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  1. Damn, that ad was amazing. It took me 20'' to realize it wasn't made from us.
  2. Hit the rest of the alliances that sent ghosts then.
  3. looks at the 5 latest posts @DragonK are you talking to someone or I am just going crazy?
  4. Good luck with your endeavor.
  5. Well, same way they will fight the other alliances sending ghosts to TJ.
  6. I still cannot believe we weren't the ones creating the ad...
  7. Oh, I do understand that part. And don't take me wrong. Any kind of war is good war. My points on that matter are two though: The time you decided to hit Arrgh just happened to be during the time nations from Arrgh were supporting Terminal Just against IQ. What a huge coincidence for TKR helping IQ allies to take down militarized pirates. Well, my main point is that... the result is kinda disappointing.Not just for me but for your members too. You say that "this is something", but if what you want is just war at this point, I am pretty sure you would have found more options while devising plans for the past 9 months without doing anything else.
  8. Partisan gives and Partisan takes.
  9. Well, if you paid any attention to pirate tactics, you would see that coming. Raiding is about profiting from attacks while keeping the losses to a minimum. I know that it may look strange for someone to sell his tanks after getting 3 downdeclares on him, but not everyone is willing to help you just increase your tanks destroyed stats with airstrikes. So, have fun hitting turtled nations, the infra of which is cheaper than the actual gas and munitions you spend on your attacks. People have to realize at some point that there are no "Arrgh friends" or "Arrgh enemies". Each Captain has a DNR or a raiding of his/her own. His own playstyle, goals, interests, friends, enemies. You can hit all 60 members of Arrgh for a raid of one member, but this will not cause any pressure to the group. There is no leadership to corner and make it submit to your will and "impose" restrictions on the raids of the members. And there is no sense of "responsibility" towards the alliance in the classic term. Every Arrgh member just accepts it may be hit by an alliance that it has never raided before just because of the raid of another member. Even if Arrgh did have friends on an alliance level, in the way you have in mind, there would be no need to call them out. As it has been stated again and again, this is just a typical day for Arrgh. Even if Arrgh did have friends on an alliance level and did need some kind of assistance, again it wouldn't call for them, just to get killed by you. But of course, you know that, and that's a reason TKR attacked in the first place. With some help too, just to be on the safe side. I didn't really get that part, but it sounds offending. If you mean that a pirate is too busy to think about friends, look at my previous point. By the way, I am neither a pirate nor an Arrgh member anymore, for the past month. The past two weeks, I've been busy fighting your new best friends in IQ, as a Terminal Jest member.
  10. And thus you choose a target with 0 military and ties to "practice" and "challenge" yourself. Thanks for confirming. Considering Arrgh's zero infra and military though, I don't really know what kind of "war" you are expecting. There are no pixels to burn. However, if that is the war you've been waiting for 6 months now as you say, then I can only wish you to have fun.
  11. You are right, this sentence is wrong. Arrgh is not poor. Poor TKR and allies... It does sound like you really needed help from Polaris et al. If we are going to talk about ethics here, then TKR "deserves" the same fate, considering it also raids other nations and even its own members, when they go inactive. The only alliance that would be on the "right" here would be an alliance that fights only defensive wars. If you don't use "deserve" in this context, then the only "crime" that remains for Arrgh to "deserve" what it gets is that Arrgh has the audacity to hit nations in alliances, unlike most other alliances that raid new players, alliance-less nations and their own members. And to be more specific, the "crime" is that it has the audacity to hit nations of your alliances specifically or of your new best friends, like Polaris. So, please, remove the "knight in shining armor defends all that is good and nice in this world from filthy pirates" narrative, and let's look at the things as they are. You want a war. You are bored. Maybe a little worried about having no ties and trying to approach new alliances or whatever. Too scared to start a conventional war of your own and too scared of losing. Too fixated in starting a "just war" to keep the "honorable" title. Kinda frustrated being #1 and being unable to face raids. Thus, you are desperate enough to declare "war on piracy", a tactic that happily you use yourself with the first opportunity. To sum up. Just call things with their name and all is good. Regardless of any other goals behind the hit, this is a war against an alliance that dares to declare raids on you and you want to retaliate. There is nothing more and nothing less in it. Remove all the evil/good talk and the "services" you provide to the rest of Orbis. Just say you want to defend yourselves and for some reason you need help from 3-4 other alliances.
  12. I didn't know Dursmstrang attacked Zodiac.
  13. Down with the copyrights!
  14. That would be unfair for the past failed mass counters.
  15. You can only declare 5 wars to raid though. But, getting 3 extra raids at the same time is even better.