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  1. Ottoman Military Command SoE has begun mobilization, conscripting troops and assinging them to basic infantry. 575 000 Men and Women are added to the Ottoman Army and are currently trained in various areas of the Empire with different specializations. 25 000 Men would be trained in Bosnia and they would patrol the borders of the Eyalet , fortifying the Danube if any conflict there errupted [Classified Fortification] The rest is trained at Classified Locations in Anatolia, Iraq, Arabia , Syria and Crimea. The massive Stockpile of Infantry Weapons is currently being used and Production is following up in Ammo production. Russian Refugee Crisis has proven to be useful as many escapists were members of the Russian Army and Navy. They have sworn their allegance to SoE and are filling up the slots in the navy under Ottoman supervision. 20 000 Russians have been added as personel to the Naval Personel. SoE is focusing filling up their Missile Stockpile with the end goal being: 1,400 S500 anti-aircraft missiles, and 1,100 SM-6 missiles. All of the Ottoman Army is conducting Border Patrols , along with half of the Air Force and All of their Navy [Classified] Adriatic , Agean and Eastern Mediterrian are frequently focused with 2 Carrier Groups per Area except Agean sea with 1. Their orders are to protect Allied Vessels. Noting with it being difficult to fake Requirements to pass as Protocols change daily or sometimes even per hour depending on the need , now being every half a day, and the information being given to Allies. The protocols are simple things on a uniform , or a keyword allowing passing. Lastly, the Ottoman Empire would implament the basic war time communications and radar precautions. Utilizing frequency hopping and white broadcasts (broadcasts that are played on frequencies on a loop to prevent identification of which frequency is truly in use) these tactics were aimed at eliminating the jamming efficiency of nation states.
  2. Most of the Ottoman Royal Family has come to Bosnia to celebrate the Forming of an important of the Army during the Bosinian Army. The Corp that was formed was made of people with different religions skin tones, dialects but they cooperated greatly. As the army was multi-national and Brcko is as well, the Sultan has declared this day to Day of Traditions and in Brcko there will be festivals, dances, feasts and what not in Traditional Clothing, with their Traditional Foods and what not. The Royal Family has attended in the Traditional Clothing of the Ottomans with an Organization from SoE which focuses in exploration of Traditions of each Ethnicity in SoE. Laurentian ,Britannian, Umberella, Regime, Alexiamia, Amenrian, Resorian and Hungadadan Officials are invited where they would meet the Royal Family many times at Organized Feasts with World Leaders and just enjoy the day. We would appreciate if you came in Traditional Clothing and to bring Traditional Food or anything simmalar to this. You are free to wander around the city and look at the many Parts of Brcko where the "Traditional Regions" are. (One part of Brcko is dedicated to different Traditions) but we'd appreciate if you came to the Dinners, Talks about Traditions and what not. The Festival will be a few days long so do not worry about missing anything [Note: Those whom want to attend PM me on Discord + Here you write about your Nation, to find out about them + You can rp your stay at the Festival] Attendants -Jerimiah Gottwald for Britannia --Empress Alexia, Oliver Queen, and Minister Epsilon Pi for Alexiamia
  3. https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21809-glorified-deserts/ Expansion for December
  4. With Britannian Colonization of the Arab lands, those whom did not want to succumb to their rule have escaped in mass numbers. They have setteled finally in Eastern Arabia , they were left peacefully there not even noticed until the many micro nations or better called "Modern Tribes" have contacted the Sultan as one Union and asked or practically begging to be a part of SoE. They want the protective hand of SoE and for SoE to share their Intelegence Hubs with them while in return they would show loyality to the Empire. Many have heard about how the Sultan runs SoE. Everyone is an important part of the Empire, no discrimination and or anything in this kind of way. After the Union, at Midnight , everything was signed and the people were glorifying the Soldiers Marching through the cities , they were there to inspect and be aware of the Terrain. SoE has invested not only in growth of the city with many Buildings being extended, expanding Buildings for Civil needs , putting up many buildings for entertainment. But not only that, SoE has centralized the people, givinen them work, home and protection. The people are satisfied and do not regret the union with SoE, they might not have Independence but they prefer to live a Good Life than a life in Independence, and SoE protects the History and Tradition of each race, ethnicity etc in the Empire.
