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  1. The Laurentian Government has taken notice to the fall of the Nova Government; in response, the Laurentian Armed Forces aided Quebec Security Forces in expanding the territorial capacity of their nation. The move is meant to strengthen the Quebec Government and to help solidify their presence in North America. In Quebec, Over 3,000 troops attacked Nova outposts and positions using artillery and CAS from the Laurentian carrier in the region; close government sources say that only 12 Quebec Security Forces were killed while at least 400 Novian Marines were killed. By nightfall, Paratroopers from Laurentia stormed the garrison command, breaching the officer quarters and forcing the Commanding Officer to surrender. In Quebec City; Elections fell in favor of the Quebec-native Elissandria Macron; winning an outstanding 52% vote; between three candidates. The new Governor of the region is expected to address the nation sometime soon.
  2. Post coming soon
  3. French Armed Forces Forces armées français Founded 1792 Service branches French Army French Navy French Air Force National Gendarmerie Headquarters Paris Leadership President of the Republic Lidia Korczak Minister of the Armed Forces Léo Pascal Chief of the Defence Staff General Maximilien Hammond Manpower Military age 17.5 Conscription Mandatory 18 Months Active personnel 515,835 (2004) Reserve personnel 223,680 reserve (2004)(Gendarmerie included) [1] Expenditures Budget €193 billion (2017) [3] Note: Incl. Gendarmerie budget Percent of GDP 3.8% Industry Thales BAE Systems Dassaut Heckler and Koch +12 Foreign suppliers N/A
  4.élios_1B,, The French Military Satellites have been operational since 1990, with the latest launch in 2003.
  5. In 1992 mandatory conscription was reinstated, with a minimum of 18 Months with the exception of seeking a higher education; in which you will have to join the armed forces after your education, as well as those seeking a professional military career. Military service is a requirement for Government positions as well. Both Women and Men are required to be apart of the Military. As of 2004 Military conscription is still mandatory amounting 2,100,000 Reservists in the French Strategic Homeland Defence on civilian-duty with the ability to be called up in 72 hours; and 2,000,000 reserves on civilian-duty with the ability to be called up in 96 hours. Armee de Terre Chief of Ground Forces: General Alexader Kazaki Motto of The Ground Forces: In Darkness, we bring the light Active Front-line Personnel; 139,000 increase by 6,000 Reserve Personnel; 140,000 Professional increase by 20,000 Tanks; 6,500 AFVs; 4,500 increase by 2,000 IFV: 2,231increase by 1,000 SPGs; 1,000 Tower Artillery; 450 MLRSs; 800 increase by three
  6. | F24 | Paris | March 8, 2004 February 20: Prime Minister Laura Chauve and Primier Joseph Markov sign the Bern signatory to maintain a 72 hour cease-fire. The agreement also allows PoW and civilian exchanges.(edited) The Demilitarized Zone between The United Kingdoms and Commune has also been established forbidding military units from 5km on either side BREAKING NEWS! February 23: French Prime Minister Chauve and Premier Markov sign an armistice and agreement on reconciliation between the Commune and United Kingdoms. March 1: French Prime Minister Chauve announces an official end to all hostilities following a surrender but the Commune. French Officials will present the terms of agreement shortly. French Commune Officially Surrenders to the United Kingdoms. Commune Leader Burak and Foreign Minister Markov surrendered. March 6: The French Interior Ministry has stripped the National Front and Twenty-Three Conservatives of their voting and legislature rights. Discussing with the Crown and legal departments of the United Kingdoms their role in attempting to overthrow the French Republic, threatening the President, and active-role of armed insurgency gave the legal pathway to remove them from Parliament. Prime Minister Chauve has reported that elections will take place after reforms in the Parliament are complete. French Prosecutors will persecute all members of the National Front, Socialist Party, and Communist Party as well as seventy members of the Conservative Coalition. Many fear that Prime Minister Chuave is power-grabbing or removing opposition. More in our late night coverage of this rising story.
  7. The French Armed Forces Modern Equipment AMX-30 Production history Designed 1963 No. built 400 Specifications Weight 36 tonnes (40 short tons; 35 long tons) Length 9.48 m (31 ft 1 in) (gun forward) Width 3.1 m (10 ft 2 in) Height 2.28 m (7 ft 6 in) Crew 4 (commander, gunner, loader, driver) Armor 80 mm (3.1 in) maximum [1] Main armament 105 mm Modèle F1 tank gun Secondary armament 1× 20 mm autocannon 1× 7.62 mm machine gun Engine Hispano-Suiza HS-110 multi-fuel 680 hp (510 kW)-720 hp (540 kW) Power/weight 18.9 hp/tonne Transmission Manual on AMX30 Semi-automatic SESM ENC200 on AMX-30B2 Suspension Torsion bar with shock absorbers Operational range 600 km (370 mi) Speed 65 km/h (40 mph) Weight 17.7 tonnes (6×6) Length 10 m (32 ft 10 in) Width 2.55 m (8 ft 4 in) Height 3.7 m (12 ft 2 in) Crew 5-6 (3, emergency) Main armament 155 mm/52-calibre Secondary armament none Engine diesel Suspension 6x6 wheel Operational range 600 km (370 mi) Speed On-road: 100 km/h (62 mph) Off-road: 50 km/h (31 mph)épannage_DNG/DCL#/media/File:Char_de_Dépannage_DNG-DCL_14_juillet_2006.jpg Specifications Weight 59 tonnes [1] Length 9.15 m Width 3.40 m Height 2.60 m Crew 3 Armour cab armored to protect against small-arms fire up to 14,5 mm Main armament 1× 12.7 mm machine gun 20× smoke dischargers Engine MTU MT 883 Ka-500 V12 turbocompressed diesel engine 1500 hp Power/weight 25.4 hp/tonne Transmission Renk HSWL 295TM Suspension Oleopneumatic suspension Operational range 700 km Speed 65 km/h Specifications Weight 3.5 to 4 tonnes Length 3.80 m (4.00 m long version) Width 2.02 m Height 1.70 m Crew 2-3 Armour STANAG level 1 (protection against 7.62×51 NATO rounds and shrapnel) Main armament depends on the version Secondary armament none Engine Peugeot XD3T turbo-diesel 95 hp (70 kW) Power/weight 27–23.75 hp/t Suspension 0.35 m ground clearance Operational range 600 km (can be extended to 1000 km with external gas tanks) Speed 95 km/h Specifications Weight VCI: 25.6 t (normal combat load). VPC: 23.3 t (normal combat load). Length 7.6 m Width 2.98 m Height 3 m Crew 3 + 9-man combat team Armour Protection against 14.5 mm API [2] Main armament Canon mitrailleur GIAT modèle M811 NATO calibre 25 mm (400 rounds/ minute)[2]. Secondary armament co-axial 7.62 mm NATO machine gun Engine Renault Diesel 550 hp (410 kW) Suspension Wheel Operational range 750 km (470 mi) Speed 100 km/h (62 mph) AMX 10 RC Specifications Weight 15 tonnes (17 short tons; 15 long tons) Length 9.15 m (30 ft 0 in) (gun forward) 6.24 m (20 ft 6 in) (hull only) Width 2.78 m (9 ft 1 in) Height 2.56 m (8 ft 5 in) Crew 4 Armor Frontal armour resistant against 23 mm API from 300 m Main armament 105 mm BK MECA (F2) L/48 gun (38 rounds) (Vo 800 m/s) Secondary armament 1× 7,62 mm NF1 co-axial machine gun (4,000 cartridges) 1× 12.7mm M2HB AA machine gun (Optional) 4× smoke dischargers Engine Baudouin Diesel Model 6F11 SRX 280 hp (208.8 kW) Power/weight 18.7 hp/tonne Suspension hydropneumatic wheel Operational range 800 km (500 mi) Speed 85 km/h (53 mph) 25–30 km/h (16–19 mph) off road Weapons Specifications Weight 7.1 kg Length 1.2 m Diameter 0.115 m Warhead Single or tandem HEAT Detonation mechanism contact Engine solid-fuel rocket Wingspan 0.26 m Operational range 200–2000 m; 3000 m (MILAN ER) Speed 200 m/s Guidance system SACLOS wire Steering system Jet deflector Launch platform Individual, vehicle Specifications Weight • 