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  1. The 2,000 Advisors in Umbrella and the 500 Peacekeepers in the Middle East were withdrawn back to Laurentia to be reorganized into battlegroups and forces to combat the threats. Laurentia's E.U. Battlegroup would also be recalled and begin to reorganize as well. While 15,000 Troops would remain in Wintery, 400 would remain in Umbrella, and some 40,000 scattered across E.U. and TEA bases the remainder would be recalled and deployed to hotspots. Laurentia officially gave the letter or return of Louisiana to Britannia in an undisclosed purchase and aide.
  2. President Korczak ordered the raising of the Sensibilisation à la Défense Nationale to level 3. The Declaration of War from Mogotopia and acts of war on Gibraltar triggered the Article 4 of the Rainbow Pact and The Defense Council clause of the E.U. All E.U. representatives were rushed to Paris and Rainbow Chiefs to the Rainbow Operational Center in [Redacted] President Korczak spoke with other world leaders of the impending crisis and gave her full support to Hungadada should it be attacked. Laurentia's Naval Fleet in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Mediterranean was placed on high alert as the Armed Forces mobilized its 200,000 reserves and ordered the SHD to begin sending notices to civilians to prepare for conflict and other possible attacks. [Public Address in Laurentia by President Korczak] Laurentia's Defense Industry was asked to allow debt-projects to increase defense arsenals and other defense-related tasks. Laurentia's Patriot and Diamond Missile Defenses were readied, and government and civilian telecoms were given added protection from jamming and hacking. The DGSI stepped up its counter-espionage campaign with added security at airports, border crossings, and online services. The DGSE had begun deploying Marine Reconnaissance troops to Spain to track and dismantle the Zodiac branch in Europe. The Armed Force's New Developments from the Ice-Fish, Victoire, and other projects would finally be put to the test with designs being shared with allied states in an effort to find miscalculations and create better equipped troops and forces.
  3. The Patriot and Diamond Missile Defense in Gibraltar would be unable to stop the Tomahawk missiles, flying at low speed and using terrain to hide from radars which were facing jamming could not track and stop the tomahawks. On the ground, the roughly 30,000 troops were attempting to grasp to scope of what had happened. Colonel Katia Abadie sipped her tea in the Radar Station inside Gibraltar, another seamlessly quiet night. Sipping her tea, the radars began to fail, frizzing out and becoming spotty. She hit the machine, looking at the technician who said he was working on it. She grabbed her cellphone, realizing she had lost service there, she headed outside to view the city which illuminated in light. Behind her, missiles hit the airfield as it erupted into a fireball of flames. She jumped into her vehicle as she sped to the main garrison building in the city. A series of explosions round her could be felt as citizens rushed outside to see what had happened. Colonel Abadie met with Garrison Commander Sasha Hannover, the tactical screen inside the Commander center was operational, with a replica map on the table with plastic soldiers on them. Commander Hannover rushed Colonel Abadie over. “Colonel, we are re-organizing our into 3 division Group Zulu will be under the command of myself and colonel winters. We will hold down the city, our armor will remain here, as for you. You will take the Group Quebec and hold the ridge to the north all the way to the hills. Colonel Zakavo, You will take your men to the defense lines as Alpha all the way to Sierra and hold them. Use these frequencies to radio artillery strikes, we will have to utilize runners if needed. I’ve tasked three intelligence officers to help you. The Colonels left and got their men equipped at the local armory. Lecrec Battle Tanks and Damocles moved into positions to hide from enemy drones. 2 F-18s and a Growler began making short patrols over Gibraltar, as Commander Hannover used rapid frequency shiftings to notify the Ministry of Defense of the attack on Gibraltar. On Land, 12 Land Vehicles fired a salvo of 4 missiles each, armed with AIM-120 they would seek and destroy the jamming stations. The Laurentian Troops on ground geared up, equipping themselves and preparing a defense in their respected AO's the Ministry of Defense in Paris had been notified of the attack and began making preparations for other options. The Ships in the Mediterranean would re-group with the second carrier group and the naval fleet in Nice and Marseille. The Navy had been lucky to get some new toys before the war closed the Mediterranean, the Laurentian Navy began using satellites and active-sonar to track enemy ships. Some 20,000 troops were being launched to Gibraltar, alongside 200 tanks, and fighter escorts.
  4. Cutting her diplomatic visit to MoG[Corp] Short, President Korczak and The Defense Minister gave a public address as soon as she arrived in Paris. Yesterday, our country fell victim to a brutal and cowardly terrorist attack. Shortly after ten, the Gendarmerie received information that an active shooter situation had begun to develop inside one of the busy tourist's attractions in Nice. The National Guard supported by Local Gendarmerie officers moved into Nice, where multiple terrorists had taken hostages and attacked innocent and unarmed civilians with machine guns and other weapons. All of the terrorists were wearing black camouflages and masks, detailing this as a carefully planned out attack. With grave courage and speed, the National Guard and Gendarmerie neutralized and killed all terrorists involved in attacks in both Nice and Marseille. The threat was confronted and neutralized by half-past eleven. Ninety-seven people are being treated in hospitals all across Nice and Marseille, many in life-threatening conditions. On behalf of a grateful nation, we thank the actions of the few who stepped up to defend their fellow citizens from the attackers and the bravery of our emergency response teams. This, as we all know is the second terrorist attack to occur in Laurentia coming some months after the FRA sponsored attacks on Laurentia. As the threats to our nation breed into new forms of terror, defeating such enemy will be one of the greatest challenges of our time. It is a threat to our western values, our democracy, and our national identity. It is an ideology of hate, fear, and destruction with no place in this world. It cannot be done with pure military power alone, it will be defeated on the fields of Algeria and Tunisia, it will be defeated in the webs of the internet, and it will be defeated across the globe for we shall not rest nor forget the acts of war against our people. We will need to work with allied nations, to deprive the terrorists of their safe havens both in the real world and on the virtual web. Yes, it means we will need to take military actions, but we must destroy the threat at home first. Our country, in such times, comes together and unite as Laurentians, our political, ideological, and religious beliefs are no matter for today we are all Laurentians. The bedrock of our society cannot be shattered, the bedrock of our democracy cannot be undermined, and the perils we face are a testament to our future. Our soviet must continue to function as normal, that we come together, we must come together, and we must pull together as a united front against our enemies. Vive La Laurentia, Vive la République [Translated by Courtesy of the Foreign Ministry Across all major cities, the National Guard deployed 300,000 soldiers to patrol and protect government institutions, educational buildings, and public spaces. The Laurentian National Guard and Armed Forces have been deployed to Southern Laurentia in an effort to capture any suspected terrorists, and any more members of Zodiac planning secondary strikes. The Armed Force’s SDN (Sensibilisation à la Défense nationale) was raised to four with the Quick -Reaction-Force Zavala and Cade placed on readiness. On the Seas of the Mediterranean, three of Laurentia’s Icefish submarines and four Victoire ships accompanied the LS Foch to the coast of Algeria, in the skies Laurentian Rafales flew information carrying 4 SCALP EGs, and another 4 AASMs, off the coast the railgun of the Laurentian Navy fired their weapons at various locations on the coast of Algeria. “LS Charles, LS Marquis, LS Mistral, and LS Bordivić foxtrot, target confirmed. Fire payload.” - Naval Office, Paris “Mark-7 Confirmed. Payload readied” “Fire at will Admiral.” “Copy Baseplate. Firing at will” The projectiles were aimed at the airports and naval ports of Algiers and Tunis, while the bases could be rebuilt the message was clear. Off the coast of Spain, the Ambiguous Assault Craft L.S. Laurens moved into attack formation, as 12,000 Marines, Tanks, and VBLs were landed onto the coastal beaches. Tiger Attack Helicopters and Blackhawks quickly overran the local forces as Laurentian Marines took the beachheads and moved onto major cities like Barcelona. “Viper….Thunder…” “Target Locked” Laurentian Rafales dropped their payloads on market centers and former government buildings. The Zodiac’s may have drawn the first blow, but Laurentia had struck a blow to the heartland of Zodiac in Europe and Africa. Laurentia's Planes returned to the Foch, behind them destroyers and Missile Cruisers joined the Fleet as the continued to hold a line some nautical miles from Tunis and Algiers. At home, The Armed Forces were placed on high alert, with the Marine Forces in Flanders expected to return for future operations that would require their skills and knowledge.
  5. @David John Alexander From: Blake Sarkozy Subject: Diplomatic Relations Date: December 2nd, 2017 To: American State Department --Original Message----- From: Office of the President <[email protected]> To: undisclosed-recipients:;: Sent: December 2nd, 2017 The Laurentian President extends her warmest of respect and congratulations for the reemergence of an American Nation. We hope that the American Government will respect our claims of Quebec refrain from provactive active in these tense times between Laurentia, Britannia, and the Nova Empire. We hope you will accept our gifts of welcome and allow us to open diplomatic missions in our respective Capitals. Presidential Residence Chateau-Bleu Chateau-Bleu, SE Paris Classifed @Lelouch Vi Britannia From: Leo Pascal Subject: Diplomatic Relations Date: December 2nd, 2017 [Britannian Calendar] To: Cross Border Attack --Original Message----- From: Office of the President <[email protected]> To: undisclosed-recipients:;: Sent: December 2nd, 2017 Laurentia's Intelligence Services are working to determine the origin of the attacks, we fear the Nova Empire may have attempted to attack Britannia. If true Laurentia may face such raids as well, we urge Britannia to host a summit between our three leaders to either find a solution or realize the only future for the Americas is a war between our nations. Our Military will increase patrols around our sector and deploy the Aircraft Carrier LS Foch to the New York Coast forth time being. Signed Leo Pascal Ministry of Defense, Napoleon Towers Napoleon Towers 5th Victoire Gate, SE Paris
  6. President Korczak ordered the deployment of an additional unit to the Flemish Region. The 11th Parachute Brigade and 9e Brigade d'Infanterie de Marine joined the 2e Régiment d'Infanterie de Marine [apart of the 9th Marine Infantry Brigade] 11e Brigade Parachutiste and 27e Brigade d'Infanterie de Montagne. The number of troops in Flanders has skyrocketed to 30,000 with 15 new planes and 300 new tanks arriving in Vale Heights to strengthen the defenders before the reinforcements arrive from Laurentia. Prime Minister Theresa May and the C.D.U. passed the Carbon Reduction Initiative which would see Laurentia cut its Carbon Emission by another 3% by 2030. The Carbon Initiate of 2020 saw Carbon Emissions cut by 20%. With oil-vehicles out of service in Laurentia and all non-renewable energy plants under plans to close by 2025. Prime Minister May and President Korczak signed the bill later that evening. The July National Parade saw the Laurentian Armed Forces be joined by S.T.A.R.S an elite combat unit from Resoria in the opening of the Parade. The National weeklong holiday displays the military power of Laurentia in a series of parades and displays across major cities. During the Parade, many took notice of Laurentian Troops carrying E.U. Proposer Member States flags as they marched to the Arc de Triomphe. Military analysts noted the reveal of the new Macron-Missile, F-20 XB Fighter Plane, Hollande-UAV, the AMX Leclerc BC, and the FELIN system. On the seas, the pride of the Laurentian navy, the LS Korczak, and LS Caesar were flanked by the LS Gibraltar and LS Cape Hope the Victoire-Class Railgun ships. The recent unveiling revealed the speculations of Laurentia’s Marine having one of the most advanced ships and first rail-gun ship. Many were delighted to see the black and white uniforms of the Resorians, and their bird clutching the star in its claws. The High Chancellor and President sat together watching the display chatting passionately and sharing laughing moments.
  7. Discord
  8. The frozen tundra of Quebec Was awaken by the jolt of death The death and decay, evident as nigh and dah Will unleash the wrath of the unforgiving - Exéléphat Vigneault Quebec Quebec Revolutionary Brigade members met in the suburbs of Quebec City, among them were men in masks and black combat suits. Many of the Revolutionary Brigade were amateurs and unprofessional militias, but they were nationalists wanting to reunite the entire Quebec region under the Quebec Flag. Armed with weapons on par of the Laurentian Armed Forces and Novan Armed Forces the revolutionaries had an old debt to pay back. The conflict between Novans and Laurentians spread beyond the linguistics and politics, as escalating violent attacks continued the revolutionaries were adorned by the Laurentian community and sparked retaliation by the Novans. The ‘Men in Mask’ as the revolutionaries called them had supplied them with money and weapons. While they accepted blinded the aide, the time had come to repay their debt. The Men in Masks returned one day, dropping bags of military fatigues and M16 rifles both used by Novan Soldiers they were taken to various locations to launch attacks on Britannian patrols and bases. The Men in Masks had surveyed the Britannians for months, among other tasks they were able to locate key facilities in use by the Britannian Armed Forces. The Men in Masks raided a listening post, killing the post commander and its 3 occupants. They listened on the radios as soldiers screamed into them. The men dialed a phone, “Sunshine has awaken.” They grabbed their rifles, leaving the post and boarding a vehicle as they away. The great dragon had been awakened, and now the Phoenix was to be set ablaze.
  9. Laurentian Embassy, Omni Classified Diplomatic Cable Ambassador Leah Merkel The Diplomatic Mission of Laurentia in Wintery has submitted a report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With credible intelligence, it is the opinion of the diplomatic chief officer and intelligence chief that Wintery has and will see a resurgence of terroristic activities that are unprecedented. The Diplomatic Mission is requesting added security and reduction in non-essential personnel due to the risks of possible attacks. As Chief of Mission and Civilian Commander of the National Gaurd Division inside Wintery, I'd suggest the closure of the base to non-military personnel and keep personnel on base at all possible times. The DGSE Chief of Mission Fransisco Resnick has deemed the threat credible and believes this group is not religiously driven nor ethnically driven, but rather under similar goals and motives as Scorpio. The DGSE Asia Desk opinion is to arm the Wintery Armed Forces and provide direct Combat Support is and when needed. Message Encrypted
  10. "As President, it is my distinct honor to welcome you all to the annual OCED summit in Paris. Laurentia strives for economy development and growth across the world, I hope that we can formulate constructive plans of development in Laurentia and abroad both economically and socially. I am keen on learning the issues our great nations face in this age of peril" "The only solution to the Quebec Question is a quebec solution. Until the people of Quebec solve their disputes, the Government of Laurentia can not. I expect both sides, to be peaceful in their discussions and end what is becoming one of the most deadly and dangerous conflicts erupting in North America" "The Megacity Project will be continued into 2018 britannian time and 2022/2023 Orbis time. I look forward to seeing the progress of development of Brussels our largest growing city and milestone in development" Brussels, Laurentia Geneva, Laurentia Sydney, Laurentia
  11. Laurentian Strategic Homeland Division The SHD was formed in 1991 under President Laurens as part of the National Defense Acts of 1991, 1994, and 2001. The NDA established and funded the Strategic Homeland Division which is under both the Ministry of Interior and Defense. Every citizen at the age of 18 joins the Laurentian Armed Forces as a reservist and completes an 18-month service serving in non-combat roles with exceptions of voulnteers deploying with combat troops. After their 18 month service the recuits continue with yearly training. Roughly 7 million citizens are registered in the Strategic Homeland Division capable of being conscripted to defend Laurentia. The SHD has bunkers and vaults in various cities with clothing, medicine, weapons, and ammuniton. While some valuts also contain fuel and supplies as well, the SHD has been reformed to allow quick mobility with instant-texts, mass emails, etc... Shadow Marshal Program The Special Operations Group houses Laurentia's elite and finest special operators, numbering under ~20,000 members the SoG was Laurentia's shield against terrorism, enemy's of the state, and gathering intelligence. The Shadow Marshal Program would be reintroduced after the fall of the French Empire Shadow Marshals continued their services to the various commanders in outer space. 2,400 Shadow Marshals were discovered in Mars and the Moon. They now occupy the Bases there as remants of the French Empire. The Shadow Marshals have begun on behest of Greater Francia to support and train the Laurentian Special Operations Group. While they ask to remain in covert roles and not revealed to orbis, Shadow Marshals under 'advisor' positions have returned to train Laurentian Special Forces in close-quarter-combat, and weapon handling. 2030 Weapon Program The 2030 Weapon Program would see equipment found on the Lunar Base and in Mar's Vault be adapted to the Laurentian Armed Forces to advance its armed forces. The 2030 Progam has over 2,000 members in research and development. National Gaurd Act 2020 Laurentia's National Gaurd, which serves under the Ministry of Interior numbers roughly 600,000 active-front-line personnel, making it both equal and on par with = the Laurentian Armed Forces which hold 696,515 personnel. The Minister of Interior Véronique Laurens and Defense Minister Leo Pascal remained adament both branches served different purposes, where the Armed Forces conducted operations outside of the state and in the intersest of the State; the National Gaurd provided protection to hotspots in the various overseas territories. Laurentian Defense Agreements 2015-2020 Laurentia completed projects with Resoria to invent the new spider-walker vehicle. Laurentia completed projects with Britannia to invent the ICEFISH which is the worlds leading submarine. Laurentia completed victorire that incorporated railguns in the Laurentian Marine. Laurentia's Armed Forces intergrated 200,000 new positions from 2016 and 2020. The Laurentian Airforce recivied higer funding recently under President Korczak. Laurentia's Defense Industry is the biggest supplier of araments and equipment to the Laurentian Armed Forces. 52,316 FELIN Systems are now in-service with the Laurentian Armee de terre.
  12. Lidia Korczak declared the winner in the 2020! Beating Marine Le Pen in a run-off winning 64% of the vote. President Laurens congradulated her former Prime Minister, followed by Marine Le Pen conciding the election and calling Korczak to congradulate her.
  13. The Second Round of voting has begun, a media blackout was declared once again
  14. The media ban was lifted and the Interior Ministry final released the results of the first round of voting. Official Results from the Interior Ministry Korczak: 37% Le Pen 31% Chirac 20% Melechone: 12%2% The Union Démocratique won 402 seats in the National Assembly, the majority faction led by the Christian Democratic Union with 205 seats, followed by the coalition of smaller parties inside the U.D. The U.D. increased by 62 new seats in the first wave of voting. In Paris, Bordeaux, Monaco, and Toulouse the contested regions will go onto the second wave of voting. Results from the Parliamentary election are still on-going as ballots are being cast. Soryay Chirac endorsed Lidia Korczak following her defeat hoping Laurentia will stay true to its core.
  15. TF1 Poll puts Lidia Korczak in the lead with 32%, followed by Chirac with 27% with Le Pen at 25% and Melechon at 16%.