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  1. Can we all just be happy that something is actually happening in this game?
  2. Insulting Zeebrus? Y’all have hit a new low... Disgraceful.
  3. Lmao, what sane person do you think you're fooling with all this bullshit rhetoric? Ya'll coordinated your voting efforts to lock up all categories, majority of which you shouldn't even be nominated for. Blah blah blah I'm EMC and butt hurt, bullshit, any sane person would say that the voting so far is just complete rubbish and embarrassing. There are people and alliances here that rightfully deserve these awards and you guys totally !@#$ed them over. PS: You've locked up controversial player so you can put the campaign to rest.
  4. It's great to see IQ getting recognized in every category here! It's been a successful year for the sphere and with that I'd love to point out their accomplishments: A: Further the stagnation present in the game. B: Manage to lose a war in which they had both the first strike advantage and outnumbered their opponent! PS: IQ is totally not coordinating their voting efforts <3
  5. Welcome back! Join The Commonwealth!
  6. Lmao, Kastor seeking protection from Polaris? Whatever little credibility you had left, is now gone... Off to a great start my friend.
  7. KT just wasn't ready to be as dynamic as IQ is.....
  8. You've literally just proved why you deserve worst forum poster, I honestly have no idea what in the sweet &#33;@#&#036; you're talking about lmao..... PS: The gif above is literally everyone after reading any of your forum posts
  9. I don't favour any side at all, nor am I bias. I've based my nominations on reality....... Which is why EMC fills up the "Best" section and IQ fills up the "Worst" section PS: I love you, Nova Scotian's stick together <3
  10. ALLIANCE CATEGORIES Alliance of the Year: Rose Most Powerful Alliance: The Knights Radiant Best Military: Guardian Best Rookie Alliance: Stratagem Best Flag: Church of Spaceology Best War Flag: Rose Most Active Alliance: Hogwarts Most Honourable Alliance: The Knights Radiant Most Improved Alliance: The Fighting Pacifists Best Diplomatic Team: The Knights Radiant Best Economic System: The Commonwealth Best Recruiting Staff: Typhon Best Propaganda Staff: Knights Templar Best Alliance Growth: New Pacific Order Best Forums: N/A (Discord ftw) Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2018: Rose Most Immoral Alliance: Arrgh! Most Controversial Alliance: Hogwarts Best Alliance for New Players: The Knights Radiant Most Missed Alliance for 2017: Green Protection Agency PLAYER CATEGORIES Player of the Year: Sketchy Most Powerful Player: Sketchy Best Alliance Leader: Sketchy Most Controversial Player: Kastor Best Player Sig: N/A Best Player Avatar: N/A Best OOC Poster: N/A Best IC Poster: N/A Nicest Player: Lordship Funniest Player: Sketchy Most Active Player: Ripper Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2018: Queen M Best New Addition to the Community: Ripper COMMUNITY CATEGORIES Best Wall of Text: (provide a link) N/A Best P&W Forum Topic: (provide a link) N/A Biggest Controversy: VE Coup Funniest Event: N/A Most Entertaining Discord Channel(Please don't include Slack): Templar Radio Best Treaty Announcement: (provide a link) N/A Best Declaration of War: (provide a link) N/A Biggest Meme: The Inquisition Largest E-Peen: N/A Best Villain: Ripper Most Hated Poster: Dubayoo Most Missed Player (Player that has gone inactive/quit): N/A WORST CATEGORIES Worst Alliance of the Year: Black Knights Worst Military of the Year: Seven Kingdoms Worst Diplomatic Move: Everything BK did Most Inactive Large Alliance: New Pacific Order Alliance Most Likely to Fail in 2018: Guardians of the Galaxy Worst Player of the Year: Kastor Worst Alliance Leader of the Year: Curufinwe Worst Treaty of the Year: (provide a link) N/A Worst Forum Poster: Dubayoo Worst Nation Setup: Everyone in Typhon Worst Fighters of the Year (must have fought in 2017): Everyone in Cornerstone Alliance Most Likely to get Rolled in 2018: Hogwarts
  11. Right, because 1 ship beiging inactive nations is actual war.......
  12. While we're waiting, why not enjoy a video of some cute Golden Retriever Puppies?