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  1. Is this what it's come to...BK should just break away from y'all asap.
  2. !@#$ outta here with STW o/ TKR, good to see.
  3. I get your point about risk regarding banks, but why on earth would someone want to risk their money they want to save for a set date with a player-owned bank rather than this proposed bank? I'm thinking from a point of view of me putting my life savings into this bank to save for when I'm ready to bulk purchase cities, I could just go away from the game and not worry about anything until the set date I chose to withdraw the money at. With player-run banks I'd be constantly worried about a global war breaking out and your bank's money being taken. It's a pessimistic point of view I know, but a valid one for a vast amount of players. Also this could set about more regular global wars, with the peace of mind that you have enough cash/resources stashed away in the proposed bank, there's absolutely nothing stopping people from making this game interesting again. With player run banks, the owners are rarely in favour of war because of their mindset towards the game which is in itself a problem that needs to be ironed out. Entities within alliances would be a great addition and one which I hope holds some weight with Alex when he reads through
  4. An alternative to this if a nation had to repay to the bank manually could be Alex's new Bounty system that's in place on the test server, automatic bounties placed on people who have refused to pay their loans. Think of the pirates, they'd have a field day with that!
  5. I want to highlight what you're main point is because I think its important regarding already established-player owned banks. With player run banks, there is absolutely no guarantee of safety regarding a customers money/resources regardless of reputation. You are essentially putting your trust in someone who could quite easily refuse/ignore your requests to withdraw their own money and keep it for themselves, I'm not saying that it will happen just that its a possibility. Taking out the middle-man and having a centralised bank for the majority of the game would offer peace of mind when their hard earned money is stashed away ready for that big infra jump or bulk city purchases. There's already a bunch of 'alliances' that have been created just to keep others' money stored away, Yarr, Planet Reach & Stratton Oakmont to name but a few. This idea could somewhat render these shell-alliances useless and keep the alliance leader boards clutter-free. At the rate these shells are being created, there might as well be an option to setup a corporation inside your aligned alliance instead.
  6. This could work if the above questions/problems are addressed. A number of fail-safe arguments would need to be added along the lines of: Withdrawal Cap, Deposit Cap, Maximum of 1 deposit & 1 withdrawal per month etc to stop abuse of the system
  7. @Taco @Pablo @Tiber @Curufinwe you guys going to fulfil your protectorate duties? please do, everyone wants to see Rose crumble
  8. Chosen Woman: Lady 8, she's a possible ladyboy so i'll take that chance.Sex Drive: 10Submission: 10Intelligence: 10Strength: 10Experimentality: 10Sect: Ahmadiyya most probablySymbol of Love: Tattoo's & Collar
  9. Communists, Nazi's, Democrats & Dragons forming a Bloc?
  10. Be the change you want to see in the world.....or something along those lines.
  11. Surprisingly we didn't have to swing any phallus' around to make him cower.
  12. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
  13. Thanks for clarifying your support of him. @KillzBob Peace amount just tripled.
  14. This alliance is under the protection of Assassin Order. Congratulations and welcome to Orbis KoS. o/
  15. That lasted long.