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  1. Yeah @Kyle N
  2. 10 posts in and there is not a SINGLE mention of Young Guilo?? Piggy is right, this is all an IQ-orchestrated sham.
  3. Arrgh!
  4. You insult Acadia and call them Nazi sympathizers yet you hit some irrelevant micro? Give us a real show kenny, you guys can take Acadia
  5. The reason it is so vile to be a racist or a sexist is because judging someone based on one of their immutable characteristics is wrong. Is it your opinion that people can change their personalities and their identities on a whim? That if the community judges them to be inferior as compared to other people in terms of their identity, they can or should adjust that identity to meet the demands of the community? That constitutes an invalidation and rejection of their personal identity, and I do not believe there is as big of a difference between that and racism as you would like to believe.
  6. This thread objectifies the included players in quite a disgusting manner. It implies that us HUMAN BEINGS exist solely to be judged by the community, and that some of us are objectively worse than others. Many young children play this game, and when they look at this thread, they see that judging people based off their external characteristics is apparently an acceptable thing to do in this community. In fact, they will see that the head administrator explicitly sanctioned such action. Have you considered how it feels to be a part of this thread without receiving any votes? It is incredibly dehumanizing, to have the community tell you that you are worth less than another person. This is targeted discrimination, it is degrading, and this thread should be locked immediately.
  7. Main wife: Finns Other three wives: The Kabyle People, Armenians, Germans Gender: male
  8. 10/27 01:48 am - International Treasury changed their nation color from pink to green. 10/27 01:30 am - International Treasury applied to join the alliance Duat. 10/27 01:30 am - International Treasury left the alliance Nuclear Knights.
  9. A privateer, I like it
  10. 60 mil on Mayweather
  11. CF could have beat us back if they had put just a smidgen of effort into actually fighting us but I guess having people complain on their behalf is a lot easier. The 'war' was going on for a full 24 hours before anyone from KT or TTO joined in, and in that time CF declared a whopping 4 wars. We were outnumbered that whole time, and CF neglected to press their advantage.
  12. I agree. Such a gif certainly has no place on a public forum, especially not as someone's profile picture
  13. Does Mensa not like unprovoked attacks? Hmmm, news to me.'s_War_on_Christmas
  14. Hmmm, it's almost as if fortify is a feature of the game as well. Difficult to feel bad for all the fools (e.g. you) that complain about our raids when literally all you have to do to prevent them is fortify yourself. I guess it's easier to whine though. Overall, a necessary update to fortify that has been coming for a while.
  15. I was examining my vast piles of treasure today, and I thought, "Is it really worth it? All the terrible pain and suffering I cause, just for a few pixels?" And then, I read this post, and I realized that if Alex made raiding completely unprofitable, I would still do it just to experience your salty retardation