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  1. Literally everyday I see him at lunch is a good moment (no h0mo) Plot twist: Zeebrus and I are secretly related My zap always took care of them
  2. By alliance hop I mean like staying in an alliance for a month or two, then joining another. This has actually been the longest I’ve been in an alliance. I don’t plan to leave.
  3. I’ve alliance hopped plenty of times, my friend. I think I’ve cherry-picked the important stuff.
  4. It honestly depends on the person. However, the more educated, the better. If the vote was rigged against you you’d probably be b*tching and moaning.
  5. In all honesty that would actually be I smarter idea. It’d prevent uneducated and unfair votes from being placed.
  6. Actually I didn’t even vote at all. I choose not to.
  7. But can a newbie seriously understand all that in a month? I’ve actually been here longer, nation resets and such. I’ve gotten a pretty good grasp on everything via hearing from different sides.
  8. But it doesn’t just take a month to know everybody, learn about all the alliances and understand how the game works, now does it?
  9. This thread is literally the community in a nutshell I’ll be seeing you in court then
  10. This has to seriously be one of the absolute worst communities I’ve participated in. Like seriously it’s saltier than the pretzels I ate for lunch yesterday.
  11. I’m sorry but this wasn’t directed as a personal attack, more of a call out to those who try to screw with the votes. However the fact that you’re getting triggered at my remarks is very suspicious. Meanwhile, an unidentified a**hole called, he wants royalty payments for you stealing his attitude.
  12. The action of defending rigging a vote in any certain way is inexcusable. Those who defend it should be ashamed of themselves, for all you’re doing is cheating and/or allowing people to cheat.
  13. Leaked footage of KT leadership rn