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  1. As reform begins to sweep the empire, it has quickly become apparent that it is necessary to improve the Austrian military for defense against threats- both within and without. In this goal, Emperor Franz has called upon every able-bodied citizen to join the military if possible. In order to facilitate this military expansion, new barracks have been established in every major city as well as new airbases and military factories, primarily for defense, mind you. Below will be a list of new military facilities being built: Barracks (per constituent nation): Austria: 16 Italy: 6 Hungary: 22 Transylvania: 8 Bohemia: 11 Galicia-Lodomeria: 4 Croatia: 14 Airbases & Military factories: Same as above While these new construction projects will cost a fair amount of coin, it is expected that within the next five years, the money that was lost will be regained completely. It is hoped that this expansion of the military will be enough to defend the nation from any threats whatsoever, or at least it is hoped that such will be the case. In the mean time, it is expected that the majority of the current Austrian fighter aircraft with the new A-93's, which were developed by both Austrian and German Aerospace engineers. In any case, it is hoped that this military expansion will be enough to restore Austria's place among the largest military powers on Earth... CLASSIFIED (you don't actually know this is happening in rp): Phase-1 of Project Vanguard is nearing completion, thus giving us a presence beyond Earth. We do know that there are beings from beyond earth, so it has become clear that we must defend ourselves, as well as Earth, from whatever threats might come against us. In this goal, three new corvettes have been built, with several larger ships on the way. It is also hoped that Austria might be able to assist the United Nations Space Command in the near future, should a sizable threat come against Humanity. In the mean time, the fleet will be known as the "1st Earth Defense Fleet" and it's motto is currently "In defensionem est Civitatum Nationes de terra", or "In Defense of the United Nations of Earth". In any case, we look to the future with renewed optimism and hope that any future contact with aliens will be as peaceful as before.
  2. A gasmask with a person
  3. Vienna, the Austrian Empire In Vienna, following the death of the Emperor, the streets were quiet as the state ordered week of mourning came to a close. As the sun rose over the city, civilians lined up along the road to the Imperial Crypt in order to pay respects to the late Emperor. At 8:30 AM CET, the sound of drums could be heard down the street, followed by loud footsteps. It had begun. Down the road, a long column of soldiers bearing either rifles or the flags of the various regions and noble houses in Austria could be seen, with the banner of the flag of the Empire raised above them, followed by the Emperor's coffin. As they passed by, the crowds went silent to pay their respects. After about two hours, they reached the Imperial Crypt. The Imperial Crypt, Vienna Some time after reaching the crypt, the funeral service (which was being broadcast live across the world) could begin. After a few minutes, various guests of honor from across the Empire and the world had finally entered and taken their seats. After a short period of silence, the service began, starting with the singing of the Imperial Anthem, followed by the Archbishop, who preached a sermon on loss, then followed by Prince Franz, who spoke of the late emperor. "Friends, countrymen, esteemed guests of honor, we gather here to celebrate the life of my father, Kaiser Johan I, brother of Kaiser Wilhelm von Habsburg-Lorraine. With his passing, we look back upon his life and his accomplishments. Born in the year 1952, Johan was destined for a life of luxury. He witnessed the loss of the Kingdom of Galicia-Lodomeria, which he, on his deathbed, ordered to be reclaimed. Starting at the age of 32, he served as an Imperial diplomat to the various European powers in the hopes of uniting the continent in a manner which has not been seen before, a post which he served until his brother's death some years ago. Unfortunately, with his brother's death, he was forced to take up the crown, however, he did serve as Kaiser dutifully until his own death. Let us now lay him to rest next to his forefathers." Franz would say with sorrow before the coffin was taken below into the crypt. "Gott schütze den Kaiser!" A soldier yelled, causing the rest of those assembled to do the same.
  4. Maybe he doesn't want to?
  5. ANN News - Bringing you the news, no matter how much you don't want it. Welcome back to ANN News, I am Wilhelm Adler, your source of knowledge about the world in a time that the truth seems to elude us. In today's news, we have the opening of a new Nuclear Fusion Reactor near Szolnok as well as the creation of a new bridge across the Salzach river, allowing travel between Austria and Ger- This just in.. Attention all viewers... Kaiser Johan I von Habsburg-Lorraine... has died at the age of 63 following a fatal heart attack at the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. Strangely, the Imperial family did not report anything about a battle with cardiovascular disease, leading many to suspect that he was poisoned. He is survived by his wife, Elisa von Auffang (Age 61) and his children, Franz (age 33), Wilhelm (age 30), and Alexa (age 28). His funeral will be held at the Imperial Crypt in Vienna. Foreign dignitaries are invited to attend his funeral. Long live Kaiser Franz I! The feed cuts to a slideshow of pictures from the former Kaiser's life, accompanied by the Imperial anthem played in a more somber manner than usual.
