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  1. @Redarmy help im bored again but this time I’m in study hall and there’s nothing happening on the forums rn so I’ve got nothing to do i like making stories but I usually need some sort of prompt before my brain starts trailing off making its own thing while I try to keep up with writing it gimme something to write a story abt pls
  2. Thanks
  3. I wish it was possible to give messages multiple likes cause I’d give this all 30 of my daily likes
  4. Scrimmy Bingus
  5. Oof r u gonna roll my alliance
  6. R00d it was a terrorist zombie nazi van full of evil people i had to kaboom it
  7. Bingus is the best player and u know it
  8. i updooted his post thing so now he has 1 post but 2 likes twice as many likes as posts hes got the best forum rep on earth good job
  9. I’m bored again so it’s time for me to write another story Im thinking up a story about rose and redarmy, randomly, I wasn’t even on here, just sitting in music class. ok so Hmm, idk, I’ve got an idea tho. Heres my brainstorms Rose - a peaceful field, full of flowers (roses, ofc) they’ve formed their own little society and they live in peace and happiness. One day a person comes to the rose field. A man wielding a mighty hammer and a giant sickle. The rose people were scared of him, they thought he was gonna crush all their petals but he was cool so then some missing lines of text then the rose people are doing an election because their old leader turned into a lemon so redarmy runs and the flower people are winning in the election so he’s all like “>:| I’m not gonna have this” so he uses the sickle and cuts up the other flower candidates, and then he crushes them with the hammer and he holds both over his head and shouts “communism!” so then lemon leader rolls down a hill to redarmy’s foot and puts a little sticker on his foot that says “u win” so then redarmy is dancing around all like “woo” and the flower people are just doing nothing cause they’re flowers and lazy ones too then the camera pans back down to lemon leader who has a little hat, sunglasses and a teeny tiny suitcase and he rolls away to a vacation so redarmy sits in the field with flowers around him in a circle and he holds up his hammer and sickle, teaching the flowers what they mean. So the flowers like the idea and boom. Rose transforms into LordaeRose. And this is where the stories link the plains where the roses live is infront of the mountain where lordship is talking to sky kastor, who just gave him the 10 commandments of how to run the perfect KastorSphere so lordship comes down and he sees redarmy and all the flowers with a sign that says “Rose” but with “Lordae” spraypainted infront of it Lordship knows this is his destiny he goes over and tells redarmy what he’s been told and he shows him the kastorsphere commandments redarmy and lordship become allies then lordship gets a tattoo of a hammer. redarmy gets a tattoo of a sickle. together they’re meaningless, but when they hug, it makes a hammer and sickle. The symbol of communism. for in communism there is no YOU or ME for there is only US btw if redarmy or anyone wants these long stupid stories to end, I’ll stop plaguing this topic with them i came up with this whole story in like a minute lmao
  10. Tyvm the teacher literally doesn’t teach anyway so idk math
  11. Lmao sorry
  12. Señior Smingybrus




    are u gonna be tinker bell on Halloween 

    1. Smith


      Smith is not sure what he's going to be 

    2. Nizam Adrienne

      Nizam Adrienne

      I have it on good authority Smith will be going as Tinker Bell.

  13. Status updates are the one thing I like about the new IPBoard forums

    but if this replaced the “recent comments” thing, I’d rather have that, that was cool, it’s the main reason I’m salty about the new forums 

  14. Suddenly I got the thought “lordship? More like lordaeronship amirite” I’ve got a feeling I need to make a conspiracy now that l0rdsheep is kastor and is gonna Help kastorsphere rise to power, then he’s gonna stand on the summit of this great sphere and look down on the people, all the peoples, of every nation, of every alliance. And he’s gonna look up to the skies, and kastor’s Head is gonna be there like the lion king, and he’s gonna nod to lordship who then deletes tkr and joined lordaeron where do these stories come from? idk I’m sitting in math class and I thought of this in like 20s sorry tho I’ll stop killing the topic *gets fried then deded*
  15. In all seriousness tho, well, I can’t do seriousness 😂 I don’t know durmij all that much I’d say, but looking how rose is I’d say he did a damn good job, so good job on that, enjoy retirement! My school WiFi is super dead rn, like everyone had to download this file thing so refreshing the page now takes like 5m so I can’t go get a picture of a celebration cake, a flower, or even a cheese wedge So I hereby bestow upon Durmij, former leader of Rose, this cow. 🐄 For let this cow be a symbol to all that Durmij was a bueno leader and has earned his rights through a year of hard work, to ride around on a cow all day the cow emoji is now my award trophy to people, it’s copyrighted ill sue u if u use it well typing is starting to lag so ig for now this is the end of my...idk what to really call my messages xD i always just start with a point then keep going and going and trail off into other stuff, and end with something H U G E and all over the place