3.04 kg (6.7 lb) (SCAR-L CQC) • 3.29 kg (7.3 lb) (SCAR-L STD) • 3.49 kg (7.7 lb) (SCAR-L LB) • 3.49 kg (7.7 lb) (SCAR-H CQC) • 3.58 kg (7.9 lb) (SCAR-H STD) • 3.72 kg (8.2 lb) (SCAR-H LB) • 2.50 kg (5.5 lb) (SCAR PDW)[4] • 4.85 kg (10.7 lb) (Mk 20 SSR)[5] Length • 787 mm (31.0 in) stock extended, 533 mm (21.0 in) stock folded (SCAR-L CQC) [6] • 889 mm (35.0 in) stock extended, 635 mm (25.0 in) stock folded (SCAR-L STD) • 990 mm (39 in) stock extended, 736 mm (29.0 in) stock folded (SCAR-L LB) • 889 mm (35.0 in) stock extended, 635 mm (25.0 in) stock folded (SCAR-H CQC) • 965 mm (38.0 in) stock extended, 711 mm (28.0 in) stock folded (SCAR-H STD) • 1,067 mm (42.0 in) stock extended, 813 mm (32.0 in) stock folded (SCAR-H LB)[7] • 632 mm (24.9 in) stock extended, 521 mm (20.5 in) stock collapsed (SCAR PDW)[4] • 1,080 mm (43 in) stock extended, 1,029 mm (40.5 in) stock collapsed (Mk 20 SSR)[5] Barrel length • 254 mm (10.0 in) (SCAR-L CQC) • 355 mm (14.0 in) (SCAR-L STD) • 457 mm (18.0 in) (SCAR-L LB) • 330 mm (13 in) (SCAR-H CQC) • 400 mm (16 in) (SCAR-H STD) • 500 mm (20 in) (SCAR-H LB) • 171.45 mm (6.750 in) (SCAR PDW)[4] • 508 mm (20.0 in) (Mk 20 SSR)[5] Cartridge 5.56×45mm NATO (SCAR-L, SCAR PDW) 7.62×51mm NATO (SCAR-H, Mk 20 SSR) Action Short-stroke gas-operated piston,[8] rotating bolt Rate of fire SCAR-L, SCAR-H: 550–650 RPM Mk 16: 625 RPM Mk 17: 600 RPM Muzzle velocity • SCAR-L: 2,870 ft/s (870 m/s) (M855), 2,630 ft/s (800 m/s) (Mk 262) • SCAR-H: 2,342 ft/s (714 m/s) (M80) Effective firing range • SCAR-L: 300 m (330 yd) (CQC), 500 m (550 yd) (STD), 600 m (660 yd) (LB) SCAR-H: 300 m (330 • yd) (CQC), 600 m (660 yd) (STD), 800 m (870 yd) (LB) Feed system • SCAR-L: STANAG box magazine • SCAR-H, SSR: 20-round box magazine Sights Iron sights and Picatinny rail for various optical sights Specifications Weight HK416C: 2.950 kg (6.50 lb) D10RS: 3.020 kg (6.66 lb) D14.5RS: 3.490 kg (7.69 lb) D16.5RS: 3.560 kg (7.85 lb) D20RS: 3.855 kg (8.50 lb) M27 IAR: 3.600 kg (7.94 lb) Length HK416C: 690 mm (27.2 in) stock extended / 560 mm (22.0 in) stock collapsed D10RS: 797 mm (31.4 in) stock extended / 701 mm (27.6 in) stock collapsed D14.5RS: 900 mm (35.4 in) stock extended / 804 mm (31.7 in) stock collapsed D16.5RS: 951 mm (37.4 in) stock extended / 855 mm (33.7 in) stock collapsed D20RS: 1,037 mm (40.8 in) stock extended / 941 mm (37.0 in) stock collapsed M27 IAR: 940 mm (37.0 in) stock extended / 840 mm (33.1 in) stock collapsed Barrel length HK416C: 228 mm (9.0 in) D10RS: 264 mm (10.4 in) D14.5RS: 368 mm (14.5 in) D16.5RS: 419 mm (16.5 in) D20RS: 505 mm (19.9 in) M27 IAR: 420 mm (16.5 in) Width 78 mm (3.1 in) Height HK416C: 236 mm (9.3 in) HK416 and M27 IAR: 240 mm (9.4 in) Cartridge 5.56×45mm NATO Action Short-stroke piston, rotating bolt Rate of fire 700–900 rounds/min (cyclic) HK416 850 rounds/min (cyclic) HK416A5[3] Muzzle velocity Varies according to barrel length: 788 m/s (10.4 in) 882 m/s (14.5 in) 890 m/s (16.5 in) 917 m/s (19.9 in) Effective firing range 300 m (11" model) point targets Maximum firing range 400 m (11" model) area targets Feed system 20, 30-round detachable STANAG magazine, 100-round detachable Beta C-Mag Sights Rear rotary diopter sight and front post, Picatinny rail Griffon [200]
  8. We will Remove the U.K. Please note your claim near Russia is invalid, and I will discuss Libya.Tunisia claims. You need to specify your GDP and Population.
