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  1. Somewhere in France... The room was brightly lit yet quiet, something required in such a highly secretive facility run by APEX. However, that changed quickly, as a large door would open, and a group of officers in the APEX security force would walk through, followed by James Ackermann, the CEO of APEX. A researcher would quickly approach them, clipboard in hand. "Sir." the researcher would say to James. "I presume you are here to check in on 'Project Avatar'?" he would add. "That is correct, my friend." James would say with a nod. "Lead on." he would add. "Very well, sir. Right this way." the researcher would say as he would walk off. For several minutes, they walked along the many corridors of the complex until they reached an area with several chambers. They walked through the first door, one which had been reinforced for reasons unknown. "Well? What exactly am I looking at?" James would ask as he approached one of the pods in the room. "That, my friend, is Subject 1187. It's a... genetically modified human with the genes of a creature the Akaata called an 'Ubaathi'. It should be capable of strength ten times that of one of us Orbisians. However, we are still working out how to successfully keep it alive, hence why it is still in the pod." the researcher would say. "Moving on." he would add s he walked to the next chamber. "In here, we have Subject 96361. It's... frightening, to say the very least. You see, we took some Orbisian DNA, some DNA from a common spider, some from one of the Lost corpses we collected, and some from what the Akaata call an 'Arja', which is like a spider except far, far worse. As you may or may not know, an Arja is essentially a giant spider which is capable of turning any living being into a giant egg which will hatch within a few minutes, creating another of it's species and killing the host in a most gruesome death. Thus, by combining the DNA of all of these species, we have created what you would call a monster." the researcher would say before walking out. James would follow him to the final chamber, where the conclusion to Project AVATAR would be found. "Well, what is the status of Project AVATAR?" James would ask. "Are 'they' ready?" he would continue. "You shall see, sir. Right this way." the researcher would say as they walked through the door. He would proceed to turn on the lights, revealing a massive chamber with at least one-hundred pods inside. "This is the culmination of your work? A bunch of useless corpses floating in some kind of cryogenic fluid?" James would ask. "No, my dear friend. This, is only the beginning. This is the beginning of a better tomorrow, available to all of us, today. Truly, Orbis shall take it's place among the stars." the researcher would say as they walked up to one of the tanks. "...They are our future..." James would say as he stared at the body suspended in the tank. "Yes they are..." the scientist would say as they walked out. "Good luck, sir." he would say as he returned to his work.
  2. Bordeaux, Former Greater Occitania... Due to the recent disappearance of the Akaatan infinite Empire, James Ackermann, CEO of APEX Corp, has decided to step in as an attempt at keeping the peace in the region. At the same time, it has been noted that APEX security forces recently raided several former Akaatan military bases, leaving them stripped barren of all technology. For what purpose these bases were raided is as of now unknown, however there are several possible reasons. First of all, there is the possibility that APEX simply wishes to keep the weapons out of the wrong hands. Next, it is possible that they want to research them so that they can be reproduced. And finally, there are, of course, the rumors that APEX is selling the weapons and other resources on the black market, one that, surprisingly, a large percentage of the population believes. Nonetheless, James Ackermann is giving a speech on the recent takeover. Switching over to the speech now. "Loyal citizens, I stand before you not as another citizen, but as your new leader. I am truly humbled by your choice to put your trust in me. Today, we celebrate the fall of the unjust and corrupt governments of old. We honor the arrival of our saviors from the stars, who ushered in two decades of peace and prosperity. And we rejoice in the total destruction of the last remnants of France. Now, my brothers and sisters, we look forwards into the future, one where we will evolve beyond the need of emotions, of pain, of suffering, of inequality, and of loss. That is all..." a man in an all-black suit would say after walking up to a podium overlooking a massive crowd. Upon finishing, he walked off towards vehicle, in which he would be taken to the former royal palace.
  3. Change my nation's name to this: APEX Corp. Also, remove the flag if needed
  4. I completely agree to this idea, personally.
  5. Nation Link: Name(s) in question: "NaziLand", Adolf Is the name(s) for leader, nation, or city? Leader, Nation
  6. Private message to the government of German Britannia The Government of Greater Occitania, and by extension, the Akaatan Infinite Empire, shall attend the meeting.
  7. Favourably We believe that many of them should not exist for many years to come We can't wait for it's destruction.
  8. First of all, at this time, we have a certain... mistrust of... beings that exist due to... errors in the timeline. You see, your nation wasn't supposed to have existed for at least another thirty years. Second, we completely disapprove of your actions against Umbrella Corp. Finally, we honestly do not like the... government that you lead. (OOC: first answer was meant to explain a reason for the timeline being so bad without forcing a single timeline on everyone.)
  9. Indifferent, slightly negative due to close relations with Reubenia
  10. I hope that you do not take offense to this, but what is the current status of the "T-Virus" that Umbrella was known to have been working with in the past?
  11. We believe that there is only one Germany, and that is from which you originate, and as such, I would like to state my formal support for Germany in any future wars against the pretenders to that name. We believe that Hungadada is a good nation in both manner that civil liberties are upheld and it's fight to prevent another genocide. We also believe that the Situation regarding the Suez Canal is most unfortunate, however, we will not get involved, seeing as doing so would only cause further problems.
  12. We believe that they are a fine example of a success story, and even though some of their ethics are... questionable, we believe that they are far better than many of the other corporations on Orbis, or even in the Empire.
  13. I believe that the "nation" that calls it's self "Reubenia" should keep out of the healthcare business and not interfere with the interests of the Umbrella Corporation.
  14. Very simple concept. I, Kal Taral, Emperor of the Akaata, have decided to create this "AMA" for the natives of Orbis. So, in general, feel free to ask me whatever you wish about me or the Empire. I hope that this will be most informative, and good luck. (Note: No OOC questions allowed)
  15. If anyone who reads this has been afflicted by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, remember this above all else: Do not loose hope. Everything will be better soon. Good luck