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  1. blame sheepy
  2. Dear Sheepy: just add a page where u can buy improvements in all ur cities at the same time.
  3. yes, this is a total waste of time
  4. who cares, approval rating doesnt do anything
  5. then just fill a single page with 20 ads and u could reduce the number of pages
  6. ill take 50k. just stay on the forums here and pressure sheepy to add things that will make life easier for all of us like buying infra in all cities at once but sad to see you go
  7. go away and break your fingers
  8. or get eternally raided
  9. also, you should let new players get both the buffs of urbanization and manifest destiny at the same time, or remove the domestic policy reset timer until they are out of beige
  10. yes so i dont have to type in all my resources when someone asks for it
  11. yes, and remember to make buying a certain amount of infra, land and improvements in all cities at the same time possible so that newer players wont quit the game because their fingers broke(benefits the larger nations the most)
  12. please, my ocd is getting out of hand... so increase it to a million or decrease it to 500k
  13. "Go into vacation mode to avoid wars!"