  5. SoE welcomes the new Player to the World stage and as always, sends a present. A Curved Cavalry Sword with many decorations on it , handcrafted , no machinery only work of a human professional. " We do not have anything against your way of Ruling except if you do not have something against us , if not we will cooperate greatly then."
  6. There were rules that would put people through a lot of pain like forced labour on a stranded island or using various types of weapons to hurt a person a lot , but not to kill. As many people want War Criminals or other Large Criminals to see a harder punishment than just prision SoE's council has agreed to allow the Death Penalty and Keep the Pealities that would hurt a person a lot. Depending on what crime it is, the person would get a set Penalty -Killing at least one person would result in a death penalty -Peforming acts of Fascism/Nationalism would result in Forced Labour to death (in which you get basic needs of food ,water hygene and only rest is sleep) With these acts many Criminals have given up the game as they wouldn't risk their lives, when the death penalty was on they could just spend their time in prision and be released earlier but there was no back from death. Nowhere in SoE could be seen Nationalism and all of the many people groups are working together. There was no hate in between the people groups just a little tension and that tension has dissapeared and is now harmony.
  7. Don't wanna drag this along. So I won't leave the game as a whole, I will keep my nation to be there to do some good for a short time, just maybe. I am going to prolonge my stay for once a month or something. I have lost my interest in the game (if you could even call it a game), neither do I want anyone crying about me, all of you are great peeps and hope your lives go on happily , do not be worried about me, I am okay , I am going to be better on without PnW and etc You peeps have changed me but I have moved on in life, opened an another chapter. If anyone needs me I'd eventually respond to him on Discord as I do use it for causes not only for PnW but this all you got from me for this time, peace love and out. I will stay in PnW till the end of the week or Friday. So peace , had a good run but everything has an end. Repeating , love to you all whom have been with me. Not trying to say one is better than the other you have all my regards , all special in their own way but gotta say big love to Moony ,Mogar, Smith, Zeeb and a someome whom you maybe have not met, @Prince Hunter of Bavaria, he a true legend. Repeating , all of you are special people whom have a special place for me and aren't easily forgotten, had my ups and downs in here and have to say the biggest up I had is leaving , made a mark , an accomplishment and all of the people I know from PnW have made me, I have an attribute of everyone, at least to say. Note, don't whine nor remember me, tragedies are best forgotten Said to not prolonge but whoops , still peace ma dudes
  8. To: [email protected] From: [email protected] We'd like to purchase an additional 2 Carrier Groups , Money is going to be transfered to your account at the momment of The Carrier Arrival
  9. SoE Officials welcome the Laurentian Support. It has to say that the Army is not Old. The Army just had too many Tanks and Guns and not enough Men to control it. It has reduced the Numbers drastically freeing up personel to be assinged to the navy which has happened. We are aware of of our current issues but we are getting Manpower from All Across the Empire and Supporting Powers like T$. We'd advise to send a smaller number to just inspect and talk. There was never an issue with equiptment but with Unsufficient Manpower.
  10. The Number of Armoured and Artillery units has been severly lowered , with the huge reducement , it has given SoE an opportunity for more improvement. The Tanks were either sold to other nations or transformed aka recycled for civilian use. SoE is currently researching more advanced Aircraft and Naval Ships while at the same time focusing on it's production. As 75% of SoEs Carriers are purchased and 25% built by themselves, the Shipyards aren't used to producing them, so the started producing of Carriers in Ottoman Shipyards is going to take a long time
  11. I'd only pick Shifty and Thalmor. Both fun and well... there is nothing more. Thalmor satisfies me with the rapping and the murdering of the thingies called Mooslims. and Shifty was a loyal dealer , always giving me the memes on time
  12. To make the Nation more stable a council of 6 Heads have been made which would work as more of an Advisor role to the Sultan and Grwnd Vizier (Prime Minister). The Council tries to make a perfect solution for a task, basic improvement of daily civilian lives, what the best act is during a natural catastrophe , scientific programmes etc. The 6 Heads are very different with different attributes. One is an economist , one a science or culture fan etc. The Heads are calles Mijar and the first 6 of them are: -Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez - Economist and Buisnessman -Zackiah Stein - Science and Culture Promoter -Russel Northrop - Protector of the People -Johnny Vincent - Fan of Machinery , Rapid Growth and Improvement. Promoting Specialized Classes like Improvisation and Knowledge -Ivan Ivanovic - Entertainment Promoter., wanting to people to be constantly happy, promotiong zo help the poor and unlucky. Promotiong many ways of Etertainment from Sport to Stand Up Comedians and Festivals -Simir Brodlik - Promoting Charities, helping the unlucky. Meeting new people and solving their issues. Wanting to help prople with any kind of issue and wanting for every person to have a sustainable life. Every Mijar was handpicked by the Sultan from all across the Empire , knowing their attributes, the final solution of the 6 would be the best solution.
  13. SOE does not feel much friendlyness nor does it see much or any cooperation at all in the future so it just restrains from any talks with ZI and Bans all Transmissions of this sorts to be shown in SOE
  14. The many hinderances in the Balkans use Railroad as their main way of transport, and The United Balkan Defence Force has located the Storages , Underground Training Grounds and etc. Abusing that knowledge, the UBDF was meant to hit all at the same time. Railroads are cut off and many Trains were attacked up front with the UBDF, breaching into them and taking prisioners. Few Bridges were blown up during the opeartion to prevent the escape of the Enemy. The People at the Training Grounds were unarmed and all were arrested by the arrival of the UBDF. Laurentian Air Units were used to prevent escape or any Attack on the UBDF. SOE Ground Transports were used including many Amphibious Assault Craft made for Rivers, with a few Artillery Groups seeing Action. A few people with Important Knowledge about the Syndicate Project and Some Plans for Weapons and etc have secretly dissapeared. They were located as well and the 100 Britannian Units have been assigned to rescue those people, with Ottoman Support. The plan was for the Brittanians to breach from the top and the Ottomans from the bottom, and it happened sucsessfuly so, with no Harm happening to Friendly Forces nor the People with the intel. The Prisioners mostly said "You will pay" or "We have served The White Knight and God and we were sent to protect" but all of them are being trialed for the many Civilian Deaths they have caused.
  15. Tom Cassel , founder and CEO of many Companies in the Nation and in Many Areas of the world has met with the Sultan and other officials to talk about "The Syndicate Project" , a project that was planned in SOE , and was peformed slowly and unorganizedly but now it had a Head and a Person with better ideals for the Project. First Phase is the Destruction of Internal Threats that would make the Progress of The Syndicate Project impossible. Hassel has become the second in Command of The Belgrade Syndicate, being popular in all nations in the Balkans and Lands in which he has assets in. He has arranged a meeting at Istanbul at one of his many Houses. Thompson, The Sultan, Commander Diana Krueger (Laurentia), C.C "Well Ladies and Gentelmen I'd like to welcome you to my place and welcome you to the..." he took a breath and made a dramatic pause while the projector started ruinning with "The Syndicate Project" Logo in the back "The Syndicate Project" "Ladies and Gentelman , you know that the bane of us was Fascism. Hindering Improving our nations to the fullest extent and this is the day I say we stop them once and for all" "I have sworn in the name of the King and God that I am going to protect the People of Croatia, but if some bafoons that claim to be Croatian Nationalists and live for them but kill innocent civilians then they aren't one of us. I am willing to support the Destruction of all types of Fascist Supporters no matter if they are of Croatian Descent." "Laurentia is on the side of Croatia and forever will be, Our Troops are ready to be used to destroy the threat to Croatia and help it's improvement and recovery" "The Britannians have 100 Special Units ready to be used at your Command" "I won't be the actual Commander, the Command of these Opeartions is in hands of 2 Ottoman Officials. The Head of the Bosnian Eyalet and Commander of the Forces in Bosnia (And Bosnian War Commander), Aldina Rasidovic." "I apologize if I have interrupted you or hindered your plans of meetings or any other thing , but I still thank you for visiting and being a part of this Operation" [Opeartion Post is Next, Please do not Post in here]