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  1. It's my childhood all over again.
  2. War

    This is Radio Clash
  3. By (ex) Royal Fiat I declare the Zodiac PIAT
  4. To be fair, it was consistently out of money because it had a fixed supply of cash, and interest payments were just jettisoned into the void rather than paid back into the WB coffers.
  5. The other commenters do not know de wey. Spit on them bruddas!
  6. In West Kings Landing, born and raised On the battlefield is where I spent most of my days Drillin' out, marchin', winning duels And hunting some Starks who thought they should rule When a couple of heathens who were up to no good started a Jihad in the Kingswood We lost one little town and my Lord got scared And said "You're going crusading with the Templars in Isreal!" High Septon and a Templar priest debate the finer points of theology, colorized. o/ KT, it will be fun working with you, but my god this was a huge !@#$ to scroll
  7. One way or another, this is happening and I'm shoehorning it into our next announcement.
  8. I sent some of our samples to Capitol Records. They are taking a while getting back to me, but I'm sure they've just been too overcome with emotion after listening to our masterpieces.
  9. Ho Ho Hold the door! We may still be a little ways away from the Big Day, but all the stores have been stocking Christmas stuff for weeks, so I say its fair game!
  10. Join AIM because its the only alliance good enough to have two recruitment threads running concurrently.
  11. Lol well I do barely play this as it is. I just enjoy arguing and doing PR, not many other places for that. For everything else, there's Mastercard other games.
  12. Honestly man, I'm happy to see you responding because the OWF Spin Dance is pretty much the only reason I play this game, but what are you even talking about anymore? You had conversations with Clover before dealing with Brooklyn, who opted not to deal with the insane conspiracy theories you are floating around. It's not like we had much to say to you anyway. This is a Valkyrie issue, they, not SK, will decide how they want to respond to the coup and we will support their decision. I can't say why Andrew didn't respond to you, but given the way you've been acting here, I have a few ideas... All of the harsh words and chest thumping have been coming from you Of course you aren't running scared, we have barely said anything to you lol. The numbers bit was just too funny man. If you are going to try and instigate drama, at least try and put a little effort into your story. In addition to that flub, your entire claim is that we somehow facilitated this coup and then not only abused some fear of Valks members of being without allies, we threatened to attack them if they didn't join us. Its not exactly very compelling now is it? Valk spent quite some time paperless before we allied, so i don't see why 1 night back in that position would have sent them all running, especially as most of them left after you involved yourself with the coup government. And if we really destroyed their alliance and threatened them, why would they join us? Even if everything else was true, and they were scared, there are plenty of alliances more powerful, or more connected treaty-wise. Rather than running to their "abuser" they could have joined any of those and we could have done nothing about it. Nobody has benefited from this coup. We got a temporary score bump back into the top 10, but that will be gone once the Valk members leave, be it to a re-established Valkyrie or a new brand. Valkyrie is shattered and their members forced to take refuge and potentially start anew. Killzbob is left with a husk, and while he's got what was in their bank he certainly doesn't have a functioning alliance to lead. You aren't going to get the war you are looking for. I guess the OWF spectators got something to read, its not like anything else is happening. But in the end everybody lost. Take this as a lesson kids: don't coup your alliances. Just don't. Its a shitty thing to do, and it wont bring any benefits.
  13. Why should we choose you over MSN messenger?
  14. I don't. Was it me? It was me wasn't it...