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  1. Lmao, comparing Roses endless number of ODoAP’s and Protectorates to consolidation. You guys are cute
  2. Congratulations to Redarmy on his election victory. Furthermore I would like to congratulate Durmij on a long and successful reign as leader of Rose. Rose has come a long way under his leadership and he deserves a relaxing and peaceful retirement. I have no doubt that Redarmy can carry the torch and continue building on the success of Rose's past leader/cabinet.
  3. You know I said to myself, “I don’t think it’s possible for IQ to consolidate any further”. But, you totally proved me wrong. Also, to go off of what Durmij said, this was a cute way of trying to sweep this announcement under the table to avoid criticism
  4. “I predicted this” - Kastor on every war ever.
  5. >Me after reading this thread and how bad that BK member embarrassed himself.
  6. Greenpeace commends Hogwarts for stepping in and putting an end to this whale slaughter. #SaveTheWhales
  7. I went to hit the easy button but it was already pressed by an alliance who wanted a “fair fight” by declaring on a non-militarized alliance
  8. Not a very fair 1v1 considering one side is twice as militarized
  9. It's whaling season already?
  10. HAHAHA NOPE! !@#$ Neutrality! The Commonwealth is proud to celebrate it's one year of existence! It's been quite the journey. We would also like to acknowledge and thank our allies TKR for a year of cooperation! Now, Pantheon ate all the cake, so, let's get drunk!
  11. You guys totally aren't deserving of a Polaris tie..... Shameful!
  12. Yeah, their communist polices can definitely be assosiated with their growth! Doesn't have anything to do with the billions in loans they got Edit: !@#$ communism!
  13. What do you mean? You're coming for us?
  14. I still love you <3