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  1. If Alex doesn’t unban you, contact IPBoards and ask them to ban his forum account 

    1. Alex
    2. Zeebrus


      Pls señor

      I’m just joking

      D0nt ban me

    3. Thorin


      ask the internet to ban pnw you mean

  2. True you might make alliances like Knights Templar angry tho just don’t sign a treaty with them and you probably won’t be attacked tho, dw
  3. This^ And Les Paul Supreme went into vacation mode in the sky
  4. Oops I said it wrong sorry Like pushes onto ig? idk i pictured it like he kinds forced it into your hands or something
  5. That’s exactly what I’m saying. When credit sales are down alex needs to make money somehow. And since he so rudely turned down Fraggle’s offer to partner the VIP system with the Fraggle Club Memberships, there’s no real incentive to get credits anymore. So on the verge of bankruptcy alex got in his car and drive to thrax’s house. At 1 AM he’s banging on thrax’s front door. Thrax open it, revealing a dim, candle lit room behind him, with nothing but posters of the Kool Aid man on the walls, and a pile of powder on the ground. Alex doesn’t even take a minute to ask about what all the stuff is in this weird and scary dungeon. He pushes the CoS bikini into thrax. “Without me there would’ve never been a CoS alliance, it’s time for you to pay me back for your fame and glory” he says to thrax Thrax wipes the mysterious powder from under his nose and replies “sorry sir, I only give s*x to people who have kool Aid powder” ”what?? No” yells alex “I’m not here for that” and he pulls out a camera “I’m going to sell pictures of you to people so I don’t become homeless, and if you refuse then I’ll delete your nation and vaccuum up your Kool Aid powder” It’s honestly pretty spooky. Like how I imagine these things is as if I’m there, that’s the secret to how this is all so detailed. and I’m imagining it as a cold winter night, so cold you can see your breath. And I’m sitting on a park bench across the street, with a movie popcorn bucket. And Thrax keeps quickly glancing at me with his bloodshot eyes as he talks to alex. then as he’s staring at me, he grabs the bikini out of alex’s hands and says “alright, come on in” And I’m just sitting there, on that park bench, watching as the window to thrax’s house keeps flashing as if alex is taking a thousand pictures aaaand that’s all I’ve got. sorry for ruining this thread wirh my dumb messages ill go fly away to another topic now
  6. Legend has it that if you DM him a picture of a Kool Aid powder pentagram With the CoS flag (as a real flag, no printout laziness) laid out in the center, he’ll dm you a link a link to a collage he’s been working on since day 1 of CoS By day manthrax is the leader of a space cult By night, he’s a fabulous bikini model. Even after surrendering your soul to the Kool Aid demons, you must still pay a monthly fee of $123.95 a month to be allowed to own the sacred collage Its also an audiobook ”My Koolaid and me” Where Thrax describes each picture, how he’s posing, what he’s doing etc. It’s 3 hours long and $62.99 for each part, so far it’s a 3 part series Any payments and orders need to be made out to Red Road Entertainment, LLC. That’s right, Alex gets the money. Thrax gets nothing but the assurance that he rocks that CoS bikini better than anyone else in the world ever could.
  7. Can I write a story about u

  8. Congrats to everyone!!!!!1!1!1!1!1!!!! Congrats to Rose on the treaty cancellations Congrats to Pantheon on being so big and full of cool people Congrats to @Redarmy for being bueno Congrats to @hidude45454 for being a weenie Congrats to @Judge Dreddfor winning PnW Congrats to @ReaverAxisfor being spaghetti Congrats to @Ameyuri for being so nice Congrats to @Apollo for being cream cheese Congrats to @Curufinwe for being a black knight Congrats to @Les Paul Supreme for being the biggest doctor Congrats to @Alex for being a spicy boyyo Congrats to Vault 111 for having the diversity of having a thousand leaders Congrats to Western Onion for being the most flavorful alliance Congrats to TKR for having smith who steals cats Congrats to @Kastor for existing Congrats to @durmij for having a beard Congrats to @Nizam Adrienne for having a cool name Congrats to @Arch for being my friendo Congrats to @CuppyCakeYums for being delicious Congrats to the syndicate for being made of bread Congrats Lordaeron for having a new name Congrats to @Betulius for biting ppl irl Congrats to @Roquentin for being fabulously communist Congrats to Valkyrie for voting Congrats to @Fraggle for blowing people up Congrats to Cornerstone for being the holiest alliance Congrats to @Luke the 13th for being pepperoni Congrats to @Thalmor for retiring to an old folks home Congrats to @Lene Hau for having a CoS mug And congrats to @Spaceman Thrax for having a CoS bikini id do more but tagging people is taking a minute to load now, and this is enough bad post for one thread
  9. Also welcome to PnW Señor Have fun, good luck and don’t forget to buy credits Message Sponsored by Red Road Entertainment, LLC.
  10. I was just thinking earlier about messaging you in game to tell you about how many people ask me about what PnW was IRL when they saw me on your nation page Well less about what PnW was, and why the giant words “Boner Machine” were on my screen. And just for that I rate you 5.5/7 rotten tomatoes Well, good luck out there! Have fun and never look back, unless Danny Devito starts stuffing Spaghetti in your pocket, then it’s okay to look back.
  11. I only said him b//c he’s the only one I said anything to [“All story ideas deleted and permanently discontinued”] Idk how anyone else would’ve responded, I’d assume they wouldn’t care tho b//c [general self hate msg] But ofc I would’ve cared if u were upset!!!
  12. I was planning to be done with the stories and stuff but b/c of all the effort here and @Psweetbeing upset abt that, I guess I’ll continue it again! My next one(s) won’t come out for a while because I need a lot of stuff done before I can post
  13. I forgot to tell u yesterday, I did a deck where I did mirrored fire spirits then clone and my teammate did balloon mirror clone 24 Fire spirits, over and over we won too 3-0 off of just armies of fire spirits burning everything alive the stuff of legend I don’t thoo fr Onlh when the fbi tells me 2 I’m putting this in my new forum s
  15. The FBI pays me to sit around on discord while hundreds of highly trained agents monitor every message, the second the topic goes above PG-13 they send a signal to me to rush to the scene, and I do. This is where 50% of the tax payer money goes, even thrax’s. Thrax pays for the FBI with his maple syrup money