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  1. When is the show gonna take place?
  2. So are you saying Sheepy is pimpin' Manthrax? Hawt!
  3. Commie magic = best magic.
  4. I wanna see Manthrax in a CoS bikini.
  5. Well done on shaking things up, Rose - here's to a less cluster!@#$ed treaty web!
  6. I just wish your gay biker theme had taken off in t$. I blame @Zed and @Flame of the Flawed.
  7. @Partisan, say hi to Cynic!
  8. Papa Roq, tell me how I gotta vote plox!
  9. I for one welcome our new Noobs Army overlords.
  10. Kastor fam, you're doing it wrong... That's not how you sign more protectorates.
  11. Ogaden is hands down the most underrated poster on these entire forums.
  12. For the record I also voted NPO for alliance most likely to succeed in 2018 (same for Roq in the equivalent player category). But this is too rich. BK for best diplomatic staff (I can't think of an alliance with worse FA), BK for best military (I guess getting mauled despite having first strike advantage is the reason), Acadia for alliance most likely to succeed in 2018 (I don't know what to say, really :3). I'm one of the people who voted for a large array of players and alliances everywhere in these "best" categories, and I wonder... if IQsphere dominates pretty much every one of these categories even though they've been completely inept thus far, I can't imagine what these polls will look like next year if they're the dominant sphere. I'm finding this hilarious, so please carry on with your voting.
  13. Bahahahaha, what a joke! IQsphere dominating pretty much every category despite getting their asses clapped in the last world war and pissing away the advantage they had in almost every way. I mean, some unknown guy who nominated himself for best addition to the community competing with Ripper? Seeker, the guy who signed t$ in order to backstab them later and got himself and his crappy alliance rolled, for best leader? Is this what they mean when they're always saying the OWF are a circlejerk?
  14. Democracy for the Democracy God, votes for the Vote Throne!
  15. I saw you online. You were pretty much at full mil so I imagine that was a detriment for most people.