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  1. Why not Sinister Soul Sisters? Excellent flag btw!
  2. Exam instructions unclear, nuke stuck in recycling center.
  3. I nominate Fraggle for all categories.
  4. But...its fried chicken. No one likes overcooked chicken. It's dry and keeps going round and round in your mouth, refusing to enter your throat and stomach.
  5. Genuine question - if you're a right winger, can you still eat left wings from a fried chicken?
  6. Why not to Alex? He fixed our broken servers a few days ago. In my eyes, he is Player of the Year for 5 years now.
  7. There's only one way to solve this mess. All nations with 700+ days can decide on a council of 5 players. These 5 players will choose "deserving" candidates which will of course be totally unbiased and fair. Because as humans, we never make biased decisions. Once the "deserving" candidates are chosen, the community will vote. Every vote will be double checked against the voters forum age and nation age. If they look like trolls or seem like trolls or even smell like trolls, they will be denied their vote.At the end of the day, Democracy wins and so does the "deserving" candidate.
  8. I've clearly been living my life the wrong way because I hadn't heard of a coffee stout till now. Going to look for one today! P.S: to stay on topic, yay mercs!
  9. Ooooh! I've never tried having coffee and beer together. It's an interesting idea that I want to try.
  10. Whatcha drinkin there?
  11. I said nukes, resources and economy keeping the theme of the game in mind If the paper was published here on these forums and detailed how we should not nuke our neighbors, then it wouldnt break the rules I assume?
  12. How about a 3 page essay highlighting the risks of using nuclear weapons and the effects they have on resources and the global economy?
  13. Congratulations! Good theme! Just remember to crouch in the bushes
  14. Congratulations on hitting your 1000! May the wights join your cause!
  15. Excellent edition, thank you for the great work!