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  1. vlad, you were brought in front of a court, where you were declared innocent, then said we didn't have the right to bring you to court because of lack of proof the screenshot was the proof, and in the end you were considered "innocent" by the jury, but you kept !@#$ing about idk what
  2. ctigrisht launched a chemical weapon upon your nation of Ayy lmao. The attack destroyed 0.00 infrastructure in the city of Primordium as well as 1530 aircraft.
  3. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=25243&display=war it is very happening (i love english)
  4. I remember you nuked me
  5. gg
  6. Declare war on tkr and ts, we will protect you, I promise
  7. Ayy we lost the least score, considering we had only 8k steel to build up lmao
  8. o/
  9. I will kill the guy who killed my friend, but i'm helping the guy protecting the guy im gon kill
  10. ayyy lmao
  11. Ayyy lmao
  12. 9/11
  13. this is why you dont write opsec shit on channels
  14. Discord's the best, !@#$in slackers
  15. ayyy lmao