 2 billion, my lucky strike Got me so high and then she dropped me But she got me, she got me, she got me bad Called allies to her side and then she rocked me She keep up all night, this is what it sounds like (Oh) My lucky strike (Oh) My lucky strike (Oh) My Raid is stopping, keep me up all night (Oh) One chance at 2 billion, !@#$ my life Stuck in her elevator, she take me to the Infra And I don't wanna go down, go down She said I'll nuke you later, go ahead and fantasize She'll make me want her right now, right now And I can't wait another minute I can't take the intel she's giving You're bodies trading, keep me up all night One chance at 2 billion, "Sike" I just realized this song has just terrible structure and at some points bad grammar, but i think it fits the event well. +a challenge
  3. Three banks, for whales under the sky Seven records, for company bad to the bone Nine spies in Rose, doomed to hide One for the replacement on his throne In the land of EZ where the mode tries One Knight to rule them all, One knight to find them One Knight to bring them all and in the darkness grind them In the land of Syndisphere, where TKR continues to lie jks -Epi for context, i did one for INQ too, so playing fair
  4. Oh god if the micros convinced the whales to do this....what will the micros do next....can they one up this...it's terrifying to contemplate.........it's almost as if the micros and higher tiers are merging to create one inactive, dramatic monstrosity with a hunger for cash and unreasonable amounts of infra...the farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmms
  5. worth
  6. Maybe their recognizing hostilities against the attackers on behalf of pantheon idk...
  7. Truly Beautiful, nice shot IR, you gave it your all for the great heist [doesn't matter who from IMO]. Best summary ever
  8. I always heard advertising was like a deal with the devil
  9. lmao, nice one then.
  10. Circles within spheres, who would do such a thing jks
  11. OMG we finally know why Alex deleted Lordaeron
  12. I'm still the only one to have ever signed a treaty of Amity. [ToA] side note to that, does this make the nk-tkr cancellation like....yeah
  13. Grand Admiral Kastor, I for one thinks he's never owned a ship Only Ze Planes
  14. What the hell is noobs army>