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  1. No, but it may make you Antarctic...
  2. Shitpost police are out in full force today....
  3. Nice countertop.
  4. Has been an absolute pleasure working with y’all over the past year, Happy Birthday! PS: Thx for not rolling us during Trail of Tiers.... <3 Thalmor Obligatory DEUS VULT!
  5. Around for more than a year and y’all can’t even figure out what to call yourselves yet.....
  6. Merge: The Syndicate Disband: Nuclear Knights Roll: The Commonwealth
  7. It was boring, it was short and it featured four pages of shit on the OWF. This has been a quality Politics and War fight, well done.
  8. You must be new, this is essentially Politics and War.
  9. “We’re all in this together.”

    -Red Green

    1. Spaceman Thrax

      Spaceman Thrax

      Dude we get it, you're from Canada. :D

    2. Princess Kitty

      Princess Kitty

      No wonder you play Pixels and Whales not Politics and War

  10. "The amount of times I've heard "we won every war" is too many to count." - If that's your example of Syndisphere gloating its extremely poor. "We won every war"? That's simply stating facts, not really gloating. Syndisphere was extremely successful in war, especially considering they, for the most part, were often on the defense. You can't argue against the fact they did win and were extremely good at war. They deserved their victories, deserved the reputation they built for themselves and hey, even if they gloated a bit, privately or publicly, they kinda established a right to do so due to their success even when at times they were facing adversity and on the defense. Im not saying IQ is doing the right thing, what I am saying is that it's justified and what people should've expected. Their refusal to get behind the leadership of EMC and break apart as well is understandable. Especially considering the false narrative that EMC and their break up is purely for the good of the game. - How exactly is it justified? The past narratives of IQ, including the main reason of its formation were to fight the stagnation and poor game atmosphere when Syndisphere developed into a "hegemoney" and grew extremely strong. They wanted to create a more dynamic environment and wanted to have a more equal game where no one was sitting on top and had no opposition. Now that EMC has split and the game has no real potential opposition for IQ, they have developed into the very same thing they spoke out against just a year ago. If their intentions were truly to end stagnation and the "hegemoney" that developed, they would be making moves or at least showing some signs of change. However they continue to consolidate and create and poor game environment. Even now, in every thread, "former" EMC members who are not allied to eachother anymore continuously berate every action IQ makes. For IQ to see this and think EMC is not truly broken up is understandable. - Most of the more recent actions have been to help better the game, its stagnant, nothing is happening so people who were on our side starting making moves with the hope that IQ would stop consolidating their power and make a move of their own to help create a better game environment, and yeah, when all we see from IQ is new treaty announcements and the status quo, no doubt that former EMC members are going to unite and speak out against it. Please end this gaslighting bullshit yourself. Their reality is theirs and yours is yours. You don't have a monopoly on reality. - I'm basing my reality over actual reality. I can link you to the treaty cancellations of former EMC members, I can link you to the treaty web, all of it is out their and thats the reality. IQ's "reality" is that EMC didn't split, we're all still secretly working together and waiting for IQ to disband so we can get back together and roll them. Well, that reality is based off of speculation and theory, while my reality is simply what has occurred and what formally exists.
  11. Haven't seen the risk? Do you not see the risk in our entire sphere breaking up? Everyone of former t$ sphere has placed themselves in an extremely vulnerable position. We have IQ which has amassed massive power and could easily roll anyone of the former t$ shpere alliances or minispheres which are no longer united but broken apart everywhere on the web. I know all of ya'll think we're secretly united or something but you guys are putting bullshit in your own heads. Screw it on straight and jump back into reality please.