  9. Nicolas sipped some Japanese herbal tea. The peace-treaty was a blessing from the Sufi Order. Now thousands of fighters disgruntled by their leaders would be sent home or form fringe group. Nicolas had gone out, bringing some of those fighters to the Caspian Front. As the Sufi Order moved troops out, instability would rise and without troops to keep order the police would be easy targets. Nicolas had ordered the bombing of a Police Station, linking the attack to a Sunni extremist group of Al-Jaysh Ahmara. He had paid them over 2,000 USD in cash, before having the two responsible captured and planned to have them killed by the Caspian Front. The Training Program had been successful, 1/3 of the 600 recruits was now trained alongside over 600 trained veterans of the Caspian Tribes. Nicolas had requested more missiles for any future advancements on Tehran or other cities in The Caspian Sea. | F24 | Tehran | March 8, 2004 Breaking News from Tehran. France 24 has reported a deadly blast outside of a Police Station in Tehran, no group has claimed responsibility, but many speculate Caspian fringe groups are responsible. The Blast has killed a reported dozen western civilians including an multiple local deaths. The French Embassy in Riyadh released as statement condemning the attack and calling for greater security by the Sufi Order with two French citizens killed in the bombing. Warning Citizens from coming going to Iran or the Caspian/Caucasus Region.
  10. Shadow Meeting. [Classified Location] [Classified Members] [Classified Time] The Shadow meetings are anonymous summits between French elitists, heads of government, ministers, and MPs. These members are sworn to secrecy and are tailed by the Shadow Intelligence Group on a daily basis. In these meetings, names are not spoken, faces are not revealed, and no recording is made, but a secretary writes down all statements/agendas. “Members…The Sufi Order is becoming a grave nuance in the region. Their hold-up of vital oil fields, continued denial of increased production, blocking our defense proposals, and of course, the air base is a clear defiance and stance of anti-western aid. Our interests are threat.” “I can agree, we must do something about it. Our economic and military interests cannot be tossed away continuously. If they wish to proceed we must take overt and covert actions against their regime.” “The Sufi Order is a religious group, I am certain their expansion into both Sunni and Shia territory has stirred up some animosity.” “With Report OG/S2/FT/21 from Eagles Lair, we can conclude that most groups are neither organized nor capable of a prolonged Conflict. It is in my opinion, Big Brother provides arms and training to a newly formed group under our terms. Whether they commit acts of terror is little of our concern, but we should ensure that they are a fighting the G.S.O. Government primarily and their local governments inside Iran and the Caucasus.” “With this Meetings approval, Big Brother will provide an extensive and comprehensive training program on the ground and work with recruiters to formulate the new militia force.” “This new force, how do we not know it will commit acts of terror on French oil fields or the French homeland?” “Our recruiter will be head of this force, with the Eagles embedded inside them for security purposes.” “We must also consider an arms embargo on Sufi weapon orders” “That is a negative. That would damage our military investments. Alone we generated almost 12 billion Francs on weapons last year.” “We can always find another buyer.” “Nowadays those are hard to come by…” “Members, back on track we have all agreed to arm and aid the Eagle Baby.” The Shadow members all voted. With a significant majority, the Shadow members voted to aid this new program. United Nations Air Cargo Plane, Location Eastern Anatolia, City of Erzurum. “This is U.N. Aircraft F.R.77.88.9AZ requesting access to the airstrip to refuel. advice Tower.” “Be Advised F.R. 77.88.9AZ you are granted permission to Runway 7. Change bearing accordingly and land.” At the Airstrip, the U.N. Peacekeepers unloaded to get some fresh air en route to French-Tokyo where a U.N. Mission for East Asia was being established. While the Peacekeepers waited, two French pilots, removed cargo from the planes hull. The Cargo contained six crates of AK-47s and a crate of MG-4 Machine Guns. Once outside, a civilian pick-up truck was loaded with the weapons. The Drivers were two French Special Forces operators. As the Plane was refueled, they headed out to Tokyo. They crossed over the unorganized territories near The SoE and G.S.O. Opening their hull, the Pilots signaled the Intelligence Officers that they had reached the drop-zone. They dropped the crates, jumping with them. The Transport closed its doors and continued with the other U.N. Planes. The crates dropped contained 20 Javelin Missiles, 32 Stinger Missiles