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  1. OWLS is just a discord server don't let Thalmor fool you with his fancy words.
  2. Not complaining, mocking. Lmfao. "Omgurd why is EMC consolidating, evil hegemons omgurd" "IQ is consolidating too......" "OMGURD HYPOCRITE BUT UR CONSOLIDATIN OMGURD"
  3. Durmij stop it silly everyone knows the hegemoney is real and the water is turning the frogs gay, how else does one combat these dangers?
  4. Maybe NPO due to tiering. That is about it. Depends on what the victory goal is.
  5. As the title says bring back color stocks because treasures are a failed mechanic that has been nerfed into uselessness. Color stocks actually provided a good economic incentive for war and added an interesting element to politics that the game has been missing since they were removed.
  6. THIS ISN'T SPARTA or Get off my lawn
  7. Then stop talking to him and let this thread return to its original purpose so I don't have to read all this unrelated drama between people tryna fight for the biggest epeen.
  8. Can TKR/BK go make their own thread and have a pissing match there I'm trying to read GoB/Spartas hot bantz.
  9. You posted a suggestion and I pointed out the issues with why its not a plausible idea. Counter suggestions would be only be necessary if I thought the idea was salvageable or needed.
  10. Pointless and won't be used just like most of the current spy options. Even more pointless than the other two. Again it won't be used by anyone with a brain. Too overpowered, even with the 20% success rate. Killing a power plant renders an entire city mostly useless and stops recruitment from it. You can take 3 spy attacks per day so that is a 48.8% chance per day of killing at least one power plant per day. Less useless but still shit compared to other better options that will be tactically employed during war. The extra costs are kinda pointless and not needed. Over-complicated. Failure rate should remain based on spy counts. Costs should remain consistent across all options. Probably the only idea with merit but would take some major retooling to be a balanced option and it would kinda ruin the only viable thing about missiles right now. In summary I'd say no to all of these.
  11. I'm not sure why all the stats that are tracked and have awards aren't on the leaderboards already. I don't think it would be too difficult to add them all.
  12. I guess NPO does things differently hue
  13. BK really needs to keep a lid on some of the idiots it lets on these forums. You are about 2 weeks late to spread your idiocy btw. I wasn't complaining about consolidation, I was mocking IQ for complaining about consolidation while consolidating. IQ Started the war to prevent a "boring hegemonic system"? Hold on I thought IQ started the war because they were going to be preempted, as evidenced in those super top secret logs noone will share. Dude be careful you aren't toeing the party line. "Implemented their hegemoney". I really hope this is the perspective of a single idiot in BK and not the propaganda line being pushed onto all members of IQ.
  14. I have adblocker and it doesn't block the player ads lol. I keep them visible on purpose.
  15. Orbis World Leaders Summit #1 Lets go