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  1. My first thought when I saw this topic was: is that a [skyrim] shout. OWR ROH DAH!
  2. Holy shit, actual foreign affairs in the OWF, I didn't think we did that anymore. Nothing groundbreaking admittedly, but its definitely something.
  3. What do you take me for a KKKapitalist.
  4. This is talk about the current war on wars & not making paper Also, bastion IS from mars... probably, IDK he's didn't say anything at the time.
  5. I find myself agreeing with this sentiment. Let's save the 'N' word for real Nazis.
  6. I'd also like to see more frequent & consistent moderation on the forums. I do however yonder from the NationStates forums, which are heavily moderated in an efficient and consistent way.
  7. The assembled powers here, are still NOT ENOUGH, perhaps if the NPO and Rose were to assist against the NSR, there would be a (slim) chance of victory,
  8. Now this, is what I call a good DoW!
  9. I dunno, I'm just not feeling it. Maybe try calling somebody a nazi, that usually does it.
  10. All of the other announcements and deceleration were funny, but this one feels a little lame.
  11. I know, I just wanted to correct someone on the internet, you know: The important things.
  12. It's Nordic Sea Raiders, not Northern Sea Raiders. Atleast give them the respect of correct spelling.
  13. Also, here is some other important info: my favorite mouse broke.
  14. Good luck AIM, you'll need it.
  15. Comintern also is neutral in the conflict, but I doubt anyone would care, even if they did care.