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  1. Can confirm. It's been 7F here the past couple days.
  2. Damn it Kurdanak, know they know what us mountain folk truly want!
  3. Dont forget about the slander lawsuit!
  4. I can try and work my commie magic.
  5. This past month or so has been an interesting time leading Rose, despite basically nothing happening in the wider game. My predecessors left some very big shoes to fill and I've been doing all that I can to make sure I don't disappoint them or the membership of Rose. I've kept a mostly low profile and refrained from making any big moves while I adjusted to my role in leadership. Now that I've gotten my toes wet in the shallow water, I think it is time to wade further into the depths. We've had a fun year alongside our allies and friends in EMC. The relationships made amongst us I'm confident will last for a long time, even if we are now moving on our own separate paths in the hopes of reigniting the spark of fun and conflict that has been slowly been dying in the game for some time. While this was far from an easy decision, as ultimately this is a game of people, and the friends we make here are a large part of what breaks the monotony of an average game (Sorry Alex), it is ultimately a game, and we should all do what we can to make it more fun for ourselves, our members, and other players. Pantheon, you guys have always been a strong and dependable partner. You guys came to bat for us when we most needed it in Git Gud Friday (Yes that is the real name of the war) and we had a blast, we worked well together and I hope someday in the future we’ll get to fight together again. Guardian, while we never got to fight together as treaty partners, our relations began well before we ever signed paper. While some were apprehensive of us when we first signed Mensa, you guys were willing to give us a chance from the beginning, and we are grateful for that. TKR, it has been a pleasure working with you guys. Not all alliances in this game are true to their word, but you’ve always been genuine in your desire to protect your allies and your friends while also striving to improve the game around you and change things for the better. We hope you guys achieve your goals, and when you do that others take note and follow in your footsteps. TCW, you guys are often overlooked, but how many alliances can say they have grown as quickly as you, and defied public perception against you, you proved to your detractors that you aren’t just a second iteration of GPA. Keep defying expectations and don’t forget you guys have the potential to be a large political force in this game. Also we are still waiting on Green Enforcement Agency. Mensa, gone but not forgotten, you guys literally saved Rose from probable disbandment. That is not the sort of debt that can be repaid, but just know you have a friend for life. As is probably obvious by this point, Rose has given notice to both Pantheon and Guardian. We had a good year together with the members of EMC and we hope to have another good year on whatever path we take next. The 72 hours start now. ~ Redarmy
  6. What is the alliance position on toothbrushes? GL to the God Emporer.
  7. Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
  8. Collectivize the toothbrush!
  9. When will you start the collectivizing Lord's toothbrushes?
  10. Welcome to PnW? Tops, 3 weeks?
  11. @Zeebrus every leader needs an origin story.
  12. @Zeebrus the stories are funny. XD
  13. Thanks, everyone!
  14. Lol. Max would agree.
  15. The toothbrushes will be collectivized under my watch.