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  1. Join AIM because its the only alliance good enough to have two recruitment threads running concurrently.
  2. Lol well I do barely play this as it is. I just enjoy arguing and doing PR, not many other places for that. For everything else, there's Mastercard other games.
  3. Honestly man, I'm happy to see you responding because the OWF Spin Dance is pretty much the only reason I play this game, but what are you even talking about anymore? You had conversations with Clover before dealing with Brooklyn, who opted not to deal with the insane conspiracy theories you are floating around. It's not like we had much to say to you anyway. This is a Valkyrie issue, they, not SK, will decide how they want to respond to the coup and we will support their decision. I can't say why Andrew didn't respond to you, but given the way you've been acting here, I have a few ideas... All of the harsh words and chest thumping have been coming from you Of course you aren't running scared, we have barely said anything to you lol. The numbers bit was just too funny man. If you are going to try and instigate drama, at least try and put a little effort into your story. In addition to that flub, your entire claim is that we somehow facilitated this coup and then not only abused some fear of Valks members of being without allies, we threatened to attack them if they didn't join us. Its not exactly very compelling now is it? Valk spent quite some time paperless before we allied, so i don't see why 1 night back in that position would have sent them all running, especially as most of them left after you involved yourself with the coup government. And if we really destroyed their alliance and threatened them, why would they join us? Even if everything else was true, and they were scared, there are plenty of alliances more powerful, or more connected treaty-wise. Rather than running to their "abuser" they could have joined any of those and we could have done nothing about it. Nobody has benefited from this coup. We got a temporary score bump back into the top 10, but that will be gone once the Valk members leave, be it to a re-established Valkyrie or a new brand. Valkyrie is shattered and their members forced to take refuge and potentially start anew. Killzbob is left with a husk, and while he's got what was in their bank he certainly doesn't have a functioning alliance to lead. You aren't going to get the war you are looking for. I guess the OWF spectators got something to read, its not like anything else is happening. But in the end everybody lost. Take this as a lesson kids: don't coup your alliances. Just don't. Its a shitty thing to do, and it wont bring any benefits.
  4. Why should we choose you over MSN messenger?
  5. I don't. Was it me? It was me wasn't it...
  6. Valk had 38 members on the eve of the coup, not 57. Within 24 hours almost every active Valkyrie nation had left for temporary shelter in SK while their elected gov could get online and decide what to do. Of the members now remaining in Valkyrie in game, only 6 of them have even logged in since the coup took place, 2 of whom are new nations who have been in the alliance less than a week. Its not exactly a rousing success story Further as Roz mentioned, we didn't void the treaty but went through the cancellation process, even though the government of Valkyrie and its membership are now nonexistent (in-game). That still left us on the hook to defend them for three, days plenty of time for all their members to login and respond to the news. It would have been quite funny if, as Roz mentioned, RW/Arrgh weren't tied up and ended up hitting Valk during the cancellation period. We'd be left to defend a usurper with whom we are at odds. I almost wish it had happened, would have made for a great story It seems like you're the only one who wants NK vs SK. I don't know why, but if you really want it you know where to find us. I can respect being on the warpath, but not meddling in the internals of 3rd parties, overthrowing their governments and spouting nonsense on the OWF to bait us into hitting you.
  7. No see we planned it all as part of an elaborate plan to maneuver them into a war with our enemies, grinding them both down so we could then strike at Valk after. Great ValkyriE war incoming.
  8. Alright, I tried, but you caught me. We actually orchestrated the coup and then threatened all of them to join our alliance or we'd attack them. Jeez I'm just as bad as Tenages was with this plotting thing...
  9. Yes, he liberated his members from awful leadership, which is why all the members stayed right? Oh wait, there are only 3 people left in Valkryie who have logged in since the coup. It will be instructive to see what happen to the rest as they logged in and find what happened. Yes, Valkyrie had some leadership issues. We were trying to work with them on it. Maybe it would have worked, maybe not. Maybe the leadership should have stepped down. But that isn't my decision to make. it isn't your decision and it sure as hell isn't Killzbob decisions. That is Valkyries decision. All of Valkyrie. You can shit talk Valks gov all you want as if it justifies this. I don't care about Valkyries gov. I didn't ally with a government. I drafted this treaty, and it may have been Mannax, Andrew and Young who inked the page, but I didn't sign them. I signed Valkyrie, every last member. And if Valkyrie was behind this, if the members were in support of Bob and it was Andrew who had betrayed their trust, I would support his government. But they weren't, as is plainly obvious from how all their active members have left. This is what you don't seem to understand. Valkyrie, in game, is just a name and a flag, all alliances are. We are nothing without the people as our foundation. I created SK, I formed us here and in PT. I hosted our forums, IRC and later Discord. But it was the people who joined me along the way, through the highs and lows, game resets, late night blitzes, the joking and dicking around on IRC and forums, it was those people who truly brought it to life. And the same is true of every alliance in this game. Maybe I am more acutely aware of it because of how many times PT went down, dispersing our members and leaving SK an empty husk. But think about the faces we associate with major alliances, where would those AAs be if it was just them? What would NK be if it was just you? t$ if it had just been Partisan? TKR if it was Lordship? Leaders will leave their mark on their alliances, shape a large part of their policy, and deserve credit for their successes. But it is their members who stand by them that make it work, that bring everything together. These games are basic shells, they always have been. Its in the nature of being a text based browser game. The reason people have played and continue to play them is the community. Both the politics and the international community, but also the alliance community. The friends we make that keep us tethered here even after interest in the game itself wanes. When you betray your own members you betray everything that made your alliance, and this genre, worthwhile.
  10. Says the man supporting a guy who literally betrayed his entire alliance. Our friends are currently standing by our side in SK while they work on how to respond to this. The Valkyrie we called friend doesn't exist anymore. It may be there in-game, but an alliance isn't just a tag, nor is it its gov. The heart of an alliance lies in its members. You take that away and you just have a husk, something I know quite well from the time SK existed as just me and Tenages idling in IRC between the death of PT and the rise of PW. Alliances play in different ways and hold different standards, but we are all trying to form communities and a group we can enjoy playing with. I dont really care about democracy or not in this game, but the members of Valkyrie chose that government, and when Killzbob cast it aside, he cast them aside. This can be plainly seen from how Valkyrie has cratered and lost almost every single active member since the coup. Maybe I'm just sentimental from past experiences and overly focused on the community of alliances/guilds/clans in these multiplayer games. You can do whatever you want in politics, make and break alliances, launch wars, raid, try and dominate the game, consolidate, whatever. Doesn't matter to me on an OOC level because its all just part of the game, no reason to make things personal or talk about right and wrong. And while alliances are of course an integral part of the game, they are also communities in their own right, a place to make some friends to go along for the ride. Spying with fake accounts, coups, anything that poisens the communities themselves and the relationship between people outside the game has never sat right with me. Everyone has their own standards I suppose, but when you do something like this and !@#$ over the people you called friend and partner, you cross a line in my mind. I can't respect someone who would do that, nor those that would support them. For someone who always talks a lot about brotherhood and looking after your brothers, its a shame to see you supporting someone who so ruthlessly backstabbed his own.
  11. I hereby trigger article 2 of my Optional Encouragement Pact with GGA to congratulate them on the new ties.
  12. The world always needs more GoT alliances! The tide will not be stemmed until George R R Martin has killed off every character we've ever cared about (so probably six months ) Welcome and good luck!
  13. Cities be damned, we've got everyone beat in average chromosome count! wait....