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  1. The Cobber, preoccupied by the task of spying his next target, took a drag from the gifted cigar. Before long, he had spotted a buck much larger than the roo he bagged previously. His eyes widened with ecstasy before firing another shot without hesitation. "The thrill o' the hunt, mate, sorry. They say the most dangerous game walks on two legs, but I guess they weren't going on about these ones." still looking down his sight at the still writhing roo. "What you do with your navy is none of my business, long as it doesn't threaten the lives of Arloskvans. That's me only priority really, I owe everything to them. As far as I'm aware not many Arloskvans are in that region anyway - not like they'd wanna be there when compared to the lucky country, eh?" The Cobber went quiet, and took another drag before standing up to engage the CEO directly. "I am a man of reason, contrary to popular belief, and I don't see a reason to get involved in anything outside of Arloskva. I cannot support your endeavours currently, got stuff to deal with in the Middle-East - a campaign point for Lee Young-Suk or something about a cooling with our relations, couldn't care less really but it's a good excuse to get a foothold in the region. With what I've got planned, hopefully that won't take long before I can help you too." the Cobber chuckled.
  2. You're clearly not on Orbis
  3. Nation: Arloskva Leader: Ned Kelly
  4. Pictured: the Cobber taking aim Wasn't long before a troop of kangaroos were spotted. The Outback rustler and the CEO got to work. "Breeze?" the Cobber inquired "3 mp/h westerly" Mogar stated matter-of-factly "Miles?!" Ned squealed, "Where do you think you are mate? This is the lucky country, we speak in metric." "yeah nah yeah copy that mate, go center mass she'll be biscuits" The Cobber squinted and squeezed, and in a flash of light, a life was taken. "See if you can't pick that one up mate" the leather-clad Cobber challenged. With a hefty grunt and some resistance, the young CEO met the challenge with vigor. "Solid ninety-o-fve I reckon... Yeah noice mate got the young Jack full of good meat on that one. Now you have a go." Mogar lifted his game up off of his shoulder and onto the tarp in front of the camp, before reaching for his gifted rifle and slotting in it's stupendously large round. "Oh oath mate, that'll make a bang." The Cobber giggled. "As much fun as I'm having, Ned, I didn't come solely to kill oversized rodents. I have real business to discuss." As the rifle launched itself into Mogar's shoulder.
  5. Pictured: found footage of the Arloskvan welcoming ritual - as the Cobber Ned rips a skid out the front of the airport to welcome the new visitor with his own Falcon XB "How hectic was that? Oh- pardon me mate, where's me manners? I'm the Cobber 'round 'ere, but this isn't a formal trip is it? I'd 'ope not, cos I was planning on goin' out and punching some holes through a few roos mate! 'ows that sound? Just call us Ned mate." Mogar found himself bewildered at the sight of the man. The Cobber danced around the CEO as if he were calling for rain. The Cobber extended his hand the and the CEO gripped it firmly. "Ah no dead fish are ya? Alright I guess you'll be driving with the skid machine you brought over - escort's gonna struggle to keep up at the speeds I plan on goin'! Got this bloody reserve couple clicks out, let's get right to it. Ah... Almost forgot, you might want one of these." The Cobber threw the CEO a Martini-Henry rifle. "Yeah picked this one up from the local pawn shop ay, 400 dollarydoos mate what a bargain! I'll set you some rules for our little hunt, you know how much I love 'em - we'll have three comps. One, biggest bag, two, most bags, three, whoever can eat the most!" The Cobber laughed heartily. "Alright no point mucking about, let's get to it then." The CEO was aghast and called over a translator to figure what the Cobber actually just said. With the newfound knowledge given to him by the young girl, the CEO was off, at blinding speeds.
