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  1. They could have custom nations like EU4 but that'll be in the like 6th DLC and it requires you buying all the previous DLCs to gain access. >paradox logic That might be interesting? I mean you can make custom nations so I think that kind of defeats the purpose of a mod unless you can elaborate.
  2. Nice meme.
  3. Someone was referencing the treaty web as wieners and balls earlier. (IDC about it, just saying people talking about the weather isn't really that much different than drawing pictures of a treaty web) Wieners are more hipster, dicks are so mainstream man. Come on.
  4. I guess people drawing wieners and balls of the treaty web is on topic now.
  5. I'm referring to the fact nukes don't affect military in a significant way. I.E. They aren't going to just wipe out 1/3 of an opponents air etc.
  6. TL;DR You're suggesting that you build up a member during war to nuke a 24 city nation which brings him down in NS? (Even though nukes don't affect military?)
  7. I like the approach but you have been baiting a reply for a while now. I honestly don't think you have well thought out posts generally. You are part of the status quo "circle jerk" that fails to actually provide meaningful arguments and trolls the forums. I guess nobody should call that out though because that's being "butt hurt", right? Like I have stated elsewhere, I never said that VE did good in Silent War quite the contrary really. Judging an alliance based on events that occurred over a year ago with completely different government and members isn't reflective of the current alliance. The correlation is non-existent to the alliance today thus it's a pretty bad argument in its entirety.
  8. I didn't even do a WoT I have no idea what statistics or evidence he's even using to make the claim in the first place. I am using the most recent wars statistics since that was the only "war" that we were involved in this year.
  9. ApaReNTlY THe SyNdICaTe ARe sUcH A bAD aLLiAnCE ThEY GoT LIsTEd TWicE. Yeah, you're an idiot and the statistics don't even back your moronic claims. Unless you want to grave dig wars but we can do that on anyone.
  10. Good luck - from the 6
  11. What option did you pick and why?
  12. I lol'd.
  13. I don't think bringing up previous war performance regarding Silent detracts from his comment considering we have openly stated that we did terrible in the blitz and following operations of the war. Sounds like a challenge to me!
  14. How dare you one up the two man VE blitz.