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  1. how your alliance will help new player, what's the difference from other established alliance? buy pirate insurance now !!!
  2. That's why any other alliance out there should buy "pirate insurance" your money is safe with us. Arrgh also provide safekeeping for individual nation especially inactive one(free service, no hidden charge). contact bluebear for more detail
  3. ...and he even deleted his nation, so .. who gained profit or this just pathetic coup in P&W history? at least send the money to arrgh for "research" purpose !!! ..pantheon should buy pirate insurance so this "poke in the back and run away " scenario never happen again bluebear for more detail
  4. fight fight fight!!
  5. come on, fortify is good for trolling attackers!! so when airplane will be nerf
  6. Arrgh doing nothing wrong, we just more "dynamic" than TKR
  7. i'm waiting for Sunburn alliance !!!
  8. i'm waiting for hippies themed alliance .......
  9. ripper should win an award, ...special award !!!
  10. what a difference between counter raid and actual war? ....pretty sure those pirates don't care at all
  11. Based on this forum content, big war should start next week, reason = < insert valid CB >
  12. "bacteria war"