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  1. Is that a challenge?
  2. @Alexif you plan to nerf all of that just to add bountys, maybe better to just drop bountys, no? How about we leave fortify as it is, except do increase the opponent's casualitys. Want to split wars to be different types? Good. The ordinary as is the war now. The attrition one gives up on half the loot to get more damage done and the raid does the opposite. But do we really need it? We already got War Policys for this? Bountys? Alright. Add them. So what if people can't beige someone on their first go? Bounty still remains, and others will try to claim it. No matter how much one resists he'll end up loosing more than all the bountys on him are worth, and at some point he'll get both blockaded and billocked, so if he still wishes to avoid being beiged at that point he'll have to start sacrifising improvments to do it too. And then what does he have? At best, people avoiding beige would do if for couple of weeks, maybe months at best, but trust me, noone has enough motivation to keep going with it just to spite everyone.
  3. I mean, he can talk to me too I guess? I do tend to be more blunt and aggressive tough.
  4. He knows where to find us. I'd advise talking to Ripper, for he is the most rational and objective one among us.
  5. So in short, what @Hafestushere is arguing is not that there is game mehanic that trough explotation makes an impossible scenarion for one side (in this case, the stronger side wich already has an advantage) but that he doesn't understand game mehanics and/or is not creative enough to achive what he wants withing the limitations of the said game mehanics, so he wants the game mehanics to be change into his favour so he doesn't need to learn to play the game to be the best. So my suggestion to his dillema is, how about no?
  6. Not true. If you fail to beige them first time, try again, and again. At one point his infa level would be so low that he won't be able to upkeep his improvments, let alone any sort of army. There is also the option to airstike money to speed up the process. Once you're both blockaded and billocked, you can't use your MAPs to fortify or otherwise. Ofc, it's not impossible to get out of that situation either, but at what cost? Destroying all of your improvments, that you worked so hard to build. And what then, when you're stuck with permanent blockade, and a powerplant a barrack per city? What hopes of profit do you have? Not to mention once you're done with it you'd have to rebuild to insane amounts of infra like 1500 or even 2000 to rebuild all your improvments. Resisting the beige to that degree certantly isn't profitable to anyone and I can't imagine anyone doing it out of any other reason than out of spite. And even then he'll get tired and bored of it and give up eventually.
  7. And? It just means there will be another wave of bounty hunters, and then another, and people will keep adding more bountys on you. So end result is you get constant time of being hit, unability to rebuild, trade, bank, or even fight back for that matter. Mate not even I would want that for more than few weeks. I'd let them beige me at some point.
  8. Suprised you didn't know about it, considering your alliance was freeloading on it
  9. Declaring and then offering peace while waiting is the most soudn strategy there is. If guy is active, he'll come online, see declaration and peace offer with no damage done and peace you out. If he's not active, then you just reserved a slot on good raid, and at day change you can start your raid with 7-12 maps. Doesn't matter if you waste a few maps, it's not like he'll fortify or anything. Clearly you never done a raid before. Trust us when it comes to raids, unlike you, we're the experts here Pfff, I'm not dumb yet look here:https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=261078 I didn't even incorrectly gauge my ability either. I might have underestimated my opponent a bit. And I took a huge risk simply because I felt like it. Shit like that happens all the time, and we learn from it. (It's been a while since I downdecalred, and I expected my opponent to be one of those incometent easy to deal people, which he was not)
  10. ARRGH!
  11. Nah, handicap is to make city count even. Doesn't have anything to do with friend count. If I say I'm gonna 1v2, then I'm 1v2 and there is nothing you can do to stop it. And? You calling it dumb doesn't make it any less true. And it's them who belive they have chance agaisnt me, just casue I'm not militarized atm.
  12. In-game Communication All forms of in-game communication, including but not limited to, messaging, war declaration reasons, alliance announcements, leader, city, or nation names, and nation and alliance descriptions must be appropriate. Vulgar language, mean comments, Nazism or Nazi related names and titles, Terrorist organizations related names and titles etc. are not allowed and will result in your nation receiving a strike. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=scum I mean, I'm not a native english speaking person, but that word seems both vulgar and mean. And as I see it, it's clear viloation of rules, which I know casue I got a strike for doing less than this. I think I'd be fair and just to give him a warrning too, no?
  13. Copy/paste the message and include the From and Date field: 12/15/2017 07:10 PM Archduke Leopold von Habsburg of Austreich declared war upon Ban DragonK of Kroatoria. Leopold von Habsburg's justification for the war was, "Pirate scum". While the message is open, copy/paste the link in your browser here: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=260698
  14. *sigh* Alright. Since you insist. I'm adding you to my naughty list. I have one other person on it ( @Banned)You have my word, that when I feel inclined to arm up and wreck shit, I'll hit you and him. But before I do that I'll make sure it's just the 3 of us, a fair 1v2, where I'll reck both of you. But right now I have other prioritys that include raiding and looting. It'll probably be after sheepy nerfs fortify, so you can't outfortify your asses. Have a nice holiday