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  1. Don't mind me boys, I'm just here to get my daily intake of salt. Keep scrolling.
  2. The people have spoken.
  3. Neat.
  4. Sounds like a lot of effort and long term work for little payoff. Besides, people love to talk and brag. Secrets like this don't stay hidden long.
  5. Being "retired" is boring. Maybe it's about time to hit the liquor and put on some rage music.

  6. Does insinuating that someone is dumb enough to make a sphere with KT count as a cb?
  7. Make one.
  8. Oh boy, I can't wait to see this abused.
  9. I doubt they'll care much.
  10. We spend our money on more important things. (its booze)
  11. Neat.
  12. Because I have a crippling drug addiction compounded by poor life choices.