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  1. More closer to GATO if it was say blue and not based on cats
  2. Yeah we still protect them
  3. Cheers brobeans
  4. Well I guess we can only wait and see if things improve. Not holding my breath though
  5. Heads up they are still under Zombie Mob protection.
  6. Welcome boys and those that don't exist on the internet. Also we protect them
  7. 10/10 would read again
  8. Kind of funny Roz that you neededa lot of Cerberus to join the fight and ghost for you. I wonder does that mean Cerberus supports those actions.
  9. I'm going to take a stab in the dark next to go is Madden. (Sorry bro)
  10. You have some mighty fine protectors who will treat you well
  11. Why push it and strain a relationship with NK. It's inevitable that Partisan will get his crew back together for a remake. CB's as far as I'm aware do not have an expiry date like your stale rhetoric in this thread.
  12. Saving private whale Sparta whaled on Grumpy Orka vs humpback Whale mating Whaception Whale civil war I dunno I'm out of ideas
  13. Oh I know that I'm just wondering if said person is stupid enough to send it. Nothing would surprise me
  14. Out of curiosity has anyone that's done this been paid would be interesting to see how a new nation pays it 🙄
  15. I guess we shall see how Vox will fare but I have no doubt they shall do better then most. If they don't, and they give us their all. We in Bad Co will still be there right by their side because they put forth the effort. I have no doubt they will do better then most alliances.