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  1. It's usually advisable to post a few details about your new alliance and its members. Also, don't loan any of these guys any of the billions they're asking for.
  2. You're free to come declare on us and join the fray! The least I can guarantee is it will be fun and you won't be jealous anymore.
  3. Happy Cake Day!
  4. Alex has rigged the game. Founder of The Salty Horde Who else will drive your tanks and man your ships and planes? Get a few buckets of lube
  5. Whaling your time away, are you?
  6. I like the sound of this.
  7. I mean it sounds good but realistically, given the existing or planned project choices, would people really choose this project? The only real use will come from people randomly spying on others with this terrorism to cause infra damage. During a war, this will probably not be used as much. It takes a precious project slot for most mid tier nations making it a bit of a fancy. At 20 million plus another 6-10m in resources it seems a little expensive.
  8. 500 of each and 1 million is too low. I like the idea for the project to scale by cities so that it kinda remains relevant for everyone in the game. Alternatively, you could set a limit like 150 per city flat and that 150 could be a mix of whatever resources the player wants to save manually. For example, 150 per city at my 18 cities means a max of 2700 resources which I could fill in with say 1000 steel, 500 alum, 500 gas, 700 munitions.
  9. From Economic to War, all changes seem to help the higher tier/city count nations immensely. The longer such changes stay in effect, the more entrenched such nations will get.
  10. I blame solar and wind for killing the coal industry. Also umm, who bought out all the coal?
  11. Why not add the same values to manufacturing buildings? This seems like a great tip for new players who are deciding what to make for profit.
  12. Still can't open the PDF @Alex, it says my account is not authorised to view that page.
  13. Pirate STRONK!
  14. Would an alliance of 2D anime boys be your eternal enemies?