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  1. Good luck fellas.
  2. How I imagine the singing went:
  3. stroking e-peens intensifies
  4. Damn, you're right. I'll disappear from premises while I still have the time.
  5. Says the man with 6 protectors. But okay Kastor, I'll bite. I'm not really sure in which universe this story of yours is taking place, nor am I certain of your reasons for such amazing alacrity to take this rather random dump in this thread, but I'll try to bring you back to reality. The change we had was, unfortunately for many of our doubters, never connected to war dodging, nor was there any mention or threat of war to Knights Templar due to recent events. The change was about integrity and principles. It was also about bringing forth the importance of new generations taking over, and by extension - clean slates, and assuring our allies we respect and uphold the bonds we create. EDIT: OMG Zeebrus, that story is amazing!
  7. ...okay?
  8. Squiddy
  9. I prefer the original.
  10. Wew lad. You sure do take your time.
  11. Consolidation! Consolidation! Consol--oh wait. Uhm. Okay. EDIT: Thalmor sniped me, that dip -.-
  12. Joined it.
  13. Grats guys!
  14. Shekels for the Shekels God.
  15. + Expand the threshold to top 60 AAs (with 20,000 score minimum to show up on the web). There's a lot of smaller, established alliances situated between 35,000 and 20,000 score which should be represented here. For example, we currently have half of the Bad Company bloc left out of the treaty web.