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  1. What were you doing (or trying to do): Trying to remove an applicant. Removal process works just fine. What happened (describe thoroughly please): When removing an applicant via the Alliance Control Panel, the timestamp that shows in the alliance activity is "11/30 12:00 am". When removing an applicant via the Alliance Information page, the timestamp is the current date. The timestamp, whichever is applied, also appears in the nation activity. Accepting a member via the alliance control panel appears to show the correct timestamp. Link to page: Timestamp appears correct when removed from this page: Timestamp incorrect when applicant removed from this page: Applicants recently removed as seen in the screenshot below:,,, Screenshot: In the screenshot, the two removals at the bottom of the list were done via the alliance control panel. The others were done via the alliance information page. They were done seconds apart. I have seen the "11/30 12:00 am" timestamp before but never tested the various removal ways side-by-side until now. They always appear in the correct order in the alliance activity list and nation activity list, but the timestamp is not always accurate.
  2. Unique ID: bea19889da8bb27ca8b6c79d Nations: Aden Pirates - Xuprax - Free Cities - These nations are passing resources between each other with $0 transactions. Xuprax appears to be the hub. These nations also show up on the same unique ID: Favelandia - Macedani - Edit: This nation's trade history is odd and tied to Free Cities Banana Way -
  3. There's a lot of people much more fun than Milord...
  4. Check us out!