and a dozen javelins and seven stingers. The Pick-up continued until it reached the R.V. where The Intelligence Officers guided them to this mountain base. The Intelligence Officers would visit towns across The Middle East in search of disgruntled men and women. They would await the arrival of Angel the D.G.S.E. Mission Chief, in the meanwhile with over 600 recruits had begun to train the separatists in guerrilla warfare and insurgency. Tehran Airport Nicolas Antonio Marcus was one of France’s senior anti-terrorism and counter-insurgency operators in the MENSA Region. He was given an identity of William J. Korman, an American Consultant for one of the local business companies. The Sufi Security Agent motioned for him to come forth. Nicolas walked forward, carrying his satchel he smiled at the Agent giving him his American Passport and Visa. The Agent looked at the picture and back at Nicolas. “Name?” Nicolas smiled, “William Korman, I am here on business for IMIDRO Group.” “Where will you be staying?” “With one of the local guides here. You can contact IMIDRO Group here.” Nicolas handed him a card that was linked to an Agents telephone ready to be answered 24/7. The agent took the card, taking a good look before tossing it into the bin. “Welcome to the Sufi Order” Nicolas gave him a respected wave, before heading to baggage claims. There he picked up his bag and headed into Tehran. The city was vibrant, booming since the arrival of the Sufi Order. Lights, the scent of incense burning, and the cold breeze had taken Nicolas back. While he strolled out, he memorized certain entrances and exits, watching the security officers at the airport he made his way to the Taxi lane where he got into a Taxi to IMIDRO Group Headquarters in Tehran. He got out of the Taxi, going inside to the reception and informing the beautiful lady that he was William J. Korman the BEA Systems Consultant from America. He was lead to an office room where he met a young Iranian woman by the name Aya. They talked briefly discussing the Cyber-security of IMIDRO and the recent breach. He discussed BEA Systems cyber-security mechanisms and how to implement them here at IMIDRO. After the consultation, Nicolas left for the north where IMIDRO held a mining facility. Back in Tehran, a double of Nicolas remained working with IMIDRO on Cyber-Security and was set to leave The Sufi Order later that evening. Nicolas met with the French Special Forces team and the other DGSE Agents where he would meet the 600 Caspian Front made up of mostly Shia men and women. Nicolas got up speaking to the commanders of the small squadron. “Gentlemen and Ladies, I trust in the coming days you will gain vital skills in leadership, honor, and military knowledge. You will help lead your people back to greatness and under the leadership of the tribes that once kept these lands peaceful and safe. I know the Sufi Order, they will not stop with just a single village. They will expand, expand, and expand until they reach the edges of the earth. You are the wall the divides them, you are the swords of Allah and the shields of the Shia long oppressed by Sufi and Sunnis alike. These coming days, you will train to become more than just yourselves.” Nicolas looked into their eyes and all he saw were adults with no clue…he would make soldiers out of all of them, it was their only hope.
  11. The Laurentian Embassy, Deputy-Ambassador Elizabeth Huffington ran into the Ambassadors room "we are leaving now." "Why Elizabeth?" The Ambassador looked startled "There is a military helicopter and the Laurentian GIGN are here. We are leaving now." Before the ambassador could object, Laurentian Marines grabbed her and moved her into the Military Helicopter. She watched as Embassy staffers burnt classified documents, intelligence gathering, contacted spies in the region, and prepared to exfil to the airport. Consulars rapidly dialed Laurentian citizens and sent mass messages telling them to get to the Airport as soon as possible. Laurentian Soldiers stood at the Airports, with Atlas Troop Transports arriving with some AirLaurentia Planes coming as well. Under 48 Hours, the Laurentian Embassy was desolate and all of its contents burnt and destroyed. What was vital or not digitalized was taken by the Ambassador's Helicopter. The Ambassador would be taken to President Korczaks office to be debriefed and asked on how to proceed.
  12. Moving Tunis to Tokyo Post Coming Up Soon
  14. The French Royal Family King Felix, Queen Letizia, Princess Sofia, Princess Emma Royal Family Spokesman: His Majesty King Feliz ordered The Royal French Air Force, Royal Grenadiers, and Navy to capture the cities of Tunis, Algiers, and Boston in a growing effort to stabilize hotspots in Africa. The French Government has set a press conference later today to describe the recent events. Until then, stay tuned for video on the French Royal Family. [Video Plays]