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  1. 26672530_133889427407435_8084207819303157760_n.mp4
  2. Lose anonymity so you cop shit for unpopular and/or flat-out wrong decisions. Even when your mod team all agrees that something is bad or against the rules, you are still the mod team and have a power that none of the rest of us have - actions without consequence. Get rid of the "mod call-out" rule, since that just creates a superiority complex for the mods. See point 1. It's my opinion that threads shouldn't be locked for any reason, only act on individual posters rather than the topic. If the conversation evolves to include other facets regarding game or debate, then allow the conversation to continue without public warnings. Naturally branching topics shouldn't be shut down because only talking about a single issue can get challenging without other aspects being included in the discussion that may result in a cause or have a relationship with the original topic. Or any other topic brought up the thread for that matter. In essence, just tone it down. I'd also like to see a distinction created between outright sexism/racism being banned and satirical threads like ones Roz often creates. For that matter, criticisms of demographics shouldn't be flagged under racism or sexism either, since they are legitimate points regarding differences between peoples and groups.
  3. What, and disrupt 9 months worth of peace? Are you out of your mind? What, and disrupt 9 months worth of peace? Are you out of your mind?
  4. Easily one of the greatest metal bands
  5. (Ominous and schizophrenic message)

  6. It creates sore losers obviously
  7. Just gotta treaty NPO and then IQ is even stronker!!
  8. The trains will run on time
  9. mfw IQ has rigged these votes and robbed victories from deserving winners mfw they try to pass this off as legitimate voting and they haven't bribed their members to jump on the forums and vote despite never having knowledge of what the !@#$ they're voting for
  10. I've always felt that an alliance needs a real driving gimmick to separate it from any other kind of alliance. NPO accomplishes this with their economic model and their personality cult, Arrgh accomplishes it with their anarchic and war-driven focus. Of course, the Nuke Bloc alliances make their gimmick well known. There are a few more alliances that have their own little gimmicks, but they know who they are. It seems to me as though every other alliance follows the same structure more or less - figurehead leader, a person leading one of the 4 departments and a lackey to help them out. There isn't much separating these alliances from one another aside from the name, flag, and the people running the departments. That being said, I've toyed with plenty of alliance gimmicks in the past. I told Yoda back in DB that we should always be assassinating spies, as our theme is assassins so we should be playing the part. Unluckily he turned me down. It is a bit difficult to say what I would like my gimmick to be, I've toyed with making alliances in the past - one being the Brotherhood of Steel, that fell through due to founding members being required elsewhere. The gimmick would be consistent propaganda and monthly wars. I also created the idea for the Advocates, it was initially called the Judiciary, that fell through because I went off to help found Iron Guard, the gimmick being everyone there was a fascist. Of course, that fell through right quick. I still have the charter if anyone wants to read it, but I fear that the project was much too ambitious even for me The Green Enforcement Agency was a dream I also shared, but Nate and Prez deleted their nations shortly before the creation date, the ultimate troll. The gimmick has been explained plenty of times but 'forced neutrality' is the motto. There are always plenty of talks regarding the formation of new alliances but more oft than not, they tend to fall through, for a myriad of reasons. From the above, I think my favourite was the Brotherhood. Initially, it was called the War Boys, named for the Mad Max cult, but the name was changed, obviously. Unfortunately, the flags I made for them were wiped not too long ago, so I can't show you the flags for any of the mentioned alliances. So Johnny, if you're going to make an alliance, make sure you're doing something that no one else has done yet.
  11. Wow, thanks for letting me know. Guess I wont be shooting porn with people from Alabama either. Thanks Caecus
  12. An option to toggle treaty types on and off would be a better solution methinks
  13. Skip de skip, up the roadOff to war you go"Don't you be a bad boy EddyDon't you slip upOr play the fool""Oh no Va, Oh NoahI'll be your golden boyI will obey ev'ry golden rule"Get told by the CaesarNot to day-dreamTold by my leaderBe good, be goodBe good, be good, be goodBe good, be good, be good, be good (Eddy)Be good, be goodBe good, be good, be goodBe good, be good, be goodBe good, be good, be goodBe good (Eddy)Be good, be good"Are you going to play PnW this year, Ed?""Nah!""Oh, well you must be going to play (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) this year thenAre you Eddy?""Nah! nah! nah!""Boy, you sure are a funny kid, Eddy, but I like you! So tell meWhat kind of a boy are you, Ed?"I only like raidingAll the day longWhere no one is screaming Be good, be goodBe good, be good, be goodBe good, be good, be good, be good (Eddy)Be good, be goodBe good, be good, be goodBe good, be good, be goodBe good, be good, be goodBe good (Eddy)Be good, be good