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  1. I'd be against any form of arbitrary limiter for how many one can receive per day. It'd be redundant at that point. no different than naturally creating them. however. limiting the success of being reinforced should be a thing. examples: Being blockaded should prevent any and all transfers of units. Having a chance of complete failure based on the number of nations currently at war with. (say a 10% chance of failure, so it'd still be possible, but highly unlikely.) and the other nations would all receive a message that their units intercepted the convoy from X nation. Percentile losses of units based on how many "superiority's" nations have against you. say 2 nations you're at war with have both ground and air against you. you'd lose 40% of any inbound unit transfers.
  2. I'd recommend changing your Gov/treaties banner to be smaller. example: Hell, you could make it smaller. but as it is the banner is way to big to have three of them.
  3. The idea is you don't tell anyone that. If Brooklyn finds out i'll be in trouble.
  4. This thread is great 10/10. How anyone would have thought this would go any other way is beyond me.
  5. Man, this sucks. Was hoping I'd see the day when we could make up for our past mistakes and be friends again. Wish you guys well, its been a fulfilling journey
  6. Isnt Baseball only played by the United states, and Toronto?
  7. Will this be shown in anyway? like an automatic tax bracket of 0% / 0% inactive bracket that they get thrown into, or is it a case of just paying attention of whose active?
  8. Don't get me wrong Wisd0mTree, im well aware of how petty im being, But as far as im concerned most of the items he offers as a subscription. should be "X credit per change" things. X$ a month just so Sheepy will allow me to use an image hosted by a separate company. is nothing more than a money grab. he realized he could potentially make more money changing the system in place under the guise of correcting an error. such underhand tactics dont make me want to give any more money to such a questionable company. especially when he's allegedly given up on P&W to make another NS game.
  9. I'd completely forgotten the cover image was VIP. mostly because you could never justify paying for it as a subscription. its a one off purchase no different than the flags. you want to change it? buy another credit and do whatever. well two can play at that game if you want to be sponger, i'll just have to turn on ad-block. as you offer nothing in return for my ad revenue. If nothing else its commendable to you can find more ways to lock this already bare bones games behind more paywalls. I look forward when you start putting infra caps on non-vip.
  10. What exactly am i looking at? When i click on the cells it doesnt even tell me the formulas!
  11. Goodbye Moonman
  12. Wait whaaaat?! Congrats man
  13. When you're part of Great Britain, you're either a winner, or you're Scottish. at least that's what Andy Murray has taught me.
  14. Ha. Looking forward to how this plays out.
  15. Could add new resources that opens up a new tier of military units. "advance 21st century units" Soldiers need Light weight "Plastics" Tanks "Ceramic" composite armour. Ships & Aircraft "advanced electronics" on top of their usual rss requirements, but more of each. The problem there is how do you prevent the same thing happening.