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  1. Over 200 nations and 500k score.... And this is all you could manage? Jesus christ TKR has fallen low Am I supposed to be scared? Or laugh? I can't tell
  2. Took 4 hours to get this post up and running. Sorta explains why the IQ counter is bad and took so long. GL, HF. Leave some loot for Arrgh to peck
  3. Why do yall even bother posting, you would just come back in a day or two and see some post that titles "Frostbite has rethemed to xxx" or "Frostbite has merged into xxx"
  4. OMG this is ground breaking! The spheres of Orbis are going to change sooooo much! This will fundamentally redefine the game! If I got 1 cent for every micro treaty, I would be rich af rn.
  5. You know whats more pathetic? Crying on the forum about other people being pathetic You dont see Arrgh sobbing on the OWF every time someone counters us xD
  6. We all thought @Mad Max with his ESD --> SetDef --> WeyYu and VE --> GoG was bad..... but this.....
  7. War? Woah woah woah what is this madness? Have you not heard the IQ decree? All wars are banned. The only thing allowed here is peace, pixel hugging, and sleeping! You monsters! Stretch, time to leech off and clean up. Arrgh!
  8. O god... the rumors are true.... TKR-EMC: Meanwhile in IQ......: Sigh.... we might as well rename to Politics and Peace I suggest that IQ get one of these to store all of their paper: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Convenience-Concepts-Designs2go-Black-Storage-Cabinet-151186/206613955
  9. These neutrality post basically explain the state of the game at this point..... Its like we are all GPA now.... Anyways. To all neutrality post and future neutrality posts:
  10. 19 members with 11k NS VS 260 members with a combined 445k NS
  11. O god they're multiplying!!! Soon there will be more banks than micros!!!
  12. Yawn. This is probably the closest thing we will get to a war in 2018. Don't get too use to this. Now.... back to sleeping and collecting pixels!
  13. Well you are done for. Better build your house out of bricks cus the Big Bad Roq and his army of minions is coming to blow your house down.
  14. You know whats a better idea instead of top 10 most influential? And run! Delete your post and run far far away before IQ comes bombing the polls, rigging the election, and kidnapping your children. RUN. RUN BEFORE ROQ GETS HERE!