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  1. Based on this forum content, big war should start next week, reason = < insert valid CB >
  2. "bacteria war"
  3. More salt, somebody need salt really bad!!
  4. fight...fight...fight!!
  5. 2 nuke king in orbis? Both should fight 1 vs 1 to show the orbis communities which one the real King ....or just fight in forum
  6. When raid gone wrong
  7. "IQ paranoid disaster" war
  8. there are 1 chicken, 1 duck and 1 cat in here
  9. what kind of joke is this? Never fight each other then suddenly ending hostilities. for sure other alliance will make fake DoW and then truce after this and it will become a trend, more honor among alliance in the future!!
  10. meh...just tell us which bank has more money!!
  11. i'm not sure whats going on here but i can donate 1 million loot money for whatever it is...arrgh!!
  12. leave fortify alone...."fortify" is not a crime i agree with step 2
  13. papers war!! triggered everywhere hahaha
  14. according to you pure communism is same as marxism right? anarchism and marxism have same end goals which is stateless society and everybody is equal. But, the approach toward it is different. marxism = political ideology communism = political system based on marxism ideology In capitalism theoretically state can't control individual, and there are no such thing of fake communism. Communism philosophy is difference in each communist countries, USSR = marxism leninism China = maoism pure communism/ marxism is utopian ideology, hard to implement when there were an a**holes in a group of people.