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  1. F
  2. Ripper can't help it, it's in his DNA
  3. Oh, forgive me almighty Lord, for I have sinned. Once, not too long ago, I thought Lordaeron posts are the worst. Upon seeing this thread, I admit, I was apparently misguided. Is it too late to bring back Gorge? Gorge, honey, grace us with your presence. I promise not to mock you too much.
  4. Quit lieing! We don't need your collage here, OP!
  5. Happy Birthday to us It looks like we're getting old. It was one year ago that a battered set of former Terminus Est members - along with a handful of friends, noobs and camp followers - all ventured out into the wildness to form a new alliance- the Knights Templar. Since then, the Knights Templar have grown from a circus look-alike band into a serious, prospering community. Sitting well within the top 10, and having done so for many months, the Knights Templar have experienced a little bit of everything. Through the good times and the bad, the brothers and sisters of the Knights Templar have always stood shoulder to shoulder with each other. We are our own happy community, and the future is bright for us. We would like to thank The Commonwealth, Seven Kingdoms, Advanced Idea Mechanics and Zeon for their support and friendship, as well as former allies for all the good times we had together. We would also like to thank all our other friends, supporters, and frenemies for being there for us. It's been a great year, and we are sure there will be much more to come. Deus Vult! *Credits to Thalmor for the awesome picture *Apologies to Orbis for this not being another Lordaeron announcement
  6. Did Gorge avoid to post yet another thread to dodge more negative rep? Smooth.
  7. The Holy Land is safe. Praise the Lord! Swift rebuild guys. I know we'll meet again. o/
  8. The First Crusade For some time now, we’ve been hearing murmurs of Machiavellian plotting and scheming from those who seek to threaten the Holy Land, expunging and destroying our fiercely loyal soldiers and civilians, women and children. The heathens’ plan was shrewd, but not without flaws. Aside from attacking us, in the aftermath they planned to betray and attack the same allies who they asked to help them fight against us. We searched for clues, we searched for evidence, and we received both. God’s will is clear. Knights Templar does not stand idly by in the face of unwarranted aggression. The Pope is slow on calling for it, but I’ve got God’s permission right here ( Thus, without further ado, Knights Templar declares war on Assassin Order. May God have mercy on Kastor’s soul.
  9. One MDoAP is so 2017, setting new trends here, good job guys
  10. Good, good. Let the hate flow through you.
  11. For the buttcheeks!
  12. Godspeed.
  13. That was to be announced tomorrow. >__> Respectful manners from KT? We're very mean, you know.
  14. We're not bonded nor required to join, nonetheless, we do recognize immense struggles and hardships of the Inquisition Bloc in their efforts to tame a rowdy, wild beast called the Northern Sea Raiders. We throw our hat in for the obvious underdogs, Lordran, Zodiac, and the others. With respect to old Knights Templar traditions of rolling low-low tier micros, we hereby declare war on NSR. We're aware that this struggle will be tough and prolonged, however, I am certain we shall prevail. May the odds ever be in the Coalition's favour. Signed, Theodosius, Grand Master of Knights Templar