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  1. "Any Help and aid would be appriciated , I want to mix the thoughts of Ministers and Geniuses from every nation into one as I have mentioned before" he finished his talk and sat down for everyone to answer on his questions and suggestions
  2. "I'd be very satisfied and happy if I had a special section in your Museum. But that is just the start. There won't be not only Cultural Cities, I am already planning on making Modern Cities with everything high-tech who will be a hub for scientists to work with every element they would like to and all of the above. This plan that I codenamed "New SOE" Will include mostly improvements to the ordinar civilian and it will bring in many geniuses into the empire to make their knowledge even bigger. This plan came into my head because of the differences between nation like let's say Mogatopia and Amenria and I'd like to be the middle ground between Nations like that. And one last thing , I know this would anger you but I'd like to use a quote of a man called Mustafa Kemal and he said ' Religion has no place in Government ' and I'd agree with him. Religion should not be enforced , it's a right of every citizen, man , woman or child , no matter what , it's their own choice. Well to end this plan reveal, I'd accept any plans from your engineers, ministers or scientists for my new cities as it would be a work for the whole world to create a nation of Knowledge and Inovations."
  3. A man came in and came close to Mogar and whispered to his ear "The Sultan would like to have a talk between you and him only after this is done, he told me that the topic would be weapons." and he poured wine into his bottle to behave like a normal waiter "Well if we are done with Warlpurgis, I'd like to talk about something that would bond our nations with trade. I know my nation wasn't the most "social" one but I just wanted to do something different than my father did. I want to make a golden age in SOE , not put it in unstable chaos like my father did. And Also, in name of this meeting I will make a Museum at Izmir and every single one of you will have a special section in it. You would have to bring a portrait or something special for it in your name. As I have been planning on making better cities. I've done it with Sevastopol and Baghdad by now, Both of them are special and unique big cities now. I want to make Izmir a hub of knowledge with many universities, schools and museums, I'd like to hear your opinion about these actions and about me and my empire in genereal so I could suggest things , when I knew the opinion of you"
  4. While Fil was going around his house, he had a vision of his time travels. He was at Jerusalem and there were a lot of people fighting it out. He saw a man carrying a big cross while People were charging at him. He yelled out "I am Thalmor II and I am doing this for the honour of my son Thalmor" He got himself wounded and they took him behind the lines. Fil went to visit him and Thalmor II told him "Come... closer..." and Fil came closer, Thalmor went to his ear "These are my last words... before death... We are going to win... the war... The Cross I carried... was Trademarked by me... so we are going to sue them for copyright claiming the cross..." he said before breathing out and his eyes closed. Fil backed away and he shook his head to realize he was just having a vision of his past dream.
  5. The Sultan woke up in the middle of the night just to see that he was sent back in time by the Demons. He was at Tehran, Iran in 1943. The Tehran Conference was going on. The Sultan entered the room to meet up with the Big Three. He shook hands with the three of them and sat next to Joseph Stalin. They were talking about the next plans against Germany. After a short time the Conefernce turned into a heated debate. Stalin was pushing the UK and USA to invade France. Fil stood up and left the room and after he closed the door there could be heard noises of Chairs breaking and loud angry voices. He left it and he fell asleep in his car just to be awoken in front of Moscow Burning during 1812. Fil was lying down on a Snowy Hill in a blanket and looked at the French Army suffer at the Burning Pit of Moscow, while a few Russian Soldiers got to Fil and lead him to a camp to the Tsar. The Tsar was a fool and had no military knowledge but he was blubbering nonsense. "Do not worry, we are going to break the whole French Army without an issue, they won't stand a chance" but all of that was written on a piece of paper and it wasn't even the Tsars handwriting but from a Russian General. Few Years , when the French were fighting at Waterloo, Fil was having a meal at Amsterdam, a waiter approached him and asked "Would you like something else , sir?" and Fil replied with "No Thanks". He finished. The British Commander , Arthur Wellesley commanded most of his troops to lie down behind the hill, and Fil came right in time and he lay down with them, he peeked over the hill and took pictures with his camera. Fil continued to travel through time and meet up with important people. He took a selfie with Queen Victoria. She had sunglasses on and had two fingers up (gangster style). He took a picture of him with Napoleon Bonaparte, they were back to back, and both of them had their hands in their shirt, Fil also stole Napoleon's hat. He took a picture in the sky with the Wright Brothers, but Fil was windgliding next to them. He took a picture with the Allied Commanders at Berlin 1945 but Fil was on the shoulders of a British and a Soviet General (Cheerleader style). Then he took pictures with the Man who survived both nukes dropped at Japan. He took a picture of the Japanese sining the Capitulation on the Ship Missouri, but Fil was sunbathing in the back and he waved at the camera. It's seen in most History Books. He made a video of the Soviets building the Berlin wall , but he was pranking them and removing the bricks they placed which made the Workers furious. And the last picture he took was Semptember 1939, with Heinz Guderian riding a tank that was driving to Poland. After that someone knocked on his door and said "Sir, you have slept 5 hours longer and you have missed many meetings with the ministers, is everything alright?" asked the man "No, I've just had a fun expirience here" he said and all of those pictures and souveneers were in a bag next to him.
  6. When the Britannian Troops conquered teritorry in the Middle East, The people of SOE greeted them at the border. The Chief of Staff, Maiev Shadowsong messaged the Commander of the Arabian Expansion Group of Britannia. "Congratulations on the quick victory ,sir. I have a suprise for you and your men at the border" After the arrival of Britannian High-Military Officials at the SOE-Britannian Border. Maiev waited there with her second in command Tyrande. (Maiev Left, Tyrande Right) "I am nervous, miss. I might do something wrong" said Tyrande "Don't worry just don't overthink your actions" replied Maiev Maiev shook hands with the Commanders and a few Officers, so did Tyrande right after Maiev. She presented gifts and handed it to the Officers and Commander. To the commander , she gave him a sword with Red colour all over it, with different shades of red, mostly dark. To the Officers , she handed them Presents in the shape of Ranged Weaponery, they are mostly there for look not for combat. "This is for the Emperor" said Maiev to the Main Commander and handed him a large black box "I do not want it opened or even checked until it reaches the Emperor, you may only check it on the Emperor's Command if he is too cautious about this being an assasination attempt" she said In it was a Sniper Rifle and at the end of it was a tiny strip with a Britannian Flag. On the sniper were two Swords crossed. In them was an engraving "Victory or Death" , the motto of SOE's Army and SOE itself.
  7. After the death of the Prime Minister, many Ministers that were supporting the Anti-Monarchist Movement have fled across SOE. The rebels are weak in numbers and they are spread all across SOE. There are no Rebels in Crimea and the Arabian Area (aka the newly counqered areas). The biggest number of the rebels are located at Istanbul. The Special Forces were sent to deal with the rebels at Istanbul, then they would go for Ankara and Izmir. At a big rally with heavily armed people. A man was standing on a podium surroudned by people and talking trash-talk about the Sultan. 2 black SWAT-like vans drove by the rally. The men got out of the vans. Two went on two different buildings, they put up a sniper rifle at the ledge of the roof of a tall building office and they were aiming at the guy talking. The Rest moved up and got ready to kill the guards. As the one sniper shot , the other shot at a Guard and as the Anti-Sultan Guards turned around to look, the SWAT moved behind him and they dropped their guns. The SWAT went into a Cafe close to where the Talk was. It was filled with unarmed rebels, they arrested them. The SWAT was going around the cafe to check for info about the rebels. They went up to the upper floor and one of the Ministers was on the floor covering in fear, they put handcuffs on him too and they left the building. The Minister of Police messaged the Sultan and told him that the Rebels aren't a danger. They have checked and they know for ure that 90% of the Ministers and Staff is Pro-Monarchist and the rest are against the Sultan, but most were arrested or killed. The SWAT went to Ankara and Izmir but the Rebels gave up the fight there. Most of the staff that was Anti-Monarchist but wasn't killed or arrested, fled to Rural parts of SOE with New Indentities. Many Spots in the Goverment are Vacant and the Sultan is working on getting Loyal-Competent Ministers.
  8. Fil took out a pen and sat there with his legs crossed. He read the document and signed it without saying anything and he slid the paper back to Mogar. He stood up and he came close to Mogar's ear and whispered: "You should stay after as I have a special talk between the two of us only" then he sat back down, he looked at everyone and asked "Are we finished with the 'Big One' topic. Can we get something else, if we are finished with Warlpurgis then?" he asked and he took a sip of his drink.
  9. SOE is at a Cold War-like civil war. The Prime Minister and a few Ministers don't support the sultan anymore and they are trying to overthrow the goverment. While most of the Goverment, People and the army is on the Sultan's side, the Prime Minister is going to try to assasinate the Sultan and he wants to make protests happen. The people who support the PM are called Liberators. They have many tiny bases and groups of rebels spread across SOE. At Midnight the Sultan was still at the office, he finished a meeting with his Military Staff and Command. He was preparing to leave but before he did that he was on his phone. A loud noise was heard , a black four seater car , but the Sultan was at a high floor so he did not hear it. Out of the car got out four men in black suits and with guns. Three had SMGs and the last one had a shotgun. They had them hidden in a bag, they came to the reception area and one has shown a card "We have a special delivery for the Sultan, it's urgent" he said and they went up the stairs. When they reached the floor at where the Sutlan is, they shot at the guards, The Guards managed to kill one guy and escape through a secret passage. One guy stayed outside and kept guard while the guy with the shotgun entered with the other guy. As they entered Fil greeted them "Ah you came earlier than I expected, how come?" They were confused and the shotgunner aimed at him. "Special delivery" he said "We are going to do this quick. The guy with the SMG was looking around the room. In an another building which was overlooking the building Fil was in, was a sniper aiming at the shotgunner. He was aiming for his head, he shot and Fil threw a knife at the other gunman. He took the shotgun and shot through the door to kill the last gunman. Later that day , when Fil came to his palace he turned on the TV and he saw the PM giving a speech. "I am informed that the Sultan is dead, the little young kid emperor has suffered a horrible fate. We did what we could to save him but it was not enough. As his last wish he wanted me to become leader of SOE and I have said..." the PM was cut off before he was shot with a sniper. After he got hit , he fell into the crowd and there was a big scare in the crowd. A few men came down , one with a sniper and their faces were not visibe. The one with a sniper said "These were fake news, the Sultan is alive. Few hours ago there was an attempt to kill the Emperor . The Prime Minister wanted to owerthrow the Sultan with lies. We can assure you that the Emperor is doing his best to make the Empire a powerful and rich one. Don't be scared of poverty when the Sultan is at power" they left after that short speech. Tomorrow , when the Sultan was going to the office building he was getting many reports of rebellions across the empire. ( OOC: I am going to make this longer, more detailed and such later. I did not have much time at hand)
  10. "At the momment I just want to hear what the others want , so I'll just keep quiet. But I do want to say, I am not a big fan of wars, major ones." He leaned in his chair and looked at them.
  11. [Classified] SOE has a few branches like the Sultan's Guard, Secret Service and etc. The Personal guard is armed with Mini Uzis and a few of them are armed with Handguns, Snipers or Assault Rifles. They wear black suits and ties as their uniform. Everyone of them has a long training cycle until becoming a Guard of the Sultan. During the test they are tested their loyality, sanity ,speed, reactions and accuracy. The SOSS has already assasinated many important enemies of the Empire. They are mostly used in Crimea and in the Middle East and always undercover.
  12. Weaponery used in the SOE Army Main Infantry Combat Guns Bolt-Action Rifle - Steyr SSG 69 Assault Rifle Main Units - AEK-971 Amphibious Assault Units - ADS Amphibious Rifle Handgun - Beretta Other - Goncz Pistol Anti-Tank - AMG-114 Hellfire Machine Gun - Mizrak-U Mortar - M30 Mortar Armoured Units Armoured Car - M8 Greyhound Main Battle Tank - T-90 Urban Battle Tank - BMPT Terminator Infantry Fighting Vehicle - Baredley Fighting Vehicle Light Armoured Vehicle - Humvee Armoured Personal Carrier - Stryker Light Utility Vehicle - Desert Patrol Vehicle Truck - MTVR Air Force Fighter Jet - F-15 Eagle Bomber Jet - Tupolev Tu-160 Transport Jet - C-5 Galaxy Anti-Air - ZU-23-2 Helicopters Attack - Mil Mi-28 Transport - Mil Mi-26 Artillery Rocket Artillery - 9K720 Iskander Field Artillery - M119 Howitzer Navy Wasp-class Amphibious Assault Ship Ticonderoga-Class Cruiser Windosor Arleigh Burke-class Destroyer LSD-49 Military in numbers The Peace-time army of SOE holds 150k Infantry 12.5k Tanks 25k Artillery 900 Jets 150 Ships The Active Personel is 275 000 People, including HQ Staff. The Reserve is 150 000 It has Two Main Armies -Colony Defense Force -Mainland Defense Force CDF is stationed in Crimea, Qatar , Kuwait and Syria. There are 2 of those armies Currently. CDF North and CDF East. CDFN consists of - 46k Personel - 25k Infantry - 2.1k Tanks - 4.2k Artillery - 25 Ships CDFE consists of - 91.5k Personell - 50k Infantry - 4150 Tanks - 8.3k Artillery - 50 Ships MDA Consists of - 137.5k Personell - 75k Infantry - 6250 Tanks - 12.5k Artillery - 75 Ships
  13. It was late, many ministers of SOE have met up at Istanbul to discuss the modernization of the nation. Fil has arrived in a Military Jet. He landed on the roof while the jet was in Hover mode. He made his way down and sat in the confference room where everyone was waiting. "As the end of the Massacares has come we are now going to rebuild the cities, as I've talked with the Minister of Infrastucture , he has made plans" The Minister of Infrastructure, stood up and put up a picture with the title "New Baghdad" "We are going to use an retro-futuristic look for Baghdad. It ruins the culture of the city but we want it to be unique on our own terms. You can ignore the rain in the Picture as it was a model for a different city. The main area of the city will be reachable only by foot. They will be filled with stores, resturants and such and it's going to be always lighten up and always alive. Around the shop area, there will be a large park going in a circle, filled with trees, benches, fountians, flowers and such. The residental area will be linked with the main area with an underground train. Around the park will be the road but still far away from it with bike lanes and such." He put two other pictures. "Sevastopol is a different story, We are going to get rid of all the area with trade and military ports and we are going to make it a hub for tourism. There will two parts to the city, outer and inner. The outer part is the coast part. It's going to be made of a large walkway with many tiny ports for personal use. And on the other side there will be stores, hotels and such. Meanwhile, in the inner part. There will be large buildings with a lot of green things in it. Like a city-park. The inner city you travel with either train or foot. While we are on the topic of trains, we have made plans and started building a rail-road which will go from Istanbul to Qatar. We are going to use a Mazglev train. If there is anything stopping the path of the railroad, we will go through it or around it. The same train will be used in the newly rebuilt city of Sevastopol. The Cities will be done in a few weeks or even days. Depends on how many workers there will be. I want to thank the Minister of Agriculture who worked with me on the plan for Sevastopol. " I like the part that we focus more on the people than on the industry. I myself do not like the factoires and such, luckily they are in remote places and do not disturb our people and usm and I want that the cities have a lot of security." said Fil and the Minister of Police,Safety and Defence nodded" "The Police will work udnercover and the special forces will guard the cities 24/7" "This is going to be made later, but these are the plans for Istanbul, we are going to make it a dark large city" "Okay" said Fil and everyone went out of the room.
  14. (Note: This is after the Izmir Confference) The voice in Fil's head told him to do a few thigns to see his other half in person. Fil was meant to open a portal to get in an army to continue the terror on the people he did not like. "I'll do whatever you need to, master" he said. He got into a plane and landed at a Military Base in the desert, remote, many miles away from civilization. There were already scientists and such. They already started building it and after a few days it was finished. "I'll promise you immense power, just do it..." said the demon before Fil opened the portal. The red light blinded everyone except Fil he looked straight at the bright light that the portal gave. "Good boy" said the demon. Many odd looking beings came out if it. (Doomguards) "Your new personal guards" said the demon as these creatures came out. He laughed maniacally. "Why did I do this" asked Fil "Entertainment , so you can kill off the poor useless souls in the new counqests, boy" Tomorrow , Fil sent a few of the new demonic units to Crimea to see how powerful they are. He sent a few giant flaming rock golems there called Infernals. They were crushing the buildings there, burning everything. Fil did not want to keep it secret but he wanted to brag with them. He was at the massacare personally, surrounded by the Doomguards. He was watching the Infernals crush the people to death, destroy buildings and they left nothing except a Burning menace. "I like this" he thought to himself. The High staff had nothing against them either, but they would not dare to oppose the Sultan as they would die a horrible painful way. After seeing that destruction, he guarded the portal heavily. It was hidden but he would not let anyone destroy it or harm it. He was always followed by those Doomguards to secure his full protection. He started rebuilding Crimea as all what was left is rubble and flames.
  15. As he saw Emperor Tristar enter he repeated "As I said before, I am willing to do anything you would like to. Any Treaty or Alliance" he smiled and waited for someone to suggest something.