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  1. Arrgh!
  2. I'm in for next time.
  3. Did this happen or not?
  4. It's not happenstance that when TEst went away the game suffered. We need another paperless giant to rise up, unafraid to mix things up - be the catalyst to make the game interesting again. I was excited that T$ went paperless and I hope they decide to make some moves soon.
  5. Bah I signed up but I just realized I'll be at an F1 race. Boooooo
  6. I would stick to something simple and easy to start with: A modest proposal of setting a % of decay on resources held each turn. That would be easy to adjust by Alex as well. EDIT: and if you want to discourage hoarding then up the % of decay for nations according to the amount of stuff they have.
  7. Any update on the actual war? I am surprised (but pleased) that you guys are still at it.
  8. I am sure they are screaming - just not in a public forum.
  9. And you can't tell me your political doubts would've been enough to peace out if your side was rolling to victory. Things got tough and you bailed. Fair enough but painting it as anything else is spin.
  10. The Teutonic Order and her allies can try to put a happy face on this but it's more than embarrassing to pull out of a war in this manner. Nobody would've said boo if their leadership had thought this through before joining the fray. Going in with political doubts and then pulling out after 2 days can't help but stain their reputation. Better luck in the future when things get a tad complicated and it's not as easy as joining a dogpile for a couple of weeks.
  11. Why? Why would you end your involvement in a couple of days? Seems strange.
  12. Yep headed back to zero production here shortly.
  13. The Expected War +1