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  1. This just reminded me of Assassin's Creed III for the Wii U, in which there was a glitch where the characters' clothes would flash on and off. Oh, and congrats, I guess. Yay for us?
  2. These suggestions are great, and all, but there is one question that is always on everyone’s minds... Who is best girl?
  3. In the days following Halloween, Astana, as well as other major cities and towns across the nation, had just started to complete the cleanup of decorations and such that were put up for massive parties for the holiday. As was typical for most nations across the world near the end of the year, decorations were already being put up for Thanksgiving and even Christmas, which were both officially established by the government as national holidays within the last few weeks. It could certainly be said that the arrival and upcoming arrivals of said holidays greatly eased the tension that the citizens of Walpurgis had been experiencing as a result of the nation’s constant expansion and occasional threats from foreign powers. Not only did this help the average population, but the nation’s large workforce as well, benefiting Cross Industries as a whole. Furthermore, it was because of employees’ raised morale and hard work that the company had some great news to report to the Lord and Lady, and their council. Normally, such news would be shared via video call. However, Tatsumi, the Shiki spokesperson of the company, was present in Astana today to present the news personally. He stood before Kaname and Yuki, and their council ready to give his report. “Well, it’s certainly great to see you all again.” He said in an upbeat and friendly tone. “I’m sure you’ll all be quite pleased with what we have to share with you today.” Kaname smiled and nodded. “Indeed. Please continue whenever you are ready.” Tatsumi continued. “Right. To start off, Cross would like to give a status report on the expressway and underground tunnel project initiated back in July. Due to the withdrawal from Seoul and Tokyo earlier this year, the scheduled construction of the underwater tunnels which planned to connect the two cities was cancelled. With that, the plans to construct any other underwater tunnels in the near future became non-existent. This allowed us to focus all our time and energy on the expressway project which connects the nation’s cities and towns, both major and minor. We are happy to report that the Kazakhstan Expressway System has been completed. Furthermore, the Chinese Expressway System, which connects our territory in northeast China, has also been completed. We are beginning plans to expand this into Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Azerbaijan, and Russia shortly. The actual construction for these areas is expected to begin in January.” The first bit of news was met with positive reactions from everyone present. Kaname smiled again. “That’s quite wonderful to hear. The people, as well as us, appreciate all the hard work that’s going on at Cross.” Tatsumi replied with a small salute. “Please. It’s nothing. Happy to help out.” He glanced through his notes to find the next topic. “Ah, yes. We have an update on the restoration of the Aral Sea. As of November 1st, the restoration process is sitting pretty at 90% completion. Cross has predicted that the sea should be back to its former self before the end of the year.” Yuki spoke this time. “It’s amazing what you’re doing to help the environment! I’m glad to see it hasn’t been pushed to the side at all.” Tatsumi nodded. “Of course. The one thing I can say that humans are good at is destroying everything they touch, the planet included.” Tatsumi set his notes down on the table. “I’ll just leave this here so you all can read the full details later. The last thing I’m to share today is something that would be easier to show you. If you would, use the teleporter to accompany me to Baku.” After some exchanged glances, everyone agreed. About a half hour later, along the coast of Baku, Tatsumi led them to their destination. As the thing he wanted to show them came into view, it captured the intrigued and impressed stares of everyone. “The last thing I wanted to share with you today is right here. I present, the first completed model of a Ragnite-powered warship developed by Cross Industries. It is the first of our Cross-line of warships which we plan to produce more of sometime next year. There’s no telling yet as to when, or how long they’ll take to produce though. It took a lot of experimenting through trial and error to produce even one model, but now that we have the formula down for the most part, it should be easier next time.” Towering over them, was a large mostly black ship with streaks of neon blue light coursing throughout it. Tatsumi continued. “The blue light that you see is the Ragnite which is used to both power and protect the ship. It addition, the cannons that are positioned all around it use Ragnite as their main method of attack. Just be careful, though. Firing more than two of any of the cannons at once will result in a considerable amount of recoil. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be seeing you all.” Kaname smiled and thanked Tatsumi once again. With that, he gave one last salute before taking his leave. Later that night, everyone was gathered back in the throne room. Kaname was presenting everyone with their next expansion plan. “With this, Walpurgis is initiating a new expansion policy that will be put into place immediately. It’s called Encirclement.” Yuki looked at him with a slightly confused expression. Ruka, on the other hand, understood what he meant by that. “So this new policy is going to involve surrounding a desired area of expansion, thus cutting it off from outside influence, isn’t that right?” Kaname nodded. “You’re correct. Although unintentionally, this was put into practice with our expansion into Siberia. It’s proven to be quite effective, allowing us to expand into an area at our own pace without any urgency.” He pulled up a map, which showed a large area of Russia surrounded. Maria looked it over. “Hm…” She put a finger to her chin. “For once, I find myself actually agreeing with you, Kaname. This is a good idea.” Kaname chuckled. “Well as long as I have your approval. We have the Meta Board to thank once again for their continued support.” He closed the map. “Lastly, we will be holding a nationwide broadcast tomorrow to officially announce this to the public, but I’ll be telling everyone here right now. I’ve assigned people to govern each one of our controlled (former) national capitals that we’ve captured, with the exception of Astana of course, and Beijing which already has Liu Xiu governing it. I’d first like to announce that the Diclonius Lucy will be the new governess of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. She is currently still stationed in Siberia monitoring that strange signal, however I’ve notified her that she won’t have any responsibility to fulfill in Bishkek for quite a while and not to worry about it, though I’m sure she wouldn’t have anyway.” “She still makes me uncomfortable…” Akatsuki muttered. He then spoke up. “Alright, so who else is there?” Kaname answered his question by putting the names and photos of everyone else up on the screen. Beijing Ulaanbaatar Bishkek Tashkent Tehran Baku Moscow
  4. Featherine is gifting me these: My expansion + move for this month:
  5. You can't claim colonies upon signing up.
  6. This guy declared war on me and hasn't done anything. I thought he might be waiting till he got more resources, or something, but he wasted no time attacking other nations he declared war on after me. I'm also almost twice his score, so I doubt he plans to do anything except drag my revenue down. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Edit: Nevermind. He's likely just waiting to nuke me. Ignore this. ._.
  7. Updated map:
  8. As the LNC broadcast ended, Kaname pressed the button to turn off the monitor. Everyone was gathered in the throne room for a meeting. Judging by the content of the broadcast the council just viewed, they had a pretty good idea of what the meeting would be about. Ruka was the first to speak. “It would appear that the Meta Board is still a valuable ‘ally’ to us.” She said as she twirled a Pocky in her mouth. “Indeed. It would be best if we used caution when dealing with them to prevent a dissolution of relations.” Senri said as he did the same. Yuki smiled. “That’s wonderful news. Right, Kaname?” She looked at Kaname as he nodded. “You’re exactly right. As far as sovereign nations on Orbis are concerned, the only other one with a large non-human presence in its government other than Walpurgis is the Meta Board. They’re a valuable ally and neutral party if we ever deal with other nations. That said, Walpurgis still follows an isolationist policy for the most part, so it’s highly unlikely our relationship will ever evolve to an economic or military partnership.” Akatsuki then spoke. “So is that all you called us for, Lord Kaname? Just to tell us this?” Kaname shook his head. “That’s not all. The Meta’s Board’s generous gift and the fall of Nihon will allow us to begin our next expansion more quickly than originally planned.” “Really? Already? So where to this time? We gonna finish capturing Uzbekistan?” Akatsuki asked. Kaname remained silent. Instead of answering Akatsuki’s question, he simply pulled up a map and zoomed in on the next target for expansion. A slight gasp could be heard from Akatsuki as he and the rest of the council stared at the map in surprise. The next morning, just before dawn… Panicked screams and the sound of gunshots filled the streets of Moscow. The combined force of Diclonii and vampires sent to subdue the city had finally arrived. Once their arrival became known, the streets were crowded with civilians trying desperately to get out as fast as possible. They’d soon discover such a thing wasn’t possible, however, as Moscow had already been surrounded. Bullets barely scratched the vectors of the Diclonii, who were mainly using them to shield the vampires positioned behind them until such time that they could strike. Although the main point of the mission, other than capturing Moscow, was to turn as many people into vampires as possible, there were several instances where the Diclonii were forced to kill people who got too close. The sound of bodies and severed limbs could be heard hitting the ground as one such Diclonius with short pink hair and pink eyes sliced through them with her vectors. “I’m sorry…” She said in a soft voice, clearly showing regret for her actions. This gave the vampires the opportunity to rush in, sinking their fangs into everyone they encountered. As the night went on, the sounds of the city gradually faded, until there was nothing left. As dawn broke, several Walpurgis flags were raised not only in Moscow, but along the new border with Sweden as well. It was clear that Walpurgis would only continue to increase their presence in Eurasia in the future.
