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  1. All of these flavours... and you chose to be salty


  2. "With this conversation , I'd like to assure the Protection of EO's memberstates as well mostly focused on PRC. A Non-agression pact between EO and The Regime and any defensive pact between the two of our nations would be appritiated. SoE would support The Regime with any way possible. We wouldn't be able to guarantee full protection because of the supremacy clause of the Unholy Quadripartate. And if a war between a UNHQ member and Reigme happens we'd be forced to protect the UNHQ member no matter how good the relations are so I'd like to just mention this. After all of the defensive talks are gone through we'd like to talk about the future. Student Exchanges, Architects making an iconic building or a small landmark in each others nations to represent a peaceful share of cultures and many simmalar things like this that would make our citizens happy seeing something new and exotic compared to the nations locations both of us consider each other to say 'exotic'. Our current focus from this meeting is making a peaceful relation of no agression between the nations and founding plans for the future of our two nations with sharing expiriences , cultures and simmalarties which would make some citizens look positive on the other nation and so the relations would be better as well."
  3. Project Oblivion's basic principles is a plan to found the Space Navy and Colonize. Resorian and Ottoman Engineers have been drawing up scetches for a Space Ship to be put into the Ottoman Space Navy [OSN] and together to work with the Resorian and French in UNSC. First Phase - Building the Navy itself As this is the first action of SoE outside of the earth and this isn't a simple rocket launch or sattelite launch but it is forming a force outside the Earth, where SoE hasn't been yet. With the Resorian-SoE First Phase Project of Project Oblivion nicknamed EPCIS [Even Poland Can Into Space] The First Carrier Group will be based off Resorian as they allowed the use of their blueprints 1st Royal Exploration Group Barbarossa-Class Carrier Bayezid-Class Heavy Cruiser Shaytan Destroyer Ibrahim-Class Heavy Frigate Mehmed-Class Light Frigate
  4. Today we came to honour a fallen brother and comrade by the name of.... END OF THE FUNERAL , STOP RECORDING!
  5. Location: Istanbul, SoE "Our soul is weary, but large. We will celebrate life as long as we can sing" Deep Voice Narration "Welcome to the First Worldvision ever, a songcontest where Nations over the world send their best singers to show what they got , but at the same time the song,singer or band must show as much of the country as possible in a positive way. Today the hosts will be Eylas M'Barek and Eliysia Atalay. Now , this is all from me and time for you to hear from them" As the Narration ended the camera quickly went away from the "Worldvision" logo and to the two hosts waiting smiling to welcome them. "Welcome welcome our beloved viewers. We came here to unite the world in one cause and it is to have fun. Fill our hearts and ears with their music and culture. We awaited this for a long time. The Singers are more than ready full of energy and happiness and with a burning passion to show what they got to us and the world. We are awaiting the final details to be done , for the judges to arrive and take their seats and we can begin. We do not hold anyone against from comming, we welcome anyone even those whom wouldn't welcome us and yes we mean Rok. Now please take your seats viewers. Grab some popcorn your family and friends to enjoy this mix of culture with music. The Judges finally arrived." "Now that we are done with our speech , Eylas. What are your thoughts on this contest?" "Well Ely, I couldn't wait for this to come. I was always a fan of music of any kind and I am looking foward for tonight, how about you?" as he finished his talk he held his ear piece where he would get the information about the judges. "Same, I am astonished with how many people are here to see this. And the contestants as well with their costumes, just fantastic." "I am sorry to break the mood but the three bad wolfs just arrived and took their place , they are the ones deciding who will be victorious in this contest. They are people of different characters. Our Handpicked judge is Premil Jovanivić oroginally from Serbia but currently in SoE" "Our second judge is from The Regime! And it's Mike Jelenik (Music Meister)!" "And Oksana Petrovna Grigorieva from U.S.S.R! Now we are done with the judges and the contest can start!"
  6. Today, Josip Broz Tito has reformed the OZNA , the same name , unit, concept. As the people used to say "OZNA sve dozna" [OZNA finds out everything] OZNA stands for "Odjeljenje za zaštitu naroda" [Department for the Protection of the People] OZNA is the notorious communist police of SoE [like it was in Yugoslavia]. Their goal is to make citizens that support Nationalism or anything in simmilarity "dissapear" and they would be sent to a barren island for lifelong improsioment there. Following that , OZNA would work with fear and trembling. People would fear to break a law as they couldn't even imagine what would happen to them or their loved ones. The Overall Command of OZNA has the Sultan to prevent a stab in the back. All OZNA members work in secret without a family except parents, no partners, no children. They have regular citizen jobs to prevent suspicion or anyone getting an idea who is a OZNA member. To the Regular citizen and outsiders nothing is known about OZNA except that it exists and it will get you if you don't behave, and they come quickly. UDBA would work on a simmalar process [Uprava državne bezbednosti - State Security Administration ] They would work very simmalar to OZNA but treatuery, corruption , robberies and betrayal inside of a family or house (example. one person can claim that his brother has stolen the rights and falsely claimed of ownership of the house they live in and it would result in punishment) Their goal is to eliminate those whom oppose the regime. UDBA is also refered also as Tito's Gestapo
  7. And in todays news of The Socialist Ottoman Empire we have:
    "Jeinffer, I bet you 10 bucks that this will start a large war in PnW"
    "Deal, Josh!"

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  8. Anything that works in this game PnW is donsidered to be a bug or glitch
  9. MATES let's use smaller fonts would be a great idea , eh? I can google it and in your language da fonts are not hugenormous *adds hugenourmous to his dictinoary* Also both of you shut it, no need to make it a thing on the forums. @riliindk, could have just reported him or messaged Alex
  10. Do you like being called četnik? @SerbianCrusader
  11. Josip Broz Tito, a man that lead one of the most respected nations in the world, and now it lay in dismay and ruins of corruption, death , sorrow and destruction. He united people with different writing systems, dialects, religions and ethnicities but they lived in harmony and enjoyed life for what it was for. SoE was modeled after SFRY. Tito's death was tragic to many people inside and outside of Yugoslavia. With that SoE has appointed a member of the Broz family closest to Josip to work as "An Advisor" in the Empire. The Advisor is going to be called Josip Broz Tito as well from now on. Tito's speech is currently being broadcasted "Brothers, Sisters. I have come here for a reason. I have spent ages to get notice by the Ottoman Command and now I have been appointed to an important role in the Empire. Soldiers, heroes you are our protectors, without you there wouldn't be a you nor us. My goal is to make an 'us'. I swear to everything holy, in anything you belive that I will protect you in any way possible, give you a life where you can afford everything you love and wish. I promise you, protection but not glory, but a life you wouldn't give up , We don't need glory or a high point in the World. What I and we want is to have a life worth living. To see what this world has to offer, to travel but to not risk losing your home , job or your loved ones. And Those whom oppose this , saying that they and their people are better than the rest, they all will be gone by the short and easy procedure. It is hard and impossible for me to kill a brother, but I'll gladly murder a someone that would try to ruin the brotherhood and harmony between us THE PEOPLE! and now Repeat after me... Death to Fascism! Freedom to the People!" [In here is written "Smrt Fašizmu, Sloboda Narodu" in cyrilic meaning Death to Fascism , Freedom to the People with the Clenched up Fist , the kind of saulte that the people of Yugoslavia used to signal the the hit into the superior nazi war machine that lost] Later that day , Tito went to the Politburo to meet up with Ministers , Sultans , Vizier and other Political Figureheads. At his arrival everyone clapped , and as he stood in front of the entrance everyone came in front of him to shake his hand and take a seat, after all of this ended he said while he had his hands behind him "You shouldn't have done this brothers. I am not special nor I do want to make myelf Special. We are all brothers that have an important role in the Empire. We are all cogs in the machine that we call Nation. If one stops , everything stops. Now what I want to do..." he pointed at a few people sitting and signaled them to stand up and they did so. "You three can easily leave the room as a lifelong imprisonment is awaiting you traitors on a barren island. You dirty Fascists. How come have you betray the Nation for Money! You discust me. I do not want to stay here" he said with his hand in the hair like a static wave "a lot more is waiting for me. Nights without sleep are awaiting me. For The Reovlution! Goodbye Brothers" he left the room with the three men going directly behind him , chained up and on their sides Guards. "How did he know?" one whispered to the others while their heads were down as they were staring at the floor Tito turned around and the men stopped. A momment of silence was there as the three men stared at Tito with widely open eyes and awaiting death at the second. "It is quite suprising how stupid you are. I have worked for you secretly as an agent and detailing everything to the Empire and so the Empire gave you fake intel so you wouldn't gain anything except money. Your lack of reality is what got you to this point. You were power hungry and you didn't realize who was working for you. Who was fixing your door, who brought you coffee and food, who was your guard and many more. All me! Nothing was changed except clothing. And your ways of Communication, sharing intel is horrible and primitive. You could have at least gotten... well anything , better software or anything to communicate. Now , I have gotten the full picture of you people long ago. And you don't deserve to live, you would betray anyone and you did only to gain money and power. While you can gain enough money for everything you wish for by only living in this Nation" and so Tito walked away and more will be heard from him
  12. Fatimah Lime, the Representor of SoE and Ambassador to Regime has welcomed White Canary at the airport. With Janissarie elite guards with her as well. At the planes arrival she was welcomed by cheers outside of the Airport. Fatimah put her hand close to her forehead all clenched up as it was a Salute of the Communists and she said "Death to Fascism" and the crowds followed "Freedom to the people!" and so they escorted her to the Embassy in Istanbul. At the Arrival out of the middle car exited Fatimah and the two front Jeeps were her Escorts or to be precise Guards. When White Canary and Fatimah moved towards the Door the guards opened them all in rythm , harmony and peace. Every walk was a signal for a guard or any other person to peform a task. In the Embassy the Sultan was awaiting White Canary as well to meet her personaly. When he heard footsteps he stood up and with open arms said "Ah there you are. Finally , I am not a patient type of person you must know. Welcome to the Empire! We will make sure that your stay is as long and the best here. Well let's get the boring stuff out of the way. Paperwork and talks so we can go and have fun after this. Feels like the school days, eh?" they shook hands and sat down. They were in a large room, gray, dark , with windows only at the top and they couldn't be called Windows , they would be called Sky Lights. In the room there were various levels and on the last bottom level there was a large table with many seats but it would feel so empty as there were only three of them. And the other Levels were just placements for Seats, Tables or anything else , for whatever else the occasion it may be. Behind the large Table at the bottom were Two podiums and 3 Large TV Screens. "Take this as a holiday. We will do the paperwork quickly and you can enjoy the fun and the beauty of Istanbul" "Well at the start we usually ask the counterpart what it would like to gain from this meeting , but we will start this time. This is more or less random usual talk. But here we go. We would like the Regime's Protection over SoE and EO as a whole. Visa-less travel, Free Trade and just the usual but at most we'd like just to be on good relations with you."
  13. Ovelon Project Project Ovelon is made or tests, research and whatnot to advance artillery of the Empire. In The First Phase the Empire is conducting Research and creating Modern Artillery, the Jakov. Range: 1800 Miles Dammage Capability: 100 Kilaton Explosion When the Artillery is done through it will be tested in the mountains of Anatolia and Balkans, Deserts of the Middle East and the Shores of the Med After that it will be first used as Defence of Cities then Outshore Bases
  14. The Unholy Quadripartate is made of nations of different Ideologies, Interests, and they even inhabit different continents. This union bridges the divide that these ideological differences create. Long time officials of Resoria, SoE, France and The First Order discussed the principles of this Bond, Alliance or any other term you'd like to use. As the Nations are of different ideologies the founding of the UHQP has a few phases. The First Phase of Talks have resulted in forming the Alliance itself with defensive agreements being set. The Four have agreed to: -All Signatories agree to a Mutual Defense and Optional Agression Pact with each other and all other add ons (like Intel Share when needed) -The signatories agree that this treaty is paramount to the security of their individual nations, and acknowledge that it supersedes any other standing agreements -The signatories agree to allow all member states visa-free access to their nation, with exceptions to blacklisted civilians, and upon request of the host nation. -The signatories agree to not expand in each others Areas of Interest -The Signatories respect each others borders and will not violate them Signatories: SoE Sultan: Fil Tilen Sultaness: Maiev Shadowsong Minister of Foreign Affairs: Sha Reman Minister of Internal Affairs: Yasmin Lotus Minister of Defence: Maiev Shadowsong Minister of European Affairs: Jeremy Abbey Minister of Asian Affairs: Aim Ski Minister of American Affairs: Freknie Riyan Minister of African and Australian Affairs: Sam Hannah IoR Imperator: Alexander Spyre Ministries - Admiralty(Defense): Jacob Keyes, Harold Johnson, Frederick Charleston Interior: Gweneviere Albert Foreign Affairs: Rodger Keyes Intelligence(Office of Naval Intelligence): Cait Mendez Representatives - Speaker of the Senate: Albert Javez Senate Majority: Jesse Isaac High Priest: Christian Peters The First Order France Her Exellency Lidia Korczak President of the Republic Princess of Andorra
  15. We are happy to inform all Governments on Opinions and Thoughts on their nations and relations, from the beggining till the end, we won't spare anything, this is politics , honesty is sometimes needed. We aren't sparing for the reason, we might fix a certain issue we have or talk and laugh about the past. Mogatopia We can guarantee a long lived economic relationship with Mogatopia , with SoE constantly peforming trade , even 75% of Aircraft Carrier Purchases in the SoE navy were bought off Mog[Corp]. There was war and fuss between each other but we always overlooked it and got along nicely. A Conflict was there one time but of course we take the blame because of violating Mog[Corp]s Teritorry of interest (which is everything :v). Ottoman Diplomat to Mogatopia: "I can say that Mogatopia is a nation full of varierity. In one street you can see an abnormal ammount of different resturants and stores , every, belive me, every street is a story for itself of many nationalities inhabiting it. And I can say, Mogatopia is threatning, but all this hostility and threat makes me feel safe inside it , I'd feel bad for anyone to try attack Mogatopia. First, the dammage done to the enemy of Mogatopia would be huge , and second, I don't think that anyone would be able to destroy the Centre of Mogatopia" - Yan Marlot United States of America For USA's short existence , SoE and them had a great relationship. It is a great relationship as the different ideologies couldn't cooperate in the past. I must say that it wasn't our fault, we always wanted to cooperate, the predecessors of the US were always hostile to us. The Relationship between us and them could go along greatly , better than SoE could do with a Communist State. We do not have much to say nor does or Diplomat as the Existence of them was short. "The People love them , Diplomats love them, Combination to a Relationship" - Samir Fazlinovic Nova Empire SoE didn't have much contact with this Nation but throughout Novian actions, interventions and what not , SoE's reputation on the Nova Empire has been improved and hurt depending on what it is. The Current stance is negative and we do not have anything to say. Umberella We have helped them and they us, our low momments have been hit and we have gotten each other out of those low poitns to follow up to a great relationship without hate being thrown at anyone. From the peace time support till the War Times when Our Men wanted to protect Umberella like it was to protect the Motherland and not Umberella. Many Ottomans consider Umberella to be a second home for them after SoE. Umberella is one of the 3 Nations that is part of the Tripartate Embassy Deal, The Embassies of the Closest Allies are molded into one and those are allowed to acess Discreet Information of the Empire , depending on the Intel, they will get it , in a matter of hours, days or if it is secretive it will take months. But we would hand out information to Umberella if it would ensure their safety. The Laurentian Republic The same thing goes with the United States, different ideologies but cooperating well. They cooperated with us in the Civil War when the opposite side of us were the people of the same ideology as them, this is loyalty. They have guaranteed our defence, any ideas, plans SoE had, the Laurentians were involved and the relationship keeps on improving with every day, hour, second. The Marriage between the two nations royal families was a suprise, but a suprise that made "Perfect" better. Laurentian Armed Forces are able to operate inside SoE and currently Laurentia houses a Military Base, Their Soldiers were awarded by us and in all conflicts Laurentia has had our back. We can always guarantee to work out with Laurentia and there has not been any bad feels between the two of us, it was like a Silver Bond. Laurentia is also a part of the Tripartate of Nations of the Closest Ottoman Allies and can access Classified Information "O dem this wine is amazing and the pasteries are tasty. I love being a diplomat oh joll... are we RECORDING You... *long beep*" -- Former Diplomat to Laurentia, Erdogan Atalay New Diplomat: Zakka Abu Hungadada It is a nation involved in a few Pacts that followed up with allying to Laurentia and ended up in an alliance with Hungadada. With no direct alliance but attempts have been made and all ignored or rejected. Also , Hungadada was hostile to Allies of The Empire and that resulted in a bad relation with us , even with both nations being inside the European Union, nothing will be changed without Hungadadan cooperation. We cannot say much and we won't say much but I am sure Hungadada has a lot to offer to SoE and the same goes way the other way around. Reubenia We will just let the Diplomat talk on this one "I'll be short , honest. This will be like ripping a bandage... SoE at Mainland forgot you existed and we can all agree on at SoE *holds his hands at his heart* WE... despise you to the deepest point , for everything you stand for *makes a hand heart* This is all from me, back to you Narrator Charles" -Zeki Fez Thank you , Zeki we ... oh we are running this worldwide... welp... too late... I shold have stopped this and not continue talking... *whispers "I hate my life". clears throat* Back we go! Resoria A story to be spoken about for ages! SoE wanted to support Resoria in their Fight for the Independence and it did, but SoE built a base without Resorian Approval and everything went downhill. SoE wanted to fix relations with reasurring Protection of Resoria but all went downhill again. Resoria completely didn't even acknowledge SoE's existence and Mogatopia hurt SoE heavily. But, SoE has offered support to Resoria, they lifted the ban of Ottoman Citizens of going to Resoria and all went drasticly up! We'll stop now and to end it quickly. Relations are unimaginably... better, amazing I have to say. We share a Brotherhood and it represents a Friendship far away but working so well, now we are listening to our diplomat in Resoria "Please save me ... I am going to die *broadcast was cut off" - Former Diplomat to Resoria, Ahmed Waya Ahaha funny guy... *whispers "this is the second one today... we are on a roll sir" highfive in the back* We'd also to like to note that Resoria is one of the members of the Tripartate and can access Classified Intel as well and we prefer to protect the interests of Resoria and the other two than the others. Britannia They have defended us and they were one of the first nations the Ottomans have allied with after getting out of the Isolationist Phase. They have protected us in the Civil War and Combatants have been awarded but both sides have shyed away from other Conflicts that either nations were involved in. Britannia and SoE have a great relationship but not to an extent in which each other would protect each other. With entrance of Britannia in the Shengen Area , relations have been improved a bit but for most time they have been cooled off and now more or less staggering down Wintery Saved the best for last. We consider Wintery as an untouched gold mine. We have seen very little of Wintery but we want to delve into Wintery , our citizens are fascinated by the country so is the Leader. We just love the nation but we have never gotten a time to talk with them sadly , we'd love to explore everything about it , we just cannot stop saying great things about them. We aren't allied with them but we would protect them. This was it for now on, drama, compliments , maybe some curtains have fallen and some Nations Leaders have come to a realization at which stance our Relationship were. And to add on, if you weren't mentioned here... you are literally worse than Reubenia