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  1. It's difficult to see this but I want to say thank you guys for being with us for so long
  2. I screenshotted it on October 10th
  3. I'm not going to get involved in these back and forth arguments because nobody is going to back down but here's a screenshot of a guy from SIR when he spammed the TKR channel (I dunno if this will get me modded but yeah)
  4. You will never make Kastor as hard as he makes himself
  5. When she got multiple people including Roquentin, Bezzers, and Ameyuri to ask lordship for my nudes
  6. Well a good way to do it would be by not doing what your sphere did and drafting up target sheets amongst yourselves. We didn't do that so if you hadn't either it would have been at least fairer.
  7. Is there any chance after IQ alliances win literally every category including "most powerful" they will stop constantly trying to spin themselves as being weaker than EMC with inactive nation's who can't be mobilized to do anything
  8. So question, is that Bastion guy part of SIR?
  9. "Polaris and Avalanche go way back" They are 17 days old I am genuinely confused. Are they a C N alliance?
  10. GATO?
  11. Best shitposter: Micchan Best fighter: Micchan These both should be real categories and I am upset they are not
  12. Kastor today ^ Kastor yesterday: Kastor tomorrow: "TCL is just the same as Roq in case anyone was wondering. I know this because I've never spoken with him."
  13. No final story in January or February. Keep telling stories
  14. #CoupBuor
  15. #CoupCreepy