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  2. Have some common decency Strum, how about that? You behave like a shunned ex-gf.
  3. When did you become so whiny Strum? You left on your own volition, no reason to start a salt fest on the OWF everytime a topic is about BK.
  4. "Hello my name is Sketchy, me and my EMC friends have been making a quadrillion posts about a certain conflict in the last two days. The IQ, the biggest ig bloc has nearly no posts at all though. Now one BK guy has made a post saying "IQ doesn't really care about this conflict, thats why noone comments on this". Haha! With my grade school psychology I can clearly see through his motives, ALL of BK actually cares about this conflict A LOT.... even if he is literally the first BK guy posting in this entire thread... and it is pretty much the same for every other thread.... but anyways.... haha lets call them stupid that'll show em! Good i thing i posted this in this IQ thread... that has only three IQ guys making comments and by far the most posts are from non IQ guys... Whew all of this makes me feel very smart. Haha these guys, such a complete lack of self awareness haha."
  5. Jesus Christ noone from IQ is really posting or commenting because this isn't even war, just some whales suiciding their infra into our nuked up upper tier. Get real guys...
  6. very much so thanks
  7. "what is the most important step a man can take" I went into this thread thinking I would find profound answers to lifes most difficult questions, now i am semi disappointed.
  8. Half a year ago: Syndissphere: You guys did declare war on us with a flimsy CB, you guys are the !@#$ing worst! Now: Ex-Syndissphere: You guys are not starting wars left and right, you guys are destroying the game!
  9. Paranoid? How would you know? Are you spying on us? *peeks through the shutters while panicing*
  10. If you don't like how there's no option for embargoes by alliances, play another game. You aren't forced to stay here, unless you're Sheepys sex slave or something. The whole "if you don't like it you can leave" type of argument is just overall not a good argument. ... And my main point still stands, alliances already control most of the games content, I just think there is no need to expand their control into the trading sector.
  11. While we're at it, how about we let the alliances choose city build ups for their nations as well. How about we just shift everything to the alliances and the only thing people can do with their nations is edit their social policies and use the dossier. .... Oh now that I think about it, not of huge fun of this nvm. Nearly the entire games content is controlled by the govs of like 10 alliances (~30ppl), we don't need to expand this into the trading sector too.
  12. It is all quite obvious if you take a look at the treaty web.