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  1. Tell your friend to login and delete their nations.
  2. Why I'm not counted in Arrgh? I'm there in war and deal 13k+ infra damage
  3. my bad, I mean donate page
  4. Scrool down on nation page, click get nation bonus. You can sell your credits in market for higher price
  5. Arrgh!
  6. I think it's balance, russian line are more fun to play cause it's mostly brawl type. Decent damage, good mobility
  7. I have 42k battle in WoT (asia server), I stopped playing it around 6 month ago.
  8. He's really funny, I even rarely post in this forum (only read).... And he sent PM accusing me that I giving bad rate doing that by masking my identify... pfff
  9. uh what? I never give rate to topic... If I read it means I must rate?
  10. God
  11. age bonus
  12. I google it, and found this on first page shhh it taking my 15 seconds to search that
  13. Bad idea
  14. He kicked everyone, not wait them to move
  15. Multis: Trade