  6. ANN News Official Broadcast The Occupation of Galicia-Lodomeria Following recent attacks on Austrian Border Settlements in Northern Hungary by bandits operating out of Galicia-Lodomeria, Emperor Johan has given authorization for an immediate military occupation of the region until the threat subsides. Rest assured that Austrian troops will leave once either the bandits are dealt with or the region decides to join the empire fully. Until then, the occupation will proceed as planned. Currently, Austrian forces have not noticed much resistance from the population save a few who drunkenly thought they were bandits, however, these incidents are few and far between. Until then, this is ANN, signing off.
  7. March claims:
  8. It has been months since the last transmission from the Austrian Empire was sent out, a cryptic message saying "They have gained control". This message has led to much speculation, with theories ranging from a coup that has been kept under the radar to their Akaatan Benefactors finally turning upon them. However, the truth is far more innocent than what any theory had previously stated. Instead of a collapse of the government, it was simply the ever increasing power of the Akaatan Central Authority that was previously appointed to observe the Humans of this world which they called "Earth", which was similar to many other worlds they had seen, Orbis being the one which they recognized the most in it. In the hopes of gaining control of the Austrian Empire, if only in name, they would have to position the right people in the right places and... eliminate others who would criticize them, something that High Councilor Vre'sha was all too well versed in, having eliminated anyone who stood in his way to the top through... suspicious circumstances. If it took it, he would kill the Emperor of Austria, Johan, himself, or even the Emperor of the Akaata himself. However, before he could fulfill his plan, he would have to wait, whether it be a day, a year, or a millennium...
  9. Following intense backlash against the project, Austrian Police forces have been given authorization to forcibly shut down the project. Having raided the labs where the research was going on, they found that this "Animo project" had gone much further than just attempting to combine Austrian and Akaatan DNA. Inside, they found what appeared to be human embryos, but they were different than usual, having some similarities with the recently arrived Akaata. However, this was not the worst of it. Recently, it was discovered that some of the recent kidnappings in Vienna were preformed under the orders of a group of scientists working with the Animo project. These scientists have been arrested, thankfully, and more arrests are expected to occur within the next few days. Emperor Johan has ordered for all labs working on the Animo project to be shut down following the reports of kidnapping taking place, and any person found working with these scientists are to be arrested on sight. That is all.
  10. In the years following first contact with the Akaata, efforts have been made by some private organizations to begin the next step in Human evolution. However, up until recently, such ideas had no proper backing. Only in the past year has such an idea gotten off the ground, with prominent scientists supporting the ideas behind it, even if some of their reasons are unknown. Due to this, Project Animo has been created by various scientists across the nation in the hopes of creating a new race of Humans that share similarities with their new Akaatan allies. Currently, the project hopes to see if parts of Akaatan DNA can be added to Human DNA through genetic modifications, however, this has not prevented some within the Scientific Community from coming up with a name for the new race, which is currently being called HomoCogitare". With hope, this project will proceed only in the goal of helping humanity, not replacing it. It is expected that the first of this race could be born within the next fifteen years.
  11. What am I doing with my life...
    -Everyone who has spent more than a day in the NatRP Community

  12. In the days that followed first contact with the race known as the "Akaata", much of the details surrounding the race were kept hidden to prevent any form of panic among the populace of the Empire. However, as the date of the meeting approached, it became necessary to give information on the visitors so that... attacks wouldn't be made. In this pursuit, an information dump was released to the public, information that contained what little the government understood of Akaatan culture, mannerisms, and their appearance. Alongside this, posters such as the following began to appear across the nation in the case that an Austrian citizen were to come into contact with one of these "Akaatans": http://www.joeydevilla.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/alien-contact-poster.jpg During the meetings, a curfew would be in place so as to prevent any unnecessary contact with the Akaatans, simply in the hopes that no one would cause an interstellar war. At the same time, no one would be permitted within a five-block radius of the building where the meeting would occur, at least, no one without permission. In the end, it might seem that such measures were unnecessary, but safety is most important, especially in this situation. Vienna, Some time later As the hour drew closer to the arrival of the Akaata, anticipation increased in Vienna, with many people packing the streets in order to see the arrival of the Akaata. However, after a few hours, it seemed as if they would never arrive. Suddenly, as many began to leave, a bright light appeared above the city before suddenly