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  1. Not even worth reading
  2. Such rabid consolidation, shame on you guys for killing the game with your two MDoAP treaties. @Roquentin Did I do it right?
  3. Is someone keeping stats for this?
  4. Look on the bright spot, at least you aren't apart of the Golden Phoenix Coalition.
  5. Lmfao
  6. For a second I thought it was another Lordaeron announcement...what a shame.
  7. Thank you so much for the informative update Kastor, I was dying to know what was going on.
  8. Actually I'm pretty sure there was that one guy in Arrgh that whined whenever he was countered...I wish I remembered his name
  9. I'm glad Orbis can come together to see through attempts to farm likes, this abuse needs to end.
  10. I didn't know LPS got a new nation
  11. edit: Welp I can't post my meme, oh well.
  12. Awfully looks like you're trying to discredit critics of this plan without actually addressing their concerns.
  13. Congratulations to our friends
  14. Then invest in any of the reputable private commercial banks that are already in Orbis. This in my opinion is a terrible idea, players have worked hard to build up the banks they run and player run banks are an interesting aspect of this game, why try to destroy that aspect? People value the security of their investments, and for some that is the most important aspect, if this update goes through you'll be seeing an exodus of funds from private banks to this cheap coded alternative. This proposed change will ruin something that gives P&W a unique angle.