  6. Animal name: Wedge-Tailed Eagle Brief description: One of the largest birds of prey on the planet, the Arloskvan Wedge-Tailed Eagle is known to hunt small livestock and is found in the outback of Arloskva. Population/Conservation Status: They're bloody everywhere Legality of killing: Legal Other laws regarding them: Owning them as a pet is prohibited How are they relevant to your nation? The bird was selected to represent Arloskva due to the fact that it is capable of flight (as opposed to the flightless but more commonly known Emu) which is symbolic of how Arloskva will soar in comparison to other nations. It was also selected due to it's size, describing Arloskva as a power to be reckoned with, and also the birds knack for hunting, representative of how the Arloskvan state will hunt down all those who would deny it's will. Any other facts: Picture:
  7. Theres no end goal in arguing the point, people have already made up their political opinions in a political simulation game - no point in trying to change someones viewpoint once theyre so firmly entrenched in it. Communism and Fascism are simply two ideologies that differ from one another in the most extreme variety, any moderate would see that Fascism and Communism are as bad as one another (if extremism is what constitutes 'badness'). Anyway, Kosmo clearly stated on many occasions on multiple threads what he thinks of Fascists, of whom he seems to think are also Nazis. Albeit, there is merit to his words - some members of Iron Guard truly are supporters of the NSDAP and their actions, as well as outside Iron Guard. To silence one end of the political spectrum (i.e, fascism) but not the other (communism) is nothing short of favouritism. Any man should be able to speak his mind at all times, so that he may be supported or refuted. I will concede, Communism is a solid idea if it were to occur worldwide, however I simply don't agree with it. That is to say that others can also agree with Fascism and also disagree with the points that it brings up in a civil manner. What 'civil' entails from person to person differs, but I think as long as there are no OOC attacks or doxxing involved then I'd say anything goes. Now, bringing up the issue with ingame nations, alliances, actions etc, Iron Guard made sure at every point to stay within the guidelines of what Sheepy has control over (that is, the game and the PnW discord server). Everything else has nothing to do with Sheepy, and concerning the racist screenshots, most if not all of the time it has nothing to do with the game or the players of it. Albeit, what you consider to be wrong and terrible morally (using derogatory names for races, sexualities, ideologies or actions) is not to another. Is it ok to call someone a derogatory term? Never, but using those terms in response to actions undertaken by those groups are, well I wouldnt say warranted but certainly somewhat justified - at least to the individual. What you consider to be reprehensible is not to another, and Sheepy or anyone else should have no power over the opinions of another. Now, Iron Guard goes down in flames and it will remain a testament to what it means to display your opinion publicly if it is not the one that people are ok with. There is no argument to be had about "Communists are ok but Fascists arent??!" Because in the eyes of the community, Communism is less reprehensible compared to Fascism. Thats essentially what it comes down to. Concerning the alleged doxxing, as far as im aware, using someones picture is not considered doxxing especially if you already use one of yourself. Not only that, but the person who did this is no longer with us anyway, nor was he ever a part of Iron Guard. Again, regarding another who was responsible for displaying publicly his disdain for another player crossing the IC/OOC lines on multiple occassions is another thing that has nothing to do with the Iron Guard, as this person was never in it. The only thing you could accuse Iron Guard of about doxxing is posting fantasies that another player had written online (so, publicly). Realistically, the only CB people have against Iron Guard is that they're racist and/or Fascist, but if ideology is a valid CB then literally every alliance has a permanent CB against one another. However, the issue of racism was not one that affected the game at all whatsoever, only peoples disdain for the Iron Guard. I mean, sure, making generalised statements about members of different races, sexualities, ideologies etc is offensive, and that is the basis of a legitimate CB. However, that could be used over and over on other alliances other than Iron Guard, as there have been racist remarks made on discord by members of alliances other than Iron Guard. Regardless, happy hunting. I'm sure more ideological stalemate is what this game needs anyway
  8. these events are scarily accurate
  9. June claims detailed
  10. I would like to interrupt to point out the utter retardation in this statement. "Regular people shouldn't have guns, instead, when a shooter comes along, run up to him and tackle him! Guns kill people, that's why the regular populace of America shouldn't have guns to defend themselves from insane people who would have access to guns anyway!" Besides the fact that the sentence is an oxymoron in and of itself, I would like to point out that the old "run up and tackle the shooter" strategy is one that has been tried and tried again, I'll list some very famous incidents where unarmed people attempted to fight against people with firearms: Bloody Sunday Boston Massacre Anglo-Zulu war Every single charge into No-Mans Land in World War 1 (because of the bayonet charge, no shots fired) As you can tell, none of these scenarios landed the unarmed in a victorious position. The sheer idiocy of your comment needs to go on a signature I think. Guns kill people, the entire reason people should have guns. Not for the sole purpose of killing, but for defending against wackos like this guy. Also, I'm sick of this stupid argument, as well as the stupidity of gun rights defenders. There is only one argument for the right to wield firearms, and it is detailed in the second amendment. Let's take a look, shall we? "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." In the context of 1776, a militia is any white man between the ages of 18 and 45. Because the United States had no standing military at the time, it was up to the volunteers (the people) to defend the land against foreign powers. Not only that, the whole reason the amendment was made in the first place was because it allowed the militia to overthrow the English government. Without guns, there would be no American Revolution. Instead, you'd just have a few dozen more Boston Massacres. Considering the phrase Necessary to a free state is perhaps the most important one here, I'm going to spell this out. If a people has no access to the tools necessary to overthrow a corrupt and tyrannical government, then the government has unrestricted power. If another revolution happened tomorrow, despite all the military technology America has, 200,000,000 people aiming to overthrow the government will not be stopped unless the government destroys the country, of which it cannot govern. The whole point of the second amendment was to stop another government that infringed on the freedoms of the people that were detailed in the rest of the constitution. That vision is immortal. The right for the "well regulated militia" to overthrow the tyrannical government "shall not be infringed" because it is "necessary to a free state". Understand now? If anything, the debate should be over what "well regulated" means. Well-regulated could just mean people that aren't crazy and are capable of separating friend or foe in the midst of combat, or it could mean a person with necessary qualifications. Believe what you will.
  11. if you cant be arsed watching, I went on a heaps long gunstreak in CoD BOIII and killed myself by trying to throw back a grenade :'(
  12. Pictured: Arloskvan Air Brigade C-130 cargo plane, callsign "combat dolphin" prior to the dropping of the 'little tucker' nuclear bomb. (Note: plane has yet to undergo repainting, thus still flies with the RAAF text) As the nights grew colder and darker each passing day, the Cobber decided it was time to conduct the first nuclear test of the now infamous 'little tucker' nuclear bomb. In an effort to stir up as much controversy as possible, the Cobber held a meeting with all of his ministers and trusted advisors and came to a dreaded conclusion - to destroy as much as possible and to terrorise as effectively as possible the denizens of Southland, New Zealand, in an effort for continuous expansion. With a payload of 15.2 megatons, the bomb is estimated to kill at least 100,000 people in Ivarcargill, the most populated city from the initial blast, and thousands more from radiation and fallout. The rapid decision to bomb the largest city within reach of the Arloskvan Union spells fear for every surrounding nation - and the Cobber cannot keep up with the scrutiny. Previously, the Cobber stated that the act of leaving Southland be was an act of benevolence and goodwill, but the need for more arable land for the growing Arloskvan population requires drastic measures. The fallout is expected to last little more than a year, after which National Action will claim the land for themselves. To further consolidate the Arloskvan grip on the land, the Arloskvan Imperial Naval Service has already begun preparations for a blockade around the region. All citizens of Southland are considered enemies of the state and are to be targeted and exterminated on sight. The effects of the bomb are felt elsewhere. The rapidly declining revolutionary groups in Papua New Guinea are mostly affected, displaying fear and cowardice in the face of atomic destruction. This allows the Arloskvan Military Police to sleep soundly while occupying the nation before the New Guinean government formally enters the Union. As a result, the various Arloskvan military branches are now free to fulfill the agreement made with the United States of Asia in the War on Terror. The initial invasion, supported by the USA's naval capability was the first step in gaining a foothold in the Middle East. The invasion up the Persian Gulf (without prior permission from the Socialist Ottoman Empire) allowed the first airbase to be built outside of Arloskva, in the Oman region, occupying the city of Muscat where the 1.5 million people who live there are less than welcoming of the Arloskvan intrusion. However, the airbase was built regardless, marking the first official colony of Arloskva. Arloskva also stakes a claim on the Indonesian region of East Timor, for the reasons of "great surf and turf". The Cobber is expected to make a public announcement of the annexation of East Timor and other events in the coming weeks.
  13. But I left TKR on my own accord
  14. look with your eyes
  15. Can't handle the fact he has a point? The evidence of our nazism goes so far as to use the reichskriegesflagge template. Otherwise all the racism in Knights Templar discord is well within context of each conversation inside the round-table and crusader-propaganda channels. If nuke bloc wants to kick a puppy then thats up to them I guess, not much we can do to stop you.