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  1. Hate to see you go! Come back any time
  2. Sorry to see any player leaving, mate. I would of course wish to see you reconsider. As it was said above, maybe joining a different or larger alliance (provided you're not in a large alliance?) would be better than just quitting altogether? Large alliances are usually less subject to being raided but of course are not everyone's cup of tea, so I would also recommend looking for an alliance that has a multitude of nations in the same war ranges as it usually provides more coverage in the event of raids and war.
  3. Banned for Ban Evasion. Thread locked. Approved by Thor & Four.
  4. Moving to the Spam Forum. Approved by Thor & Jae.
  5. Ansom Ability to create content removed indefinitely.
  6. Dwemyrn Ability to create content removed for 48 hours.
  7. Moving to Orbis Central.
  8. Tags don't work here Sheepy should be along shortly to check into things.
  9. Stop spamming. Keep the thread on topic.
  10. Reminder this is a No-Discussion Forum. If you are not the reporter, the accused, or Game Staff you have been warned.
  11. The Mod Team will review the complaints and handle any violations of the Forum Rules as we deem appropriate. Lock approved by Thor & ICR.
  12. Just to be perfectly clear, donating doesn't "entitle" you to anything other than the in-game features you buy with credits. Now, I'm going to say this one more time, this is NOT a discussion forum. ICR has already said this once and those who posted afterwards in direct violation will be warned appropriately. Continuing to have a discussion in this thread will result in further forum warns and I don't care how much any of you cry.
  13. Reminder this a No-Discussion Forum. Small talk will be warned from here on out.
  14. No.