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  1. Remember when colours meant things? Those were good days
  2. as durmij said in another thread, I'm definitely getting the impression that Argotitan is like a captain vietnam reroll or something, or maybe they're just the same annoying breed of troll -- Now regardless of the irl merits of regressive, flat, or progressive tax rates, or whether its better in the middle cause we have brackets, I'm sure we can all agree that more freedom to set rates on alliances is a good thing, as this suggestion has come up many, many times before
  3. You will be missed o/
  4. Mensagon
  5. Talk about a grave dig. I reiterate the point I made over a year ago about the use of M2 rather than M3 for the measure of the money supply
  6. Marxist Dreams and a Land of Confusion? Reminds me of something I was reading earlier today
  7. Congrats!
  8. A tale of two tiers
  9. I can only talk about people I've really fought with so for me its my Rose squad DTCjustice Ockey Park Lank Myself When ockey says bingo, planes are gonna die
  10. The Great Schism
  11. inb4 One-Viridian Policy There's the Viridian Entente and then there's The Green Alliance
  12. So much drama went on while I was sleeping that due to Kurd here I've already reached my quota of positive votes. It's been like 10 minutes! Anyway as whoever it was mentioned, I'm now wonder what more there is to come...
  13. okay...
  14. Needs be higher! Go hard or go home!