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  1. You’re the hero Orbis needs pls cry this time though Then I can play the audio of you crying over the clip of me team killing u
  2. (1) “IQ” is the name they use to cover up the hegemony known as Roq Bloq. It is a group of alliances allied together under the guidance of Big Roq. Together they plot world domination. (2) TVE took the The with them when they left (3) A space alliance that had Elon Musk in it (4) Yes, but only if you revive the 4 person alliance ‘Hyper Shitposting Friendship Club’ or else the power of Roq will come crashing down upon you (5) I saw a small part of the first one, seemed kinda good I guess (6) City price ramps 4,000% each city. It’s hard to pass 10, harder to pass 20, nearly impossible to pass 30. If you successfully do so you’re invited by the game admin to join a secret cult for large players of PnW (7) It’s ok, this time. If you forget next month to clock in for your next month completed, Alex will delete your nation (8) Boruham is the Golden hippopotamus, raised by Princess Kastor to be the first big Lordaeron member, but Burhouann saw through Kastor and his intentions of making him a big tax farm nation, so he rose up and in the most legendary of all the wars in Orbis overthrew Princess Kastor and formed his own alliance (9) Buorhann is the common way but as long as it has all the letters of Buorhann, no matter what order, the great hippo will know you’re calling out to him, and he will answer (10) nnnnnnnno u (11) In PnW being broke is normal unless you’re a follower of the Big Roq Bloq (12) Thalmor is very cool, cold even. They put his old man body in a freezer to preserve him forever so one day in a thousand years from now they’ll thaw him out once the power of god sinks into his giant ice block and returns him to his youth (13) The problem with KT is that they do not see the way of Big Roq Bloq Bloq and it’s plans to help Orbis as a whole through peace, love, communism and 🅱️uttcheeks (14) Don’t do it. Keep saving up money, save up $10,000,000 then join GoB (15) Buying soldiers is not mandatory, it’s a system alex implemented to keep people spending money so they’re unable to buy a GoB membership, because he’s jealous they won’t let him in (16) Military also really isn’t mandatory. Long long ago this was the belief of Orbis. Until one day there was a nation born of a new play style. This nation was led by the most holy Les Paul Supreme. He preached of a new way, a free way. A way in which you can defend your nation and people without the monumental costs of recruiting and maintaining a military. The Vacation Mode. The people of Orbis rejected his message and chose to put this man of peace to death. He was well before his time, one day the people of Orbis will realize their mistake and everyone will begin to peacefully defend themselves (17) It’s not worth it to hire mercenaries unless you can afford the really expensive ones, such as Alex. For the price of $100,000,000.05 he will let you pick out 10 random numbers and those numbers will replace the statistics of a previous update or update in the future. (18) Butter (19) KT stands for Karate Turtles. KT is a splinter alliance of Cobra Kai Dojo, which is a splinter alliance of TEst, The Excelent salami trainers. A legendary alliance which shaped new nations into the fighters of tomorrow, and their teachings inspired many students to go forth and create their own Dojos to continue the arts of the ancient Salamimaster Pastramifontaine (20) I hope not
  3. The mightiest hegemony in Orbis is the Golden Phoenix Coalition. For the time being you might be as I am, saying to yourself “I don’t care about this lol” But think, if even just for a minute, think. Think to yourself and try to name one war in which the Golden Phoenix Coalition hasn’t made a massive impact. You might try to think back on a war they didnt begin, fight in, and then end. But try as you might, you will fail. Oh great Minesome and his alliance, the mightiest of all GPA are too influential in Orbis. The posts of Minesome are not only insightful, intelligent and inspiring to many. But they are also very powerful, lighting a fire in the hearts of players everywhere, they plant, grow and nurture a courage in all players, to stand up for themselves and go to war when needed. So thank you, Eternal Warmaster MinesomeMC, most powerful leader of GPA. Thank you for instilling in me the courage and will power to go out and declare wars to defend myself or to fight for fame and fortunes. This declaration of neutrality deeply saddens me as well as the rest of the Orbis community but we thank you for being a figure of inspiration and power, winning countless wars and teaching a new generation of players what it means to be a truly powerful nation. While you and your legendary alliance GPA declaring neutrality will leave a lasting impact on the game, your legacy will live on. TL:DR
  4. I can confirm (or deny) this in an hour i was sent a picture of the Pantheon bank on discord, which is blocked in my school, from what I remember seeing and hearing, that looks to be the whole bank, but I won’t know for sure until I can see the two sets of numbers side by side
  5. I kinda feel dumb now. Thinking back on it, Featherine was one of the only people I saw that ever really seemed to hate Pantheon, judging by his pretty aggressive messages on their discord a while back. I guess I didn’t think to consider him for it since I think he’s nice, and I consider him a friend. But dang, like, now that I know it, it seems pretty obvious. Lps is gone, after losing the lawsuit I ate him, and that’s why I’m such a big bee Well good job on finding the bank, and good luck to Featherine, Polaris and Pantheon (& Friends) on the inevitable wars that come from this.