  9. Moving the four Featherine gifted to here:
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  11. Those aren't California's border, but alright. Updated map: https://s1.postimg.org/8taqxgyg1p/P_W_Map.png
  12. The sound of the large double doors of the Akorda Palace echoed through the halls as they opened. Kaname, Yuki, Maria, and Seiren had finally returned from their trip to Britannia. They were greeted by the rest of the council as they entered. “Welcome back, Lord Kaname, Lady Yuki.” Ruka said as she bowed. Hanabusa, on the other hand, was more relieved than welcoming. “It’s good to see you back in one piece. Lord Kaname, are you sure that was a good idea? So much could’ve gone wrong.” Kaname and the rest began to make their way through the halls of the palace. After a few moments, he answered Hanabusa’s question. “Yes. It went well. Lelouch and I spoke of many things.” They finally arrived at the throne room. As Kaname and Yuki sat down, everyone else simply stood around the room. Hanabusa pushed a little further. “So, what did you speak about?” Kaname sat up straight, making eye contact with everyone. “As far as official diplomatic business is concerned, we mainly focused on our treatment of humans. Lelouch presented me with his concerns, and actively pushed to ensure that we treat humans with less aggression.” Ruka was the next to ask something. “What exactly does this mean for us?” Kaname answered. “It means that a few months down the road, Walpurgis will be changing its expansion policy to allow humans the option of becoming a vampire and joining us, or being sent to Britannia through the Meta Board.” Maria clicked her tongue and looked away, clearly upset about Kaname’s interaction with Lelouch. Kaname glanced at Maria before looking back to the rest of his council. Everyone wore looks of concern on their faces. Hanabusa spoke up. “Lord Kaname, I believe I speak for all of us when I say that I object to this!” Akatsuki placed his hand on Hanabusa’s shoulder, silently urging him to calm down. Akatsuki then shifted his gaze to Kaname. “Hanabusa’s right. I also object to this, but if this is what you’ve decided, then we’ll obey.” “I know how you all feel. The deal I made with Britannia was a compromise. Lelouch insisted we put this policy into place immediately upon my return. However, I insisted that that was simply not an option at this point in time. Despite the actions that we have been taking these last several months, I’ve not lost sight of the pacifist ideology that I support. You remember it well, don’t you?” Akatsuki spoke again. “It’s been years since we’ve attended that place. I for one am tired of following that pacifist ideology. We may not require actual human blood to survive, but that isn’t true for them…” Kaname exhaled as he looked out the window. “I know that. And that is why there is no such law here preventing the murder of humans and the consumption of their blood. We shall see what happens what happens down the road. For now, Walpurgis will continue with its current expansion policy.” Takuma spoke up. “Speaking of which, Kaname, where will we be expanding next?” Kaname turned his attention to the map. “In addition to the capture of more Russian land, we will be capturing the capital city of Uzbekistan - Tashkent. I’ve already informed Tatsumi that the Shiki will be in charge of this expansion.” As night fell over Tashkent, pairs of blood red eyes pierced through the dark all around the city. They swiftly and silently made their way through the city, targeting anyone and everyone they encountered. Large sharp fangs sank deep into the necks of their victims, rendering them unable to even scream as a result of the pain. As they finished, the body was passed to another until it was almost completely drained of blood. No one was spared. One by one, the population of the city dwindled until none remained. Tashkent, and soon the rest of Uzbekistan, would fall to these creatures. A type of vampire that only appeared at night, and could only thrive off the blood of humans. They were the Shiki.
  13. October claims: