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  1. Ehhh No neck just make one post and have at least 10 downvotes!!! And me? 1-3 what's wrong with you guys!?
  2. No single downvote I hate all of you!!! You bastar ds!!
  3. This is topic about the current HATE not spreading correctly. As delightul minister of FA of Hate loving Bamika nation I encourage you to press downvote here and on other posts made by delightful general Hit-Girl. More Hate more wealthy our citizens will become. Open your heart for spreading HATE! Thank you assassinwholes* for attention *delete assinw
  4. <Image removed due to filter evasion>
  5. Gun flag is my favourite but I would prefer much more flag with two big shiny blades tbh or at least one
  6. Yay! Best Christmas gift, Big Daddy!
  7. Merry Christmas Dragonish a.s.s.h.o.l.e
  8. Most adorable villains in this game. At first you hate 'em for what they do, then you love 'em for what they do. Never change rum lovers a.s.s.h.o.l.e.s Arrgh!
  9. Big Daddy has better targets to kick ass than you
  10. Denied
  11. That's cool! You don't need nukes to kick bad boys/girls asses! Missiles can be good too! C'mon guys, become missiles gods who we are waiting for!
  12. He has at discord
  13. -----transmission started----- Congratulations and Good Luck Humans in the Circle! -----transmission ended----
  14. Nuclear Viking Horn Biggest prize of the first draw - AwesomeNova won 15 million dollars! WOW! He was asked what is he going to do with money: " I am going to buy Nuclear Viking Horn* " *Nuclear Research Facilities AwesomeNova is a Thane of Culture of Ragnarok.(Viking Themed Alliance)