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  1. I happen to know a thing or two about lurkers... Keno, specifically. I hear Kastor has a deal open to roll AO if you lose... Seems legit... You'll have to work out the $15M difference on your own though. A miracle. Sincerely, A Creepy Lurker PS Welcome to Orbis!
  2. In case you haven't heard, The Knights Radiant has been on a quest. A quest to help bring a more interesting state of affairs to Orbis. The "politics" in Politics and War have become a stale rerun of bipolar arguments. The "war" in Politics and War has become completely absent for most. This isn't healthy for TKR, nor is it healthy for Orbis at large. As the #1 alliance in the game, we hold a certain responsibility to lead by example and work to bring about something new. As a result, we've been speaking with alliances all around this wonderful place to drum up support. Not for friends to become enemies. Not for enemies to become friends. But support for a cause bigger than individual alliances. Support for an Orbis with less paper, more political intrigue, and more small scale conflict. We have found that many alliances agree with this ideal. Some have taken it upon themselves to begin the process of evolving Orbis. We applaud the actions by R&R, Dark Brotherhood, Rise of the Undead Mob, Nuclear Knights, Seven Kingdoms, Knights Templar, and Rose in helping to facilitate this effort. We hold nothing but respect for those friends who have stood with us, fought in the trenches with us, and joined our causes. Friendships are not easily forged, nor are they easily forgotten, but in order to bring about the ideal Orbis we envision, tough decisions must be made. To that end, TKR has given notice of cancellation of our MDoAP to Guardian. This is TKR's oldest treaty, dating back more than 2 years and we sincerely thank them for standing by us. We've been through a lot together, more than could ever be stated here, but we look forward to what the future holds for us both. We find it necessary to address a growing narrative that has been floating around the OWF regarding whether or not our withdrawal and subsequent dissolution of the sphere is legitimate or whether it is simply a trap to lure unsuspecting alliances into an unfavorable situation. To that, we say this: the largest contributing factor to our decision is hope for a more interesting and politically fluid Orbis, both for our alliance and the community at large. We understand the role our alliance has played up in contributing to this situation but we also recognize that we are not alone in the actions that led us to this current political climate. Henceforth, we will not stand for any form of hegemonic gameplay nor will we stand by and allow anyone to take advantage of our commitment to change. We do not subscribe to the idea of "proving" our commitment to change by weakening ourselves with pointless wars with our former associates. Circumstances change and conflict may come naturally but we reject it being a prerequisite for anyone to consider these sequences of events legitimate. That being said, we encourage you to follow in our footsteps and join our movement. Seek out new relations, make your own sphere with like-minded alliances. If your ideas for change needs a bit of cred in order to get off the ground, shoot us a message and we'll see what we can do to help. Cultivating a more dynamic Orbis is our ultimate goal. It is our expectation that with these changes, TKR can be a part of pursuing an Orbis environment where war can more freely happen, where it isn't necessary to consolidate power, and where alliances are less constrained by the tangled web we've woven for ourselves. TKR is ready to welcome this new Orbis. We are willing to defend this ideal as far as is needed and hope to forge relationships with others who share this ideal. We know we cannot do this alone but are hopeful the collective actions taken thus far are the beginnings of better times. Signed, King of the Heralds: TheCreepyLurker Herald of FA: Kayser Herald of War: Adrienne Herald of IA: SaintlyBloody Herald of Growth: Schirminator
  3. Congratulations and welcome to existence.
  4. Obligatory congrats and condolences.
  5. Proof?
  6. Just watching all the pretend lurkers.

  7. First Priest oh holy one. Thank you. You may have your half Devito back so you don't explode. Also, more stories.
  8. Oh I see... You're just saying it's the "final" one to build suspense and interest but will continue writing stories afterwards anyway... I get it now... *nudge nudge* Bring on the story. goes about collecting his 10/10 Devitos
  9. Tell me more about this "final story." I understand people don't want an end to the stories...
  10. Maybe once we get that other half Devito we can talk.
  11. o7 Lordship
  12. RIP that 0.5 Danny...
  13. Valid CB ^ TKR, let's roll...
  14. I expect this to be played every time I enter Slack, AC...
  15. I am proud to wear the crown. I recognize and respect those who came before. I look forward to the challenges the crown brings and the big shoes I must now fill. Lordship has a lot to be proud of. TKR has shown herself to be a formidable foe in all facets of Orbis. She has shown great friendship and loyalty to her allies. She has weathered the storms. Lordship, and Infinite Citadel (beware December 16, 2017) before him, have built a legacy I hope to carry on to drive TKR to new heights. To our friends: We continue to stand with you. To our foes: I look forward to the day when we can let go of the baggage of the past. To our members: I am committed to the success of each and every one of you. Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination. o7 King Lordship o7 TKR PS: The coup is complete.