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  1. Congratulations to General Secretary (of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Socialist Rose Union) and Chairman (of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Socialist Rose Union) Redarmy.
  2. I'm running out of whale pictures to post, stahp
  3. Now GOB needs to post the RoRoRoH.
  4. Keep your Stilicho close and your Rufinus far away. Have fun guys.
  5. Grats Pantheon!
  6. Someone should rename this thread to The Essay Accords.
  7. Best treaty in a while, lol. My flag OCD has been satisfied. Congrats on the upgrade.
  8. I'm not here to throw shade at you guys, I love what you do. But I feel encouraged to bring some facts to the table. As you can see per this beautiful sheet, almost fully or fully militarised alliances are the Nuke bloc, Hogwarts, Rose and GoB (Valkyrie has big numbers as well, same goes for Coalition and Spanish Armada, and Bad Company bloc down the list). I don't think I'd be ever doing this, but I guess I'm going to defend Inqusition now. As you can see, they are, apart from Acadia, heavily demilitarised. Most of them run on full planes only (peacemode setup). Some alliances on EMC side have bumped up their numbers up to 20-40%, and we see some unaligned and paperless people doing the same due to tensions. But that is not full militarisaton, nor it is a point of no going back. I agree that IQ and EMC don't trust each other, but in this case, IQ is already demilitarised, there's no point in joint demilitarization when one side didn't militarise in the first place. When that table goes fully soviet, shit is going to hit the fan. However, as of right now, that is not the case. It can change, of course, in matter of weeks or even days. I'm not saying nothing will happen, but at this moment, although tension exists, they are somewhat forced from the NAP expiry date and from sideline events not directly focused between IQ and EMC.
  9. Wew, you exist, we get it. I was going to say two weeks, but every thing you lined up in the opening post makes me think you won't last more than few days. - neutral, peaceful - no government - no taxes - no offensive wars - no foreign affairs - no protector - have I mentioned you wasted 1 credit on this? - nfofkfgeojg Disband and find a place where you can grow and learn this game, then give it another try when you're not complete noobs at this.
  10. Treaty web is still up and accessible, it's only been turned off on PW. I contacted Alex to see what's the issue, I'm waiting on his response. I'd link it here, but since Alex believes there are reasons it's not safe, I won't. If you'd like a link to it, contact me over DM here or on Discord. Or you can alternatively use the treaty web hades has - https://tools.pnw.britannianempire.net/web It's good for the most part, some things aren't updated, Edit: There's been a potentional exploit regarding the site the web was hosted on. Alex is working to set up the treaty web directly on PnW site.
  11. Treaty Web is off. Arrgh members sneaked in during the night and stole it (presumably, burned it as well). Blame drunk pirates. No idea when will Alex put the new one up, though.

    1. Ripper
    2. Vladamir Putin

      Vladamir Putin

      First Catsby's chromosomes, then the treaty web.

      What will you steal next? My heart?

    3. Apollo


      @Ripper Arrgh!
      @Vladamir Putin It's already mine, baby.

  12. Certainly gonna work this time.
  13. Nations inactive for more than 45 days self delete. Great stats Sketchy, thanks for sharing this.