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  1. I like the cold and think penguins are super adorable, does that make me Canadian?
  2. As I recall, that whole arc ends with Garibaldi, Franklin and a few others breaking Sheridan out of custody and then returning to earth with a massive fleet and destroying the Clark regime. Trying to tell us something @Partisan?
  3. They're secretly allied to avansies and NSR... Tkr needs all the help they can get.
  4. TKR joining IQ confirmed Now it's a hegemony
  5. I can tell you, as a mod, I would not have merged and deleted all of @Partisan beautiful DoWs.
  6. That's no excuse for it being in the wrong spot 😛
  7. So... Personal pissing contest = alliance affairs?
  8. @Partisan Beware the counters
  9. Smells like a threat, sounds like a threat
  10. Who would you vote for
  11. Look how far they've fallen since... So much for their once glorious 5 million score.
  12. Merge: Everyone Disband: Everyone Roll: Everyone
  13. Good luck KT
  14. Kkkastorium. Really?