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  1. Because there was another "meme/joke" just today. I guess it got too "fast pace" again
  2. No, I am saying it's ridiculous for you to come out against echo chambers when your alliance is basically The Golden Chamber. I'm saying it's ridiculous for you to try and paint blame on both parties when your alliance is the one bombarding these channels and calling people racial and homophobic slurs. Like I said if anyone wants to read the chat I believe it's all still there
  3. It's a bit ironic for the leader of an alliance whose membership has been spamming the same memes over and over and over again on the forums and in discord channels to complain about an echo chamber. As for this stuff if anyone wants to see how "fast pace" it got (as if that was at all relevant here) they can check the discord chat. I'm pretty sure it's all still there minus some edits by certain people. It's frankly ridiculous for you to try and imply you had "displeasure" for both sides when yours is the one bombarding discord channels with insults and throwing around homophobic and racial slurs.
  4. Always happy to see new alliances/players. Welcome
  5. Sometimes I see people say mean things about us and I get sad. But then I consider the source But don't worry he "fixed" it
  6. You and my parents would have a lot in common.
  7. The Children's Crusade's_Crusade
  8. Hello world. I offer you a possible distraction from your terrible lives to view an even worse life. The next stream is this Saturday, March 24th at 6PM EDT. Smith
  9. The Chief Savage Man war
  10. Does this mean no more pubg games @Boki @Squeegee
  11. The nuke bounty system is in particular broken. I had $30 million worth of nuke bounties on me. I was able to make a new city, not build any infra in it and then have someone nuke it so we could share the bounty. It shouldn't be this easy to game the system.
  12. All their best members are leaving in droves like I said lmao. That's whats causing the decline in score. And you guys can try to bring TKR FA decisions into this as some sort of weird whataboutism. But it doesn't dispute the strange decision that an alliance like Zodiac who has been relatively stable would merge into an alliance like BK who has been falling apart for awhile now.
  13. I mean anything would be better than what you've been doing judging by your score graph
  14. Why would someone merge into a slowly dying alliance? Did they just see their declining score graph and that their membership has been leaving in droves and think "Oh yeah I want a piece of that"
  15. Can someone from BK tell me if they are going to make a thread about this or not. I want to make sure I make fun of this in the correct one