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  1. Not quite sure who you mean. Don't see anyone it might apply to. Please try again later o7 For the Empire!
  2. An interesting development.
  3. Hey, I'd like to report this nation having a leader called "Adolfo Hitler."
  4. Could you add an ODoAP between The United Empire of ZahAharon and Nights Watch, please?
  5. I'd like these 4 provinces as my first colony and february claims, please. Thanks. RP Post will follow soon.
  6. An Official News Broadcast by the Office of the Empress of the Second Empire Empress Therana has a great announcement to make: A new capital city, called "The Citadel" will be constructed in the heart of our great and powerful empire! It will consist of both and inner and an outer ring. The outer ring will consist mostly of an integrated defence system, as well as living space, commercial and industrial spaces. The inner ring, which will be separated from the outer ring by a defensive wall, will consist of government agencies and military installations, as well as all imperial ministries. Living space will for all government personell will also be integrated into the planning of "The Citadel." Empress Therana is overjoyed to finally be able to make this announcement, and would like to apologize for the government's recent silence in communication. The empress has made an amazing recovery from her illness, and was able to attend the great military parade after all. -This has been an Official News Broadcast by the Imperial News Service. Have a pleasant day!
  7. Good luck to Polaris and the British Empire! o/ Polaris o/ tBE
  8. It's interesting to see how you disqualify yourself by refusing to even read the other party's statements. The fact that MrsPigeon wrote a long post means he has something to say instead of just being salty. Since you didn't read it, you can't say that it proves anything. I suggest you read it, and write a proper reply, because the way you've chosen so far has disqualified you from further debating the issue at hand. Good day, Max! o/ WU -Empress Therana
  9. A, some hate against my alliance. How refreshing
  10. Imperial Announcement from The United Empire of Zah‘Aharon Hello Orbis, today, I step before you all to announce goverment changes in TUE. A certain someone has been banned for actions un-befitting a TUE member. Our government has been restructured to fit our current needs. This is the new government of TUE: -Eternal Emperor/Empress- The First: Empress Therana The Second: Emperor Ulfric Stormcloak -Council of Lords- Lord of Foreign Affairs: Empress Therana Lord of Internal Affairs: Lady Rebecca Lord of Economics: Lord Misaka Supreme Commander: Emperor Ulfric Stormcloak -Circle of Knights- Knight of Foreign Affairs: Knight Calin Knight of Internal Affairs: Knight Sonic Knight of Economics: Knight Sonic Fleet Admiral: Knight Skandinaver Eternal Empress Therana, The First, Lady of Foreign Affairs, Founder of the Empire, Beacon of Unity Eternal Emperor Ulfric Stormcloak, The Second, Supreme Commander, Keeper of Scrolls, Bulwark of the Empire Lord Hydraik, Lord of Economics, Master of the Bank Lady Rebecca, Lady of Internal Affairs, Pillar of the Empire
  11. o/ Polaris! o/ Acadia! May the Force be With You!
  12. After a recent trip to Danis, a city in the south of the empire, Empress Therana has now fallen ill with Pneunomia. She will refrain from public appearances until she has made a full recovery. Members of the royal family, especially her husband Mr Edwin Mallory have reassured the public that the empress is feeling relatively fine and that the possibility of her death is very small. The public, always worried about the empress' health, have nonetheless displayed sorrow at the news. The military parade taking place in Zah'Aharon on sunday in two weeks will not be affected by the illness. Supreme Commander Daniela Young was heard saying that „Her Majesty Empress Therana has expressed her sincere wish for the parade to take place as scheduled. She is excited to watch it on television, and her heart and mind is with the people, as always.“ This was a short broadcast by the Imperial News Service. Have a pleasant day!
  13. WTF happened??
  14. o/ Polaris o/ Obelisk Great to see you guys united in friendship!
  15. The United Empire of ZahAharon