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  1. I think they left to raid a bit, then they will rejoin after the war is over
  2. Well, half alliance left when Hogwarts started the wars so the score drop is less
  3. They lost their best fighter last war That would be fun, I want to kill Woot I am planning a coup I say that every day but nothing happens ;_; But since I'm the least informed of the whole alliance maybe there's a plan for a war tonight and I didn't know, I always find things after they happen
  4. Set the goal you like the most For example 4 weeks war, at the end the alliance with more nations still alive wins, to kill a nation you have to beige them or destroy X amount of infra, nations have to start at least X offensive wars before the end
  5. Well, you proved me wrong at the first reply
  6. Explain this for young players like me
  7. Name one alliance than can beat 1 vs 1 TKR right now (fair 1 vs 1 = both with the same % of militarization) Protip: you can't I'm not trying to start a war and get us out of this perennial boredom, I SWEAR!!!
  8. Fixed I'm an anime loli
  9. That's cheating
  10. Time to tell you the truth, we wanted to be the first alliance over 300k score
  11. Is that a whale with a lot of tits?
  12. The fair war