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  1. Well good luck AOI didn't expect you to be back having fun so soon
  2. Well best if luck to Polaris and to Arrgh.
  3. Well just goes to show the level of stupidity is extending further and further now.
  4. So what we have is an alliance that has failed countless times already, and an alliance that's an attention whore.
  5. It's amazing the way it works isn't it. Shame on those BC *******
  6. I look forward to some banter in PM's
  7. I mean you can check the logs yourself you invited KT along to the fight not us.
  8. Damn glad to have you along for the ride
  9. Bad Company is ready to kick some Ass and eat some steak... and we’re all out of steak. Well, well, well, Mr. Kastor... it seems you’re back at it again. This time encouraging our allies to stop, drop, and roll us. Allow us to present to the world, Exhibit A. We here at Bad Company take our rights to private property very seriously. Insult us, mock us, even slander us, that we understand. Business is business. But to attack our assets, attack our sponsors, that we take as much, much more. So in the name of all that is... profitable, Bad Company hereby shall take its rightful, defensive stand against Kastor’s attempts to undermine us. We see our attack as a warranted and defensive move and will act accordingly. Our legal team advises us not to say this, but, Kastor, we hope that Ass in Assassin Order is “ripe enough for a good kickin’” as the kids say. And we call upon all members of Orbis, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Join us, if not just this once. Join us... in the Ass-Kicking Crusade.
  10. Kind of redundant but whatever makes you happy I guess
  11. Can't wait to see what level of nothingness that this brings. But at least the micros are more dynamic then IQ
  12. RUM literally had me and banned as ex ragnarok people. That's 2 people not mostly all as we had 25 members.