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  1. He exists.
  2. The "shut the hell up I'm trying to sleep" war.
  3. You could just say !@#$ it and go deep on someone yourself. Why live vicariously through others?
  4. I dunno. Least Higgins knows he's a joke.
  5. The one linked in the op.
  6. Mostly just the guys in discord. Whoever is around really. If you see on of us playing something, give us a shout if you want in. Usually a good time and lots of laughs.
  7. Sorry, it just went off. This usually never hapoens.
  8. War

  9. This is talk about the current war on christmas.
  10. Do it. Give in to your feelings.
  11. They offered, and our goal was achieved. It's ok to be sad.
  12. So I can go drinking this weekend. God damn it, its in the topic.