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  1. Isn't there a third option?
  2. Odd how reality doesn't coincide with your narrative. 2nd most wars and only two people beating us in less damage received who did significantly less wars than us.
  3. He knows.
  4. You've been noticed.
  5. That's literally what I said as well, things should be organized and tested before ever being implemented into a live server. This is beyond absurd and reflects back to the economic update in which it was untested and founded to result in a change that the community overwhelmingly deemed unnecessary and it detracted from the original intentions. Instead of sidelining a community, how about you listen to it considering the same people who post typically here have the most experience dealing with it? If you even think about it from an objective standpoint you can clearly see how this doesn't equalize anything but adds more problems than it solves. It's really hard for myself to justify new players joining the alliance to continue playing to be essentially at a disadvantage from competing with higher tier alliances. Previously, as long as you were active and worked for it you stood the slightest chance to provide some meaningful damage and perhaps even bring people down if you worked for it. However utilizing this will result in that from not being a possibility and null it completely.
  6. That was too funny lol.
  7. Can you seriously not just ban those words from being used? It can't be that hard..
  8. The biggest disappoint was that you didn't quit.
  9. Food is pretty great! You sound good to me
  10. You're pretty damn hot too. Let me slide into your DMs plz.
  11. Yeah, I'd talk a lot of shit then shift the blame as well. I'd say take a seat from ya but it doesn't look like even those were sparred.
  12. How'd that work out for ya, champ?
  13. All things come full circle eventually.