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  1. That's a lot of text I did not read except the suicide attack on Rose because bold
  2. Imagine if the others agree for a white peace tomorrow and they are left alone fighting BK and they end up disbanding in the same thread of their DoE and first DoW Also
  3. In this thread: -People expecting fair fights in Politics and War -People expecting Terminus Est version 9.6 not joining every war -People expecting the winning side not making memes and having fun -People who think IQ already lost the war at day 3 (well this could be true but it is a bit too early) -Non IQ players who think IQ alliances should insta-jump on a treaty with alliances who always kicked their asses instead of staying with their friends and try to have a revenge -IQ players thinking the winning side should beg them to sign a treaty after seeing the quality and results of their alliances and how much they are suspicious and uncooperative -IQ players who think any other alliance outside their bloc is EMC when they are actually fighting their former ally SK, what was born from the old paperless """bloc""" after Paper Please, Roz Wei who was rival with the EMC like always, and the Rose bloc who first letf EMC and cut their ties -People who forget this is a game and we are supposed to have fun -Kastor tl;dr in this thread fools
  4. That moment NPO realizes their war strategy and setup (assuming activity) makes them able to beat any alliance or almost any alliance in a 1 on 1 but it is slow and they need weeks to drag down a good number of enemies and at that point their allies already have surrendered/white peaced o are a punching bag
  5. Put that on the test server and we see if it works, looks good on paper
  6. Used the stat tracker so not super accurate It is the difference from the stats taken on 18-03-2018 and the stats taken on 22-03-2018
  7. Good dow, I hate when are super long Horsemen ordered a boomerang attack upon the alliance of Ragnarok and eliminated 0.1 Resistance. The attack was good for morale. Horsemen's forces lost 1 boomerang and 3 cangaroos, while Ragnarok's defenders lost an old woman and 16 hamsters. The attack destroyed 0.004 infrastructure in a small town and 0 improvements. Horsemen stole 1 kg of sugar in the attack.
  8. For example Boyce raided 4 GotG and 1 BK while being in NK, and he was removed months ago because NK doesn't allow raiding but he's back doing the same thing
  9. At least now we know who is a real Arrgh (Bluebear, Ogaden, etc.) who is still in the alliance doing his best to stole all the rum and who is a statpadder who first tell us he doens't care about being at war and then leave the alliance after realizing we didn't stopped after the first round
  10. Rip IQ
  11. How? We already are at war with Arrgh! They don't want to surrender!
  12. 90% could be good
  14. I'm here to protect Smith, he will never cry!