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  1. God, you don’t even know how to type.
  2. We all do ❤️.
  3. 😮 WOW, so like a pirate who can’t technically be considered a pirate!
  4. Well, it was an operation back from WW2 where some German officers planned to seize power from their leader. #TheMoreYouKnow Guess ya can’t see ours until it smacks ya in the face huh?
  5. Ew, you second hand toilet mongrel! Hell no! I don’t have to ask permission to be a leader! What do you think this is? A direct democracy? We, sir, are a democratic republic. Fun! I didn’t think pirates could write though... much less in cursive...
  6. So sad 😢. But hey, they do always say that everybody loves you when your dead! Wanna buy some second hand rum?
  7. Why yes, yes they are.
  8. We here at Valkyrie feel that it's finally time to stop bending over to Arrgh! - This feeling, of course, has come up after Arrgh!'s recent never-ending string of attacks against us. So yes, we recognize this as a declaration of hostilities and ask that anyone else who's ever bent over backward to Arrgh! to join us in this fight. /-)ndrew
  9. How cliche of you!
  10. No - Joe's stupid and I hate him. Now Steve on the other hand would get a donation.
  11. Think you mixed it up, see, you start the raiding, then our big boys will come on out to finish off your puny lil' raiders. Raiding will not be tolerated (I'm talking to you too @Ripper)
  12. Thanks! How dare you call us stubborn! I tend to think it'd be nice to stick around more too! Someone get him some more rum! I tend to ignore the cocks of horses. Thanks for the luck, don't piss on it till you try it in our crazy way. I'd hope so. Being relevant to you has always been a #1 dream of mine. Noted. I look forward to raiding some raiders.
  13. Fair enough, I mean, at least you listen to what you were told. You are a follower, not a leader. ;-)
  14. I'm your captain now. As you may have all heard through our Discord announcement, Young has departed Valkyrie. In his departure, I arose from his ashes to save Valkyrie. Let's restart Orbis. Change One: Valkyrie will now choose to participate in foreign affairs! In the past, we haven't been very active with our relations with outside alliances, but I think I've already turned that on its head. I'm pleased to announce an ODP with the League of Democratic Nations. Change Two: As our new leader, I hope to be much more open and available than our former leader, Young. Not that I had anything against Young as a person, he just wasn't the most active at the end of his reign serving as High King. Change Three: More announcements will be made here on Orbis as to spam you all into loving us!!! Change Four: We intend to actively participate in the next Global War and not sit on our hands until Hogwarts comes like last time. Change Five: We intend to more openly advertise ourselves as the true working P&W democracy. (Eww to you too!) That's all folks. /-)ndrew - High King of the Republic of Valkyrie
  15. I'm gonna give some credit here, the opening spiel was written by Mannax for recruiting new nations. :-P