  6. Maybe something like that I once got a warn point for posting on a report thread . . . that I started
  7. Oh yeah I forgot about that dont delete tho!!!
  8. Roooooooooq Hi i didn’t know u used the forums so much sorry for making so many stories about “Big Roq” taking over the world as an evil dictator dont drop ckd pls
  9. The old alliance Paragon had 3 DoEs, u have to make one more to reach the legendary status of Tbomb put it in the tech support section, too Congrats on existing tho! Good luck, have fun, and most of all ‘2 weeks’
  10. Well now I just feel dumb lol Id say look further back, but that’s a lot of stuff to do, I’ll do it later EDIT: I remember a while back hearing that there’s software or websites that let you see old versions of webpages and things, I tried one but it was blocked at school, maybe that could give some clues, if those work, like checking the player’s unique ID or previous alliances, if any or even if there’s a way to pinpoint it, get a version of PnW that happened during the whole event and just read off their trade history//bank activity, and if there is none then I’d guess the bank died along with the player But the bank could’ve had $1,000,000 or it could’ve had $1,000,000,000,000 Either way I’m sure Pantheon will bounce back even stronger than before in no time
  11. Maybe try a day or two prior to it? Cause I’m sure the people who did it would’ve known a new nation the day of or in the days after would be a target to be investigated Also gud jub on all the findings and stuff Youre a hero
  12. Probably not, I bet Thrax would see it too It is written in the ancient texts of Orbis that since the beginning of time whenever the word “dong” is mentioned, no matter where, Thrax will show up, whether physically or in spirit. I can now confirm this, as I am typing this I can see out the window the clouds in the sky taking the form of Thrax. The other part of the writings of Thrax state that if you say the sacred word of Thrax “wang” he will burn your soul and haunt your family for a thousand years. Do not let Thrax into your life because he will never leave, he will even be there when you’re on your deathbed, he will come, and with a sharpie he will draw a dong on your head. The mark of the fallen, those slain at the hands of Manthrax, Weenie Warrior. ALSO ADOPT THE ORPHANS There are two things Thrax derives his power from: Kool Aid Devouring the souls of orphans If you adopt them they’re no longer orphans and you take away Thrax’s power to haunt the souls of millions Save Orbis Stop the man, stop the thrax deprive him of his dongs
  13. I haven’t seen any real wars lately either, at least not on your page ’That awkward moment....’ when the guy judging the global wars hasn’t even been in any wars since then (maybe even longer)
  14. You did good, saved me from the blinding light of the original page, you’re a hero Rush
  15. But there’s reason behind it, we know he’s got potato brains Everyone’s...not really arguing with him, it’s more people just yelling at him it looks like Anyways, a stressed potato is a delicious potato, so the plan is to yell at him and then when he least expects it we’re going to push him into the giant vat of boiling oil, and he will be French fries. Fries sold by Buorhann, and the funds will help grow the alliance that capybara didn’t like, the irony of it. But not much though, Buorhann makes virtually no money on his French fry business, Big Roq demands a 90% cut of all profits in any buisnesses, no matter who you are or what your alliance is, and if you refuse the mighty Big Roq will come for you, he may be small in size but through the powers of communism that he is imbued with, he is the strongest of all of us NPO Deep State Manthrax drained his body of blood and has an IV of Kool Aid in his arm so that he can live forever Jroc is legally named J-Roquentin, a robot created by Roq to spread news of the deep state and its glory If you rearrange the letters in - Politics & War is a free to play browser based persistent massively multi-player online game where you create your own nation and rule it. Forced to make grueling political decisions you are truly in charge in Politics & War. Play together with friends and strangers, pit your armies against each other and wage war, or work together cooperatively for mutual prosperity. In Politics & War you call the shots. You get “Smith[TKR] is Alex” Stay E n l i g h t e n e d