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  1. I just find it odd that UPN did nothing while we at TjEst mauled Acadia.
  2. I'd say they're gonna need it, but even luck won't be enough to save them.
  3. I remember raiding this Horsemen alliance. The top 3 look tasty and I'm getting a raiding boner for them. Brb, asking Papa Abbas permission. EDIT: welp, just saw Revan's post, RIP in pepperoni.
  4. Damn, that's one kickass war flag right there.
  5. Lies and slander, Clarke's sister isn't Clarke!
  6. The bounty system, as it is, is downright retarded. As Fraggle rightly pointed out, there are idiots offering tremendously small amounts to nuke someone. Even most attrition and / or raid bounties offer stupidly small amounts, especially if they're on big, heavily militarized nations in at least semi-powerful alliances, and taking into consideration that you'll probably get countered and almost certainly blockaded. So right now almost nobody can be bothered being a bounty hunter.
  7. It needs to say Thalmor tho.
  8. I have to disagree with Arkiri here, appointing Vacant for every gov position seems like a very wise decision to me.
  9. And then we all merge into Rose.
  10. Why would NPO Jr. need to merge into NPO tho?
  11. Newbs are adorable.
  12. I just realized that the 72 hour notice of cancellation is gonna be almost as long as the actual treaty, gg! o7
  13. Welp, this was the treaty version of a quickie.
  14. * The New Pacific Order.
  15. I think a knight themed alliance would be a nice change of pace.