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  1. Saying 'dynamic' that many times will not speed up the approval process, just so you know.
  2. If only you had had one for the last global war too . Either way, just because the former pieces aren't warring each other (as you seem to believe is the only way they can demonstrate that the split was real), it doesn't mean that they retain some sort of undisclosed treaty. It simply means that they don't see the point in burning resources in pointless/unwinnable wars. Which is something that we should be commending Imperium for, if anything. Regardless of the CB you may have on them (which is a fair enough CB, btw), them actually standing up to an entire bloc is still admirable. I'll also add that it's pretty amusing that they brought you guys in this one immediately. I guess that Zodiac doesn't want a repeat of NSR.
  3. So, I guess that the so-called 'paperless treaties' weren't a substantial enough factor to deter IQ from taking any action in this particular instance.
  4. Don't worry. Buor can attain victory via military means if the cultural path doesn't quite work out.
  5. F
  6. Alarms work wonders for this kind of stuff.
  7. Not giving him free beiges is a fair enough point. Why did you feed him resources by getting defeated instead of just fotifying to expire the wars though?
  8. Oh rip, lemme fix it.
  9. Durmij rounded it up pretty well. There was no doubt that IQ would have their asses handed to them in a situation like this (an attack from a mainly high-tier alliance on their higher scoring members) for the first days. However, IQ can unevenly trade with TJ (heavily so), simply because they can more easily replace losses. Eventually, their members will be dragged one by one and be perma pinned on the mid tier. There's little TJ can do about this, other than to make it as costly as possible. As such, TJ definitely not aiming to win this war. Rather, their goal is to dish out as much damage as they can before being wiped out. How much damage they'll be allowed to do largely depends on how long it takes for IQ to get their updeclares going.
  10. Nation name: German Reich Leader name: Adolf Hitler
  11. All I have to say for your first paragraph is, re-read my first sentence. I don't really see why you felt the need to retype that when I acknowledged that IQ's situation as of current wasn't the same as the one with t$ a year ago. As for the 2nd paragraph, it's quite simple. Don't push a rhetoric of opposing to an evil single hegemonic power is killing the game with stagnation, etc etc, and then, when you're finally in a position of being the remaining center of consolidated power (in case I have to make myself clear again, no I'm not saying that it's identical to Syndisphere in the early months of 2017) your group's course of action is to do exactly what you criticized Syndisphere for. Also, I find it quite amusing about how paranoid you're about EMC setting you up with undisclosed MDP's and whatnot, while in reality, you could could play along and do exactly the same thing (have undisclosed MDP's as an insurance if your theory were to materialize). From a PR standpoint, you'd turn out winning due to EMC trying such an underhand tactic to shut down IQ. As for the final one. No one's jamming narratives down your throats. People are simply holding IQ to their rhetoric. You know, the one they pushed so much, when it proved politically convenient to them. And to be quite honest, knowing your leadership (going by how they behaved during the peace talks for the last war), they either told the former EMC's FA teams to fulfill some unrealistic requirements for them to tag along, or outright laughed at them and told them to bugger off. So no, I'm quite sure that it isn't a failing on EMC's part, but rather, it's just IQ switching their narrative so they don't look like a bunch of hypocrites because their original narrative was rendered obsolete with EMC splitting, and needed reworking for it to be serviceable.
  12. It's not the same. The problem is that you're working towards that becoming a reality in spite of your sphere denouncing Syndisphere for having achieved that (nevermind that opposing an all-powerful hegemoney was the main reason you bunched up to begin with). And if the fragments that split from EMC ever cooperate in taking you down (which is, then again, not a guarantee), it'll be mainly as a result of IQ's unwillingness to give up the power they've amassed and their intent to consolidate/expand upon it. It'd be more of a self-fulfilled prophecy situation than one of feigning a split just for baiting purposes, as you seem to think is the case.
  13. Well no shit. IQ is not even a year old, whereas former EMC has existed for years. To me, it's not so much the consolidation on itself what annoys the rest, but rather, the fact that IQ is doing the very same thing they shit talked Syndisphere/EMC/whatever for doing, and going against their own rhetoric they had been pushing since their foundation. It's no surprise that with the fragmentation of EMC, they had to find a raison d'ĂȘtre because otherwise, their mere existence would be very much against the principles upon which they split from former Syndisphere (for the alliances that were in Syndisphere, such as BK). The result is this whole ''We don't believe the fragmentation to be real.'' thing they're pushing. By arguing that the split is just a farce, they can pretend that EMC is still strong enough to justify further consolidation without looking like a bunch of hypocrites. But I doubt that they're fooling anyone but themselves with that. I find the hypocrisy to be quite delicious, to be honest. Now, I do not blame them for having their reservations about the split, but the other group is at least trying to get something going. They're showing more interest in having something interesting happen than the ones that for months upon months whined and moaned about stagnation, lack of flexibility etc.
  14. Go paperless and war each other, more or less.