disappearing, only for a large shuttle to land near one of the crowds. Upon landing, a ramp extended from the shuttle as Austrian soldiers ordered for the civilians who had gathered to watch to disperse. Once the ramp had extended from the shuttle, a group of men clad in black armor exited the vehicle carrying intricately designed metal pikes, followed by an entourage of diplomats, servants, and guards. As the group walked, they looked around the city, not in disgust (even if it did pale in comparison to many of their homes), but with fascination as to how complex many of the buildings were, especially in terms of technology. Eventually, they made it to a large building in the center of the city- the Imperial Palace. Outside, Emperor Johan and a group of diplomats and scientists were waiting in order to greet the visitors. One of the scientists, upon seeing the group, left the crowd, carrying a couple of devices in the hopes that they might help get past the language barrier. Upon reaching them, he motioned for one of the diplomats to take them, which they did. For a few moments, he attempted to calibrate the devices, eventually succeeding with it. With that taken care of, the group approached Emperor Johan, where one of the Akaatan diplomats would personally greet him. "Shre'ta, Imperata Johan. Imperata Sutta Jen Taral wiate lata verise en gatra hesh ne xehu.. (Greetings, Emperor Johan. Emperor Sutta Jen Taral wishes long life and good health upon you.)" the Akaatan ambassador said warmly. "Ival ere vrena exteyna te weratra xehu ne tre cipiar metrne. (I am very excited to work with you in the coming months.)" he added as he attempted to make the translator work properly. "Ival setra invraeta atne ne otren. (I suppose introductions are in order). Met nale ne Kal Jen Vre'sha, ambassatrena et nove worlen. (My name is Kal Jen Vre'sha, ambassador to new worlds.)" he said with a bow. "I, as the representative of our planet in this meeting, am pleased to welcome you to Vienna, great ones." Johan replied, slightly unnerved by the fact that they looked remarkably similar to Humanity. "Please, follow me." he said humbly. "Ival sentren thetre xehu atne une-vren be ota appeanatre, nia? (I sense that you are unnerved by our appearance, no?)" Ambassador Vre'sha asked as he followed. "Et ne undetrena, senala anea weval atne sinatreia ne menara wa'nea. (It is understandable, seeing as we are similar in many ways.)" he added as they walked. "Thea... Thea frema ne ona oa menara, chisana te prenasa xehu weratra confetrne fre tre contresa. (This... This form is one of many, chosen to provide you with comfort for the conference.)" he concluded before changing his form into that of the typical Akaatan, yet with ceremonial clothing. Upon reaching the room, they took their seats and began discussing the terms of the treaty over the course of the next twelve hours. Eventually, an agreement was reached, the terms of which will follow: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZOAXAAyoOeN7d-9JZkBesID69MOjS9XolXrNiLowsGI/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Many years ago, the Austrian Empire had a hegemoney in Central Europe, a hegemoney that in recent years has all but fallen apart. In order to prevent the collapse of the empire, several of these territories were temporarily abandoned in the hopes of improving the stability of the state. In this goal, the regions of Galicia-Lodomeria, Moldova, and Dalmatia were abandoned. This abandonment ends today. Recently, Austrian forces annexed parts of Poland, Italy, and the remainder of Croatia in the hopes of providing stability in the region. For the most part, the occupation was not contested by local security forces, which willingly joined the Austrian Empire. That's all. (Sorry about the short post)
  14. Somewhere in the Carpathians It was a quiet night in the area around the Gerlachovský Observatory was silent, as was usual. In the years since it was established, each night, scientists listened into the various different signals from deep space. So far, everything signal was normal, typically being nothing more than signals from dying starts or from deep space probes. However, this night was different. This night was the night they made contact. Inside the observatory, it was noted that there was a signal coming from somewhere in the outer solar system. From what was unknown at the time, but it did spark the interest of at least some of the scientists stationed at the facility. Over the course of the next two days, they monitored the exact location from which the message came from. At 17:00 Hours on October 1st, 2023, another message was received, this one much more important than the previous one. What follows is a portion of the transmission which has been translated: "Greetings to whomever this message concerns. My name is Kal Jen Vre'sha, Ambassador of the Akaatan Imperium to newly discovered planets. I come before you not as some unknown being, but as a friend. We have noted the development of your first fusion reactors and the repeated visits by other races to your world. As such, I wish to offer the protection and assistance of the Akaatan Imperium to one of the nations on your world in exchange for one thing: The creation of bases in the previously mentioned nation's territory. If you accept, then by all means, send a message through whatever means you can, and we will send a representative to your world to discuss the terms of the... agreement." the message said, even if some of it might have been a bit... off. Naturally, with the Austrian Empire wanting to get ahead in technology, would send a rushed message in response, welcoming them to visit the nation.
  15. January claims: https://i.imgur.com/HcPw2PS.png