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  1. ^^^^^THIS^^^^^
  2. So if you could combine any 2 movies into 1.....which 2 would you pick? I came across this last night and thought it was pretty frickin awesome!
  3. Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means a Whale 🐳's vagina.

    1. Lucifer Morningstar

      Lucifer Morningstar

      I found one of those right around this time last year. Ayy lmao.

  4. I might be one of the elder statesmen on these forums......but I like to keep up with what the kids are listening to these days!
  5. 50% of all marriages end in divorce.......however, 100% of divorces start with marriage. 

  6. So my previous battle ended with my opponent winning even though when I last looked at the battle log, he had barely done any damage to me. So I started up another battle.....its been over 4 hours and the battle long says....."who will make the first attack"......I would but I don't have any of the attack types buttons to choose an attack.
  7. I think I just found one we could use........ EDIT: And for those who couldn't tell......or are hyper sensitive.......I'm really only know.....looking for the lulz!!!!
  8. Would this give us a new little "in-game" icon to go with our "Beta", "Speed Round" and various "Birthday" icons?
  9. Look folks, for those of you who are doing the following: "Best Player Avatar: [none chosen]" Please consider me......I'd like to think that I'm a little better than "None Chosen"..........that dudes an F-tard!!!!
  10. With my attention span being that of fly, I'm not sure whats really going on. I did partake in one of Roz's threads and didn't find anything wrong with it........does that make me a racist? Like Tywin said.......I think some lectures on freedom of speech and expression is required........PREACH ON BROTHER TYWIN.......PREACH ON!!!!!
  11. I just tried registering at the forums and got an error when I tried to submit. I tried again and it said I could use the same user name as I used before, but it said that the e-mail I tried using again, was already in use. Is there any sort of in-game messaging system (PM) or something besides using the Forums? If anyone reading this decides to create a Hero in this new game and you are a Dwarf......sign up for the alliance "Iron Bones"....“Baruk khazâd, khazâd ai-mênu" EDIT: would seem right now our Heroes have no armor or weapons at their disposal from which they can purchase. Even just basics like, Plate, Chain, Leather. Each could have pluses and minuses like Plate would have a Damage Reduction (DR) of say 2 points, but would have a -2 on Quickness and any future stealth checks. Or maybe certain types of weapons would work better against certain armors, like a bludgeoning weapon would be better vs plate then say a slashing weapon. This would allow the Heroes to size up their opponent (see what armor and weapons they have) and determine which weapon they would like to use against them. The weapon choices could be fairly straight forward like a slicing weapons; short, long, 2-handed sword: a hand/throwing, or battle axes, bludgeoning; warhammer, club, mace or flail, piercing; spears, tridents, bolts, arrows and knives/daggers I apologize for the lengthy walls of text, but I've played AD&D on and off since back in the late 70's. I know this isn't really an AD&D game and by no means am I any kind of coder (I'm to old to learn that shit), but I like the idea of a text based format of an AD&D "Type" game and I think the possibilities are fairly endless.....if they can be coded somehow.
  12. So....tried Blitz again....fumbled again....3 times in a row. I guess my confusion with the skills is that when spe d your points on them and get them, it says something like, "you have mastered this skill". If I've mastered something, I'd think I'd be pretty damn good at doing it. Another thing is that the attack skills don't list the damage range that they do, like an "attack" doing 1d4 or a kick doing 1d6 for example. Also there is no "chance to hit" number anywhere. If this is based on a d20 system, maybe having the "to hit" number next to each attack form (which of course would change depending on your opponent) would allow the attacker an opportunity to determine which attack to use. Then, once the attack is made, show the generated number that was "rolled" in the log. With the recovery of health/hit points, it seems they recover quicker then the damage that can be delt, so how is one able to win then, seems almost imposible.
  13. Ouch....still not a single nomination! This hurts.....really, really hurts!
  14. I don't know about that............I've been around since BETA and never been nominated for anything! I usually just go to my dark place and start endlessly crying around this time of year and use my tears as lubricant as I whack off with a cheese grater. Sure, it hurts a little after awhile, but it keeps me calm and it's really worth it in the end!
  15. Holy crap......I've finally made it into one of these threads. I must say, it is an honor just to have made the list with all these other fine gentlemen....and animals. Anyway, is there something about a elderly Hawaiian Hippie with tattoos and smokes a pipe that is not found to be "Husband worthy"?