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  1. You attacked us by attacking AO, don't be discourteous when you lose. The rest of your post is fair, but lose the salt
  2. To have a barbecue you need a good rack...
  3. Where's your underpants? Good fight lads, it's the best front we've fought on. Order of the white peace o7
  4. Respect for going out and doing your thing, best of luck
  5. Good luck TUE o/
  6. That you wearing a Buorhann mask??
  7. I'm pretty sure the idea of a blitz is you attack the opposition Edit: I realised I was thinking I'm terms of a proper blitz, you're obviously doing a Rose blitz and hence the misunderstanding. In a Rose blitz you don't attack the opposition, hence your tactics now make sense
  8. Everyone bar 1 agrees with the premise Sketchy has laid out @Alex. Don't get us wrong, we're immensely grateful for the game you've created and the updates/improvements you continue to develop for the community (even if alot of the good ideas receive skepticism from some people when they're implemented). We don't mean to attack your ideas because it was agreed at the time there were flaws with the economy side of the game, though the solutions you've provided for them have been too effective and swung it the other way. A rollback would do wonders for the game. Thank you for listening to us @Alex, i get we can be asses alot
  9. Hippos for the hippo throne!
  10. It's a nice idea. If the insurance rate was set at 3-5% of the debt, it would mean that banks would increase the interest rate to pay the insurance, and other banks would offer lower rates to highly trusted people who they don't believe will default. It'd create some form of competition and incentivise risk
  11. He listened.
  12. Haha this is brilliant, love the story and the odp
  13. It's a "log dump" because I couldn't be bothered to write it out myself. Is it correct? And if so why are EMC trying to lose