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  1. Roz is back! Hail Victory!
  2. I thought it was Bruh or bro.
  3. So Roz is a racist for asking others’ preferences and sharing his own?
  4. Pajeet my son, were you that scared of my so called "war declaration"?
  5. You took some weird excuse to hit us but fine. I’m happy with this war.
  6. They attacked us so wouldn’t it be logical to fight them back? It isn’t hard man. What makes them think the war was over and that they can get away with hitting us?
  7. Have you not read the logs? It showed how some of Zodiac's allies refused to hit us. So I'm not sure "we are irritating" or whatever.
  8. Well Zodiac has plenty of men in our range, they are just not using them properly. Zodiac sent men to counter with no military or attacking us with insufficient military units which resulted in utter failures in multiple occasions.
  9. Zodiac needs "help".
  10. Send the ICE after him!
  11. Dude, go mind your own business. We have been minding our business while you guys are constantly throwing tantrums over our personal beliefs.
  12. I never said I was actually a nazbol... so wtf are you trying to imply?
  13. Holy shit, it has been 7 months. Can you get it through head??? I’m not a Nazi. Look at the damn results. I’m a Falangist!
  14. I got Falangist.