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  1. Belongs in Free Trade Market
  2. Literally 100% coincidence. Makes this thread funnier though.
  3. What are you even talking about? This is a micro that gave us a valid cb, was dropped by their protector, and has no ties. Not even close to what we reference when we talk about paperless ties.
  4. Then enlighten us.
  5. Yea that was BK you didn't even hit the right people haha
  6. Lmao three of your gov ghosted including the leader. Hardly unwarranted.
  7. Not sure you're asking the full potential at that price. Any downsides we should be aware of?
  8. I mean my comment had nothing to do with the thread at hand. It was more a remark on Hope's anti-IQ crusade in a thread in which we aren't even involved to begin with.
  9. Salty much m8?
  10. @Lucifer Morningstar So did I win
  11. Neat
  12. One a week is the goal. If no one has replied in a day that’s how we know it’s time to put something else up.
  13. Just like BK and NPO couldn’t
  14. Haven’t seen the risk yet so sorry for not rushing to our suicide.