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  1. Holy Taco Bell, hold my ponco but you are possesed by the devil senor
  2. Got an update, You have MacArthur as a Gen/Unit (Sherman Tank) basically op, didn't go too much into it but it stomps everything in it's path
  3. TBH , you payed attention to it @Spaceman Thrax, you saw he "held" it with his left hand , what makes you a non-paying attention to the left side heretic. You are the one and only Canadian !@#$ but do you really want to make your Title longer than this post?
  4. triple reverse psychology :^)
  5. Independce Day This day, an United Offensive was peformed into the Remnants of the Serbian Empire. BS, SOE, Croatian , Montenegran, Kosovar and Macedonian Forces pushed easily and with songs and joy in them. Croatian Leader - Marko "Thompson" Perković With pride he raised a large Flag of Croatia , to show that the Croats weren't to be stopped. With a lot of Ottoman Support they have put their best forces onto the Serb Border with Thompson being the Supervisor of the Military. While Marching into Serb Lands, they sang the many songs made by Thompson BS, Belgrade Syndicate, didn't show much joy but it just wanted to do it's buisness and finish off the Serb Empire A speech was played in Belgrade , even though they aren't a Monarchy they have copied the speech of the Commander whom defended Belgrade during 1915. ""At Exactly 3 o' clock , the enemy is going to be broken by your charges, blown up by your bombs and bayonets. The Glory of Belgrade, our ancestors, it is going to be shining! Soldiers! Heroes! The Command has deleted our regiment from their number stance. Our Regiment was sacrificed for the glory of the Fatherland and Belgrade! You do not have to worry about your lives which do not exit. So Foward into Glory! For the King! For the Fatherland! Long Live the King, Long Live Belgrade!" At Midnight, The Command of SOE , BS, Croatia and the rest counted a countdown. "5...4....3...2....1" and as the one came Tanks rolled through the Flat Areas. Soldiers ran foward into battle, Croat Armoured Cars went foward mowing down enemies, quickly capturing and holding cities. 87% of the Armoured Units of the SE were aimed against SOE but SOE suprised them with a large ambush , destroying the tanks and moving into Serbia with quick mobile units. SOE Reached Montenegro which had a small line with Montenegro and Macedonia. The Tanks that weren't destroyed in the ambush, they were in a pocket surrounded by SOE and Croatia. SOE was over the river and the Armoured Units were being pushed into the Drina River giving them a hell combat-wise. Serbia was left with one city with a handful of men and a few Armoured Units. BS was at the gates of it , awaiting SOE Artillery Support. They tried to hit the city but got pushed back. The Serbs would flank , with a high chance of surrounding the attack force. The Command of The Empire's army has surrendered to SOE. Ljubo Mauzer and Anastasija Mičić The Army at the City was under command of the Emperor Himself. Emperor Aleksander but as The Syndicate said "SBS is comming bring ZBB" [To be Continued]
  6. I wasn't suprised you had a Crusader Outfit So let me get is straight again, You have fitness at 5? so I have to move the "Reconquer the Holy land" one hour later
  7. . We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police.

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  8. be a classic millenial and spend it on useless one-time things. Just like potions in RPGs
  10. The New Ancient World Wonder *destroys the almost re-built Great Lighthous of Alexandria and makes a statue of*
  11. gets demonotized for the worst self-shameless promotion in history before the Nurmburg Rally
  12. I want to be withdrawn from the list
  13. At the Arrival of the Ottomans in The Balkans, it came there to relive them of the Serbian Empire that conquered all of the former Yugoslav Nations besides Slovenia. When they would invade , they would technically rule over the People but they would have a lot of power themselves. SOE has invaded and holds a lot of Bosnia and a bit of the Coast on the Adriatic. After the defeat of Serbs in Bosnia, The Command at the Balkans has gotten calls from unkown locations. All of them saying that they were Freedom Liberation Groups from Serbia and that they would rely on SOE support. The Croat Liberation Group was a Democracy , Montenegro was a Kingdom Macedonia and Kosovo are Democratic as well. Montenegro has gotten a lot of Equiptment as they held all of the Montenegran coast and they began to push the Serbs out, Macedons and Kosovars only got Aerial Support and Croatia got a lot of Support by Water. Day after the Contacts with SOE from Rebel Groups, something Shook Serbia. A Highly Trained and High-Tech Army took control of 45% Serbia, and the most important Parts. Belgrade was conquered from the inside and so were most cities. All of the Command was Taken, even the Emperor. The Army had many Modern Tanks in it's army. A Professional Army Marched through Belgrade. All of this gotten by Scout Planes. SOE was planning an offensive and will still go through it but now it will have less people to fight as many went with the "New Serbia". Rebel Croat Forces Pushed together with SOE into Vojvodina (Northern Serbia) meeting with the Unkowns. SOE Officials met up at Belgrade. Emperor Aleksander was imprisioned , he was in a cell in the Throne Room in the Palace, but now there were 5 Thrones of Men in suits in it. "We are The Syndicate, Belgrade Syndicate, some people call is BS. We were here since a long time, we are buisnessmen , had a personal army, had most of Serbia under our control, and planned to overthrow The Emperor , now was the time. Our Soldiers are at the peak with their Weapons. We would win any time any day against the Emperor. We wanted a new Serbia, no more corruption." "But how come the Secrete Services of the World have no actual intel regarding this... Syndicate?" at the momment he said that on the Large TV a News Reporter was talking about the Syndicate "Shadow Organization is commited to insiding revolutions by enabeling acts of Terror in Nations with Western Interest, Otherwise known as the Syndicate..." Then they replied with a few things and asked the Ottoman Officials to leave "What has Serbia fell to? The people only get breadcrums, it was a fight for Exsitence..." After the Sultan was informed, he requested the Syndicate to find home in SOE while still rul new Serbia. They are the richest Corp in SOE and they can make an impact on the Governments Decisions , or invest into the Nation and will.