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  1. Communism is a failed ideology :^)
  2. are you denying Donalds right to cummies?
  3. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" - Trump
  4. shouldve been the fricking OP
  5. having to drink from a different water fountain is a humanitarian injustice, and the native South Africans are just channeling their inner rage against their colonial overlords. Honestly, whitey should be apologising for working farmlands and getting killed at the hands of the oppressed black man. If I were the president of South Africa, I would order a seizure of all white land and fund local militias to break into white houses and crucify babies whilst raping their mothers. Wait a minute, I don't need to be the president at all! Amazing how some people can somehow justify this as if the past is some kind of responsibility negator. White people existed in Africa, white people harnessed the potential of African nations, now white people are being hunted down and the benevolent leaders say its ok to beat, rape, pillage and murder the people who built those great cities and townships. "They gang rape babies and children to death. YES, they absolutely DO that. Not just ‘that happened once or twice’ but THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. Tiny babies, like 3-4 years old, are GANG RAPED, BURNED ALIVE if they survive, CRUCIFIED on their own kitchen table, in front of their gurgling, bleeding, dying mommy and daddy. One particular 2 year old baby survived at least one gun shot wound and managed to drag herself to her parent’s bedroom to die next to her mother’s mutilated corpse. They dismember fathers in front of their families, but leave them alive to watch the torture and murder of their wife and children. They burn people alive." A Boer in South Africa is no less than 13x more likely to be murdered than any American ever is. As we all know today, white people are the devil, the inventors of oppression and cruelty, and the only people who have ever inflicted suffering on anyone else in the history of the world, so these people are only getting what’s coming to them for having been born white. 60 years of apartheid seems like heaven for black people compared to the shit that white people in SA deal with today. Hell, I'd even go a step further and say life under apartheid is better than life under African rulers in general. Don't know if Zimbabwe is definitive proof of that, you can decide for yourself.
  6. Me upon reading this thread Seriously mate what did you expect other than shady shit
  8. Should be limited based on the amount of defensive wars, since they really hurt people more than offensive ones
  9. @the Advocates you disbanded too soon
  10. if you have chrome extensions running, try disabling them
  11. please remove your head from out of your ass blow it out your ass
  12. no, you're right, it's so insignificant that it doesn't affect arrgh in any manner whatsoever. TKR would have been wise to simply just attack arrgh rather than announcing the move like they have done previously. Arrgh has raided and will continue to raid, this will not put a pole through the proverbial helm, and it will not impede arrgh in any fashion whatsoever. If anything, this is TKR and their lackies (who are severely lacking in this conflict completely, might I add) posturing as alliances that attack arrgh do, but to whom I have no idea. Arrgh has been attacked countless times without the diplomatically inept deciding to make a forum post to declare their mutual hatred of arrgh. As far as I'm concerned, the 4 alliances involved in this conflict have done nothing to change the game whatsoever, they just chose to announce it this time around. Regardless, I think you have overstated TKR's attempts to turn into a dynamic force when in reality they have done practically nothing to change the game since the end of the last world war. The only shift in the balance of power has been TKR cutting off their own ties and not doing anything else, weakening their own position whilst their direct opposition continues to solidify like one big dried out cumstain on this game. There is no dynamism here, here there's no dynamism. Robbo? No dynamism.