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  1. I'm not a ghost, I'm a rogue I won't be returning to Durmstrang any time soon
  2. I know right, why worry about people mocking you behind your backs when you can buy another city!
  3. Should I go to University (College) or travel the world, throw me opinions!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Rogue


      That's what I was thinking, I can always go to Uni but once established in a career it'll be hard to break out and return to the same pay grade

    3. Buorhann


      Not necessarily.  Most careers have quite a bit of leeway on vacation time.  It's really just how you want to balance your time investments.

      College + 2 or more years in a career can take some of your traveling time away.

    4. Frank Castle

      Frank Castle

      /me throws opinions 

  4. You gotta move with the times brother, I'll bet you 100 million that Zodiac doesn't have neither the balls nor the honour to do anything
  5. Brother you're really expecting them to protect a bunch of people who left them? Lmao BK doesn't do that shit, once you're out you're out. The protectorate is just a gesture of good will Don't be ridiculous, following treaty obligations isn't a thing in PnW anymore
  6. Glad this forum politics was resolved without the use of unnecessary force (wall of texts)
  7. I'm saying that it's disappointing you're complaining about it on forums when you obviously weren't wanting to do diplomacy before you attacked, funny how things changed. HW did a lot of diplomacy before that hit, not a blind strike without that'll obviously get you countered. This is assuming Hayden even did it. Stop trying faux diplomacy when you realise this isn't a raid on an outnumbered target that you can't just kill units on and then peace.
  8. Winners don't pay reps, and when you attack us of course Oblivion is going to counter, same as you countered us. For a person who always advocates war and is part of a "military alliance" im disappointed that your actions don't seen to match to your words. You attacked belligerently seeming to forget you're not invincible because you've got good stats, of course counters will come and will take you down. Relish in the opportunity to fight brother as you always claim you want to, it's what I'm doing Edit: for clarity, i mean how I hit INH, arch hit me, I hit jodo, Dayne and Boyce hit me. Counters lead to counters, don't see any of us complaining
  9. Fam idk who you are but that was even my profile picture wtf
  10. @seabasstion is there an updated version of this with the parameters changed to suit the overhaul in improvements and resource production?
  11. Dearest Mods. We may or may not have hyperlinked some key words to images that may or may not require censorship. Have Fun! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Durmstrang Wizarding Institute. A place of education for both the magical, and the more deviously inclined. After a long academic year, the headmaster Seb, the grandest wizard of current times, had grown weary of the constant drone of academic life. To gain respite from the physically demanding pressure of his students he decided to summer in the countryside; taking a peculiar resurrection stone with him. He retreated to the farm of his understudy, Rogue, where they spent their days confined to the bedroom where they examined the aforementioned stone and other hard materials. After a month of separation from the outside world, the esteemed professor Goomy decided that the pair needed a bit of excitement. He dragged them from their chambers and the trio began on a countryside walk. Goomy described the destination to his counterparts; “It’s an area known for its beautiful scenery enjoyed by those dogging” Being the youngest of the three, Rogue was unsure of what this meant and asked for clarification. He was happy to learn that ‘dogging’ meant walking your dog. After hours of walking, our protagonists came across a field of beautiful roses, they knew they had reached their destination. Astounded by this beauty, Seb decided to search the field for the most beautiful Rose. Goomy had decided at this point to show Rogue where people ‘took their dogs for walks’, they were gone for an exceedingly long time… Eventually, Seb found the prettiest of all the Roses, which he came to learn was known as Redarmy. After hours of discussion, the pair discovered they had much in common. Seb used his dark magic to grant Redarmy and his field of Roses, a seemingly human form. He procured slender bodies with prominent chests and wide rounded hips. He turned their spines into a single long, hard, weapon that was hidden within a bush of rose petals located between the legs He encouraged their roots to talk and connect, who soon dubbed themselves ‘Communists’. They amassed into a complex web, unifying all of Roses thoughts. The Roses were thankful to Seb for gifting them with such a controversial yet pleasing form and in return granted him one wish. As knowledgeable as Seb was, he had not realized he had given bodies to an ancient power, which had been born alongside time itself, yet millennia ago were trapped in the form of a harmless flower. Seb was shocked to learn this although, with extreme cunning and quick thought, he immediately drew a piece of parchment and wrote down three simple letters in thick black ink. “MDP” This way he could ensure this ancient power would be allies of his great wizarding school, Durmstrang Institute, and thus, be safe from their wrath. He called upon all his magic to perform a most unbreakable vow, one so binding the Gods themselves would struggle to break it. Redarmy and Seb held hands and, in unison, recited together the following words. Upon this vow, we declare ourselves allies and swear to defend each other from aggressors, we understand that breaking this vow will result in instant death. But Seb had entrusted his precious resurrection stone to his closest subjects, Goomy and Rogue, who would have in their power to resurrect Seb should this vow were to be broken. Further, Redarmy and his field of Roses, being an ancient power would not entirely die either, since their existence transcended the natural laws that governed the earth. They would, however, be forced into their previous state, as if Seb had never bestowed human form upon them. Redarmy, that stunning Rose from earlier in our story, had that blended with the rest. He was content with this vow, for both Seb the Wizard, and communism the consciousness of Rose, had pledged their lives to uphold what had secretly been his plot… Goomy and Rogue soon returned to Seb and his new friends, looking slightly worse for wear. Rogue pulled what appeared to be a twig out of his hair and, to a bewildered Goomy and Seb, turned to Redarmy and said; “So, did you get Seb to do that binding vow thing?” Article I: Boundaries The Parties agree to respect one another's boundaries during the course of this relationship. Article II: Respect The Parties agree to mutual public respect, though punishment is permitted behind closed doors when one party is ‘naughty’ . Article III: Gossip The Parties agree to share important information with each other pertaining to the security of the other over a glass of Rosé. Article IV: Fisticuffs Should either of the parties be challenged to fisticuffs, the other shall jump in with a sucker punch should the signal be given. Article V: Ending the relationship Should either party wish to end the relationship a text should be sent 72 hours before we make it Facebook official, so that each party can prepare for reanimation. Signed for Durmstrang by; Headmaster: Seb Hot Blonde: Rogue Hot Brunette GOOMY Signed for Rose by; Shogun: Redarmy Shikken: Sketchy Daimyo of Finance: Blkandwhtion Daimyo of Foreign Affairs: Rebecca Daimyo of Internal Affairs: Dynamic Daimyo of Military Affairs: DtC Justice Tl;dr: Rose and Durmstrang sign an MDP with standard articles, and MOD revenge.
  12. No one else concerned that Jerry would find masturbating with a cheese grater fun initially?? And even then it only becomes 'annoying and slightly painful'. Gives a new meaning to balls of steel for certain
  13. Live images of the school cleaners benefiting from this new leap forward in technology: Students can not look at poor hilda in the same way ever again.