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  1. https://s14.postimg.org/wdcjzt2kv/Organic_RP_Map.png
  2. https://s14.postimg.org/gsol8akrj/Organic_RP_Map.png
  3. As several alarms sounded, Maou looked up, seeing the missiles approaching quickly. "Oh, boy... Well, guess now is as good a time as any. Get the Ether Rings in position now!" On his command, the five Ether Rings stationed in Japan assembled in one spot. They propelled themselves upward toward the missiles as Maou accompanied them. "Now, expand!" On his cue, one of the Ether Rings expanded, covering a large area. It appeared as a large tube floating in the sky. The first set of missiles finally arrived after a few moments, passing through the ring. As they did, it activated, releasing huge amounts of Ether within the tube. It was at that moment when the ability of Ether had been revealed - anti-gravity. The missiles within the tube did indeed slow down, but the speed and gravitational force acting upon the released Ether was so great that the entire ring began to descend rapidly. Seconds later, the set of missiles exploded all at once, still a couple hundred miles in the air. Sensing the detonation, the tube shut, triggering its final line of defense. The Ether Ring had disintegrated, along with everything trapped inside. The process repeat itself with the last two sets of missiles. Like before, a second and third Ether Ring were destroyed, leaving two remaining by the time all the missiles were finally gone. Maou let out a huge sigh as he descended back down. After catching his breath for a bit, he contacted the Witch Council. "Yeah, those Ether Rings could use some work..."
  4. After successfully landing in Rokkenjima territory, the newly arrived starships were boarded by the Rokkenjima Armed Forces. Up until this point, the Goat Butlers were the only ones aboard the vessels. During their voyage, they had received several incoming communications signals, but were unable to respond to them as they're incapable of speaking human languages. Commander Satan, upon boarding one of the vessels, finally responded to the calls. "These ships are the property of Rokkenjima. They mean no harm. I repeat. These ships are the property of Rokkenjima. We apologize for the miscommunication, but those aboard at the time were incapable of human speech. The Rokkenjima Armed Forces will be sure to mark these vessels with our flag by the next time they take orbit."
  5. >.>
  6. https://s14.postimg.org/u9swcv3q7/Organic_RP_Map.png
  7. The Witch Council continued to monitor the situation, switching back and forth between Chinese public broadcasts and Rokkenjima's own. About a third of the Rokkenjima Armed Forces was on standby in the event that the Council decided to enter a state of war with China. Eva sighed, looking over at a different monitor. "Crestia, how are things at the UN?" Crestia rolled her eyes, wearing a completely unamused expression. "They're useless, as always." Eva nodded. "Figures. Nevertheless, we appreciate your efforts. Continue to do all you can. Looks like we're going to have to take things into our own hands." The monitor switched feeds, this time to Commander Satan of the Rokkenjima Armed Forces. "Hey, Maou, what's the status on our new toys?" "Well, thirty Ether Rings have been completed and are awaiting testing. Development of Ragnite bombs, tank shells, and missiles have been completed and tested, awaiting mass production. Ten new battleships have been constructed and equipped. And fifty starships have arrived, safely entering our airspace. This brings our total to fifty-one." Eva thought to herself for a moment. "I see. And what's the progress of that?" "Right, the current progress of the carrier is sitting at 20% completion." Eva looked around at the members of her council. Ange cleared her throat. "While we could do quite a bit of damage to China with our current numbers, I believe we should wait until the odds are more in our favor. We've seen that our naval patrol in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea has been quite effective, and we have no reason to stop China from colonizing other continents. I suggest we withdraw our ships from Singapore and the South China Sea and instead use them to prevent China from colonizing eastern Russia." Eva looked around for everyone else's thoughts. They all seemed to nod in agreement of Ange's proposal. Eva turned back to the monitor. "Did you get that, Maou? Give the order to withdraw our naval fleet from Singapore and the South China Sea, and have them reinforce our fleet stationed at Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands. Make sure no Chinese ships get through." Maou nodded. "Understood, ma'am. And, what about Esdeath and Alciel?" "We'll continue to secure our entire border with China with ground forces and airships. You may tell General Esdeath and General Alciel they are free to return. Also, see if you can get our military development team to work more efficiently. That is all." Maou saluted. "Yes, ma'am!" With that, the screen switched back to Crestia Bel. "Suzuno, inform the Security Council of our decision, if you would." She nodded. "Of course." The screen switched off. Eva sighed. Gaap spoke up. "Still, this was a step in the right direction for us. Ulaanbaatar is secure, our navy is about to get even stronger, and our space defenses increased drastically." "I suppose you're right there." Eva said as she looked at the files on her desk. 07-Ushiromiya Battleship Dream End Fleet guarding Taiwan and the Ryukyu Islands A Rokkenjiman Starship entering Earth's atmosphere
  8. https://s14.postimg.org/3wu1kmgqn/Organic_RP_Map.png
  9. I've added Inner Mongolia, but the three other claims are not currently possible as you are blockaded. https://s14.postimg.org/5f6lmzxbz/Organic_RP_Map.png
  10. Four provinces in central Mongolia for February.
  11. As dawn arrived, General Esdeath and the troops that accompanied her stood along the Mongolian-Chinese border. A golden butterfly landed on her finger. Esdeath held her hand up, speaking to it. "Lady Eva, the first stage of Operation Mongolian Freedom was a success. We've managed to secure Ulaanbaatar along with the central area of the country. The President had finished signing the annexation documents just before my departure from the capital. We're currently stationed along the Chinese border as you instructed." Eva smiled and nodded at the report. "Great work as always, General Esdeath. Please remain there for a while longer." Esdeath saluted. "Understood." Eva then looked at the live feed of the Rokkenjiman warships. "It would seem they're in place as well. Everything is ready." Beatrice stood. "Shall we?" The rest of the Council stood as well. Eva nodded. "Right." She spoke to another golden butterfly. "Alciel, send them in." "Roger." As the Witch Council warped, hundreds of Rokkenjiman airships entered the newly annexed territory from Manchuria, under the command of General Alciel. Although slow, the sight of the Dream End Fleet was enough to intimidate anyone unfortunate enough to be on the ground. Within the hour, the airships had arrived to back up the ground forces stationed in Russia and Mongolia, hovering in place. With all the pieces in place, a breaking news broadcast appeared across Rokkenjima, and the world. Standing before the microphone was Eva-Beatrice, with the rest of her Council behind her. "Ladies and gentlemen of Rokkenjima, and the rest of the world, my apologies for the early awakening. I've asked the Rokkenjima News Network to air this broadcast so that I may inform you all of some rather important news. Late last night into early this morning, the Rokkenjiman Armed Forces conducted Operation Mongolian Freedom. As you may know, last month, the People's Republic of China conducted several expansions into neighboring territories in an aggressive campaign to spread Communism and its influence to the free world. Mongolia, Singapore, and Vietnam had their sovereignty as free and independent nations violated. When the People's Republic of China was first founded, Rokkenjima had made it very clear that the spread of Communism is something we will not tolerate. That is why, under Operation Mongolian Freedom, we have annexed central Mongolia and placed a blockade on China's remaining mainland coastline, as well as Singapore. Our armed forces are also standing strong along the border of our newly annexed territory, sending the message that Communism is not welcome in the free world. Now you may be asking what the next step for us is. For now, nothing. The next step is the responsibility of China to take. Rokkenjima recognizes your existence within China, but that's it. Want the blockade to end? Then cede your Mongolian territory and Singapore to Rokkenjima, and withdraw completely from Vietnam. Additionally, you shall agree to stay within China's borders for all future expansion. Should these terms be met, Rokkenjima will end its blockade and agree to not take any future aggressive action against the People's Republic of China. So, what will it be?" The broadcast then ended, returning to RNN's regularly scheduled programming.
  12. Claiming my remaining two provinces for January.
  13. Under the cover of night, 200,000 Rokkenjiman troops and 1,000 tanks quietly slipped across the Manchurian border into the Russian wilderness. Those present were a combination of Goat Butlers and humans, led by General Esdeath. They moved quickly, with troops and tanks staying behind at certain points, as if they were preparing to go on the attack if ordered. Within a few hours, Rokkenjima's forces had secretly annexed the Russian land stretching from Manchuria all the way to Lake Baikal. Even after coming this far, they didn't stop however. They progressed further southward, pushing further into unclaimed land. Back in Evatrice... The Witch Council was watching a live feed of the troop movements. Gaap checked the time. "General Esdeath has arrived even earlier than expected. The plan is going smoothly so far." Eva nodded. "Indeed." She looked at another live feed, showing a long line of Rokkenjiman warships. "It's almost time. Be ready. We may have to make an appearance soon."
  14. https://s14.postimg.org/aawem3967/Organic_RP_Map.png
  15. Ohayƍgozaimasu! Welcome to episode 4 of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN! I'm your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. We have several special announcements this week regarding Rokkenjima's development. So without further delay, let's go! To start off, Rokkenjima's Department of Foreign Affairs has officially announced that since its opening, Rokkenjima has established diplomatic relations with two nations - Hungadada and the Grand Sufi Order. Travel from each of these nations to Rokkenjima has also been opened, along with the establishment of embassies in Evatrice. Security for anyone entering Rokkenjima has been tight, due to the worrisome situation occurring in western Europe, and the concern that the influence of Communism may enter our borders. In a statement from the Witch Council, it was noted that the restriction of travel from Hungadada and the Grand Sufi Order was under consideration until the situation in Europe improves. At this time, Rokkenjima does not have any plans in the works to allow its citizens to travel outside the country. Next up, a map displaying Rokkenjima's territorial waters was officially released by the Witch Council. Everything within the red is under the control of Rokkenjima, and falls under the protection of the Rokkenjima Armed Forces. The map can be found here. Our last topic for today is regarding Rokkenjima's future. Earlier today, the Witch Council announced Mirai Project, a plan to use Rokkenjima's available resources to establish it as a world power. And speaking of resources, a new one has recently been discovered - Ether. Currently, any further details about the resource besides the name are not publicly known, but the Witch Council has stated that it will be used to aide in the construction of an upcoming city. Now, as for what we know about Mirai Project... Under the Project, five new cities will be constructed around Rokkenjima by the end of this year. So far, only two are confirmed to be located in Japan, but the possibility for them all to be in Japan still exists. Second, Rokkenjima will be expanding its military. In January alone, the numbers of the Rokkenjima Armed Forces have increased to the following: 1,950,000 active soldiers (+25,000), 39,000 tanks (+500), 7,000 aircraft (+70), 170 ships (+15). The size of Rokkenjima's military is expected to increase gradually throughout the remainder of the year. Continuing with military, the Witch Council has confirmed that several new weapons, vehicles, and various miscellaneous structures will be constructed under the Project. No details have been released yet as to what they could be, but we do know that their development and construction is already underway. Lastly, several infrastructure projects for both Rokkenjima's already existing cities and cities that are currently under construction have been confirmed. Some of which include a nationwide subway system, underwater tunnels connecting to Taiwan, Korea, China, and of course Japan, and a space elevator/space station. All of the aforementioned aspects of Mirai Project are currently underway, though we don't know when they will be completed. Further details regarding Mirai Project will be reported here on RNN as soon as they are available. That's all for this episode of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN. Until